More good news! Our Indiegogo campaign contributions have started coming in! There's no turning back now, the campaign is now OFFICIALLY live!
(and L-I-V-E spelled backwards is E-V-I-L... coincidence?)

An urban fantasy web-series about a slacker New York post-grad who discovers he is actually a Demon.…/hellgate-academy/x/15824976…

Due to some recent personal events, I've decided to pause my activity on this fundraiser. Indiegogo does not let you stop a campaign once it is live, so the campaign page will remain up and can continue to accept contributions.

I am okay with this decision. During the first week of the campaign, I was working so much trying to get the word out, that I didn't feel much joy in the process. Each message I sent to clos...e friends made me feel embarrassed and I had a constant feeling of anxiety. I started to resent working on this personal project.

Additionally, at the end of the first week of the campaign, during the Thanksgiving holiday- as I was preparing the first week update video, close friends and major supporters of this project received some tragic news. It feels shameless for me to continue trying to pitch my little project while so many close friends are hurting and need help in real ways.

Since the campaign must remain active for another month, I may return to the campaign at a later date, albeit in a much less shameless capacity. Without the constant plugging of the campaign, I probably won't reach my goal, and that's okay. I’m going to take some time and think about what I can do within my own means to bring my project to life, in a way that does not compromise my personal standards. I already have a few ideas that I would be proud of.

For those of you who have already contributed: As we get closer to the end of the campaign, I will consider how I plan to use your contributions or if the contribitions should be refunded. If I have not completed your social media perks, I promise I will fulfill those perks during the next month after a respectful amount of time has passed.

Thanks for your words of support. They actually mean more to me than any donation you could have provided.

If you are still interested in contributing, thank you. I urge you to consider giving your money to a person or charity that really needs it. In the video I was preparing for Thanksgiving, I mentioned a few of these:…

Best wishes,

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News related to screenwriter, film and television producer and director Joss Whedon
A community for web series creators
The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wants to bioengineer plants so that the military can turn foliage into spies.
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No automatic alt text available. "Creating something beautiful in a world that is always falling apart. "

“Drag affects people. That’s what’s rewarding about drag. Creating something beautiful in a world that is always coming apart.”
The idea of a marching band doing a Guardians of the Galaxy-themed performance is kind of hard to get your head around. That is, until you see how USC’s marching band, the Spirit of Troy, pulled it off.

Good news! The little devil on our shoulder just told us that Eric Mann of Unreel Films just donated to Hellgate Academy! Thanks for stoking our fires!

Thankful for another contribution to thanks to our guardian angel, Liz Ahrens.

We feel like such lucky devils for Laura Ingalls contribution to!

We watched a lot of Mike Rugnetta on YouTube PBS Idea Channel and some of his thoughts almost certainly subconsciously made there way into Hellgate Academy #webseries #inspiration #creators #makeyourownwork Indiegogo

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I'll take all four please.

We've tested 4 recipes for butterbeer-inspired drinks to suit your holiday needs--some boozey, some caffeinated, and all delicious!