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About Dr. Ken Weizer and his personal journey with cancer.

Interesting Podcast with Dr. Ken Weizer, a Naturopathic Doctor with Providence that was a successful film maker in Hollywood. After going through the cancer dance, Dr. Weizer left Hollywood, went back to school, and became a doctor. Check out Dr. Weizer's unique way of treating cancer.

Our guest is Dr. Ken Weizer who is a Naturopathic Doctor with a background in movies. He was a film director and editor for 15 years, working in...

A great event for a great cause...

Support the great work the Children's Cancer Association does by attending the Tent Street Party at Paddy's Bar & Grill - Portland

Live Irish Music, Irish Dancers, Food, Drink

Mar 17 - Mar 18Paddy's Bar & GrillPortland, OR
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Important podcast...

Perseverance, Hope, and Cancer

Check out a Pod Cast Titled 'Perseverance, Hope & Cancer'. This Pod Cast is from a series at

Special guests incl...ude Susan Hedlund, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C. Susan has been an oncology social worker for thirty years and specializes in the development and provision of psychosocial support services for people with cancer and their loved ones. She is a licensed clinical social worker and Manager of Patient and Family Services at Oregon Health Science’s Knight Cancer Center in Portland, Oregon. Susan is also on the faculty of the school of medicine at OHSU as well as the Graduate School of Social Work at Portland State University. She has spoken and written extensively about the impact of cancer on individuals and families. In 2009 she received The Quality of Life Award from the American Cancer Society.

Daniel Fusco, Pastor at Crossroads Community Church is the second guest. Daniel lost his mom to cancer when he was 21 years old. Daniel talks about the role perseverance and hope played for his mom during her journey with cancer. After spending a few years as a professional musician (upright and electric bass), Daniel felt called into the pastoral ministry.

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Join us as we discuss Perseverance, Hope & Cancer. Our special guests include Susan Hedlund, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C. Susan has been an oncology social worker for thirty years and specializes in the development and provision of psychosocial support services for people with cancer and their loved ones. She…

Walk away from processed foods as part of improving health and beating cancer.

A calorie is a calorie, right? Wrong, argues pediatrician, sugar-nemesis and author of best-selling book ‘Fat Chance’, Dr Robert Lustig, who caught up with FoodNavigator-USA at the Natural Products Expo West trade show in Anaheim last week.
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Stupid Cancer

[YA HEAR US] No one should have to face cancer alone. Who provided you the most comfort on your cancer journey? Comment below. #StupidCancer #YAHearUs

So many wonderful breakthroughs. There's also room for hope.

Scientists in the USA have now developed the world’s first bionic kidney that is all set to end dialysis in two years.

This is very good news...

Three-year-old Sadie says Dr. Chen put a “sparkle in her heart.” The life-saving sparkle is the world’s smallest pediatric heart valve. Sadie was the first pati...ent ever to receive it. Approved today by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the device offers new hope for newborns and infants in urgent need of heart valve replacement.

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The Food and Drug Administration approved the world smallest heart valve on Tuesday — several years after a Seattle surgeon used the dime-sized device from Abbott Laboratories to save a tiny baby named Sadie with a leaky heart valve. Sadie Rutenberg was the first patient in Abbott's Halo trial, wh...

Free is a very good price.

Fri 10:00 AM PDTOHSU Center for Health & HealingPortland, OR
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Claims that the active ingredient in weed killer Roundup can cause cancer have been evaluated by international agencies, U.S. and foreign regulators and agribusiness giant Monsanto. Now, a federal judge in San Francisco will conduct his own review.

This is a great organization. Need assistance? They are here for you.

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Patient Advocate Foundation
Medical & Health
Patient Advocate Foundation

Patient Advocate Foundation is honored to have earned the #GuideStarPlatinum Seal of Transparency, showcasing the progress and results we’re making toward our m...ission! Check out our @GuideStarUSA profile:

We are proud to share our key metrics with the world and highlight the impact we’re having. We want to give donors and funders an alternative to simplistic financial ratios to evaluate us.

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What a great organization

Sat 9:00 AM PDTTimberline Lodge & Ski AreaGovernment Camp, OR

Check this out...

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Natalie Bomke Fox 32 Chicago

Stanford researchers injected a combination of two immune boosters directly into tumors in mice. The vaccine destroyed ...the tumor, then moved on to find other identical cancers. It eventually eliminated all traces of the cancer from the animal's body. This was repeated in 90 other mice and was successful in 87 of them. Right now, the treatment can only be used to target one specific kind of cancer. It's been tested on mice with lymphoma, breast, colon and melanoma tumors.
For more info:

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I suggest that everyone at least take a little time and check these products out. The liquid magnesium has been a life changer for me.

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Beware - The Chip Body

I’ve been bemoaning the fate of our world in the hands of pharmaceutical drug pushers for decades. But my concerns have been ratcheted up a few more notches with the news that The FDA approves the first digital pill to TRACK patients. The drugs are not new but the embedded sensor made by a Japanese pharmaceutical company is – making it possible to track a patient’s drug intake! And much more!

Big Brother has landed on your doorstep and what are we going...

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