What a fun conversation this was! Thanks to our special guest Ms. Karima-Catherine!!

Hecklers' Hangout #35 - Women in Tech and Leadership

Less than 24 hours till we come back! Our special guest is going to be Ms. Karima-Catherine and we will be talking about gender and race in tech and business. Thursday, 7 PM ET!


Don't forget - this Thursday at 7 PM - we *promise* - Hecklers' Hangout will return! We sure hope to see you there. It's going to be a good conversation! Karima-Catherine is our guest, sexism and racism our topics. Hoo boy!

Hi everyone,

We are going to continue with our plan to hold Hecklers Hangout *this Friday* 10/3. Unfortunately Ann Marie will not be able to make it but we are going to plug ahead with the divine Karima-Catherine. Gender, race, and the tech world (these issues can pretty much be summarized just by looking at the latest Adweek cover, btw). Be there! 7 PM ET

Hi everyone,

Sad news. We're gonna have to delay our hangout till next Thursday. Ms. Ann Marie is unfortunately suffering a bad case of food poisoning and said we probably would not want to um...heckle her right now. We wish her the very speediest of recoveries and we will expect your heckles to come hard and fast next Thursday at 7 PM ET!!

Less than 24 hours till Hecklers' Hangout comes back! Our guests are going to be Karima-Catherine Goundiam & Ann Marie van den Hurk and we are going to talk about the world of tech, gender, race, shoes, Ann Marie's book, Henry Cavill, food, and who knows what else! You should totally tune in!

We're just a day away! Well, technically I guess we should say a day.5 away. But anyway, at 7 PM ET tomorrow night we are coming back with Karima-Catherine Goundiam and Ann Marie van den Hurk as our guests!! Brian is already quaking in his wee boots, so you won't want to miss this

who's looking forward to Thursday?!? 7 PM ET, Ms. Karima-Catherine and Ms. Ann-Marie will be joining us for the great Hecklers' Hangout comeback! Brian and I will try to think up second names for ourselves in the meantime. Brian-Jo?

Friends, Romans, Countrymen...lend me your stuff.

On this day in history, four score and 7 seconds ago, Brian and I wrought forth an agreement as to whom will be appearing on our mammoth monumental return, and what we will talk about before everything goes to heck in a hand basket.

Our guests will be *trumpets*


Ms. Ann Marie van den Hurk and Ms. Karima-Catherine Goundiam. Oh yes, you saw that right. Two power-house women on at the same time.

We will be talking about the seeming absence of women and minorities from the tech world, the recent Techcrunch debacle, and probably pretty shoes, as well.

7 PM ET, Thursday, 9/26. Be there or be ground into sugar.

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Oh hai. So, Brian's people and Margie's people have been negotiating - it's been a tricky business. Some kilts were lifted. Some swords were drawn. Some pistols were fired (they just blew out flags that said "bang!"). The end result is that Hecklers' Hangout will be COMING BACK September 26 and 7 PM EST, but we will just be doing one hangout a month for the remainder of 2013. Dammit Jim, we're only humans.

So, yes.

If you'd like to be a guest on 9/26 or some Thursday in October, November, or December (preferably not Thanksgiving) please let us know

Hey everyone, if you missed it, here is our conversation with Author Danneh Brown.

Also in case you missed it, this was our last hangout for awhile. We are hoping to book Author Sam Fiorella for sometime in June and then we will get back to a regular schedule on July 11th!

Question: Would you like "regular" to be weekly, monthly, every other week...What would work best for you?

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Hecklers' Hangout #34 - Influence Marketing w/a Brogue Accent - Danny Brown

Another great caption contest...this one could be an instant classic. Danny obviously enjoyed joining the hecklers on Hecklers' Hangout 34 - to discuss Influence Marketing (among other things)...

Image may contain: 3 people

Don't forget, this Wednesday we'll be hosting Danny Brown at noon ET to talk about the book he and Sam Fiorella have co-authored, Influence Marketing. Basically I think Danny is going to read through as much of the book as he can in an hour. So be there!

This coming Wednesday, known in some parts as May 8, we will be hosting, for the second time ever, Mr. Danny Brown. This time, we'll be talking to him about the book he and Sam Fiorella wrote, Influence Marketing. It is already climbing the Amazon "what's hot" charts and the print edition isn't even circulating yet. In fact, Sam already feels that he is too famous to join us I kid. Sort of. Anyway, we hope you join us at noon ET as we help Danny and Sam launch their year of book promotion. We're very excited!

I am listening to yesterday's show and I'm so bummed I wasn't able to be there. This conversation with Shonali has been very very interesting so far! ~Margie

Oh boy oh boy! We are so excited to announce that Ms. Shonali Burke is going to be our guest Wednesday at noon ET! You won't want to miss this smart lady!