ok I have been promising this for a long time. Amy singing taylor swifts white horse and then singing her own song this camp.....dont forget if you like her song you can download it on any one of the mager media outlets for only 99 cents....all her proceed go directly to her. Usually for more bling lol Sorry proud momma here....Enjoy

Amy has wrote and recorderd her own song about the Ronald McDonald Camp. Called "This Camp" by Amy. You can get the song at Itunes…/alb…/this-camp-single/id599026978


Google Play For Android Users…

for .99 cents and the money from that will help us with travel adn accomadations and food during treatment (and probally some bling for Miss Amy) Thank fr your help.

Donations may be sent to:
Amy Hosmer, c/o Merrill Lynch, Attn: David Ebner or Maggie 1650 Market Street, 29th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Amys live interview on Good Day Philadelphia…

The video by Globalview of Amys special recording day.…

News Reports…/11-year-old-brain-cancer-patie………/8222538-health-dream-co…/
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This Camp
Amy · This Camp - Single
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Help Amy Meet Taylor Swift shared a memory.
January 19

So the 5 year anniversary of when Amy recorded her song this camp is coming up. We have a scan planned for that day to make sure her tumor hasn't grown. Asking for prayers for Jan 23rds MRI. But i also wanted to share this local article that was put in our paper back when Amy relapsed. It has some really cute quotes from Amy in it.

E Moran Høsmêr shared a link.
Kristen Mullen / The Citizens' Voice Amy Lynne Hosmer, 11, of Kingston, talks about her upcoming recording session with Rotation Records.

***Wanted to update. My mm was so sick with pneumonia they put her in the hospital for a week not shes being given meds at home and recovering the rest of the way . When the pneumonia is gone we will see the oncologist again and see what we are going to do about the lung cancer.****

So I'm here to ask for prayers once again. Not for my daughter but for my mother whos lung biopsy just came back positive for cancer. We dont know a whole lot right now we see her oncologist on Thursday. Thank you so much for your continued support. I know they say that God only gives you what you can handle I'm starting to think he thinks i'm a badass.

I found this in my memories on Facebook. This is the post that started this page. I was so terrified about her upcoming surgery and treatment this page gave me something to concentrate on instead of just worrying. I don't post a lot anymore....basically because she is doing good. She has been stable for two years. With only the last MRI being questionable. We scan again on Jan 23 (which happens to be the 5 year anniversary of the recording of her song This Camp.) I will put... a link to the video in the comments in case you have never seen it. And a link to purchase her song if you choose. I just wanted to thank you all for the support you have given me over the years, all the prayers and good thoughts. I know there is a message going around about prayers and good thoughts not being enough but i disagree. I believe that prayers are powerful, very powerful and I believe that prayers have gotten us this far. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

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E Moran Høsmêr

I wish I knew someone that knew Taylor Swift. Amy said to me last night that if she could do one big wish she would want to meet Taylor Swift and get tips for career in singing. Taylor is her favorite singer of all time. I wish I had held off on her Make a Wish , wish but when we found out abut her tunor when she was three we werent sure if she was gonna live long enough to pick something for herself so we chose Disney world. There are no foundations around here that give a child a wish for a relapse (there is in california) it Would be a great cause. I sat there watching her jam out to Taylor ...she knows all the words, while she practiced on her new sewing machine. I cryed quietly praying that this would not be the last Christmas that i got to watch her jam out and sew. I know everyone says to stay positive and Im trying ....believe me I try but the reality is that even though she doesnt look sick she is fighting for her life right now. Id love to fullfill every little dream she has but its just not possible. So for now Im going to give her all the love I can and continue praying that my little girl will be with me for many Christmas' to come.

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I just want to take the time today and Thank God. (I know he reads facebook so he can bless all the ppl that share his memes) But seriously. My family has a lot to be thankful for. Five years ago today we found out that my daughters brain tumor had started growing again. Today it is stable and hopefully will stay that way. God has been so good to us. basically we have received two miracles. Please continue to pray for my family. Amy has another MRI on Jan 23rd. It is a follow up from the last one where the tumor stayed the same size but they saw something inside the tumor they arent sure what it is. So prayers are greatly appreciated. Love you all!

Hey if you can send a Halloween card to this little boy please do. It's the small things that help.

The boy's mother said the cards help take his mind off of the cancer.. Maine news, sports, politics, election results, and obituaries from the Bangor Daily News.

Amy and her brother with their new haircuts. Please say dome prayers tonight that her MRI results will be stable tomorrow. Thank you all so much.

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I havnt updated in a while so i thought id jump on and let everyone know how Amy is doing. She has not met Taylor. But she is doing well. We have another scan coming up this month on Sept 19th. Prayer are appreciated. She just got a brand new hairdo.

Please show kisses for kyle some love....they have been a big help to us.

The Kisses for Kyle Foundation supports families in the Delaware Valley whose children are battling cancer

Please say some extra prayers for amy tonight scanxiety is running rampant in our house tonight. Mri in the am. Thanks. Its very appreciated.Scan was Stable!!!! no new growth thank you for the prayers

If you are able to this helps out awhole lot

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, hat and text
Sharon Snyder to Kisses for Kyle Foundation - Benefiting Local Children with Cancer

Please consider donating a gift card to provide to a family battling childhood cancer this holiday season! Any amount will make a difference! Mail your donation...s by December 15th to:
Kisses for Kyle
PO Box 188
Willow Grove PA 19090

Thank you and happy holidays to you from Kisses for Kyle!

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I know its early but i will be so busy tomorrow like most of you will.....Give extra hugs and be extra grateful for your the health of your so blessed and grateful for everyday we get to be together.

Thank you! Happy Veteran's Day!

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THANK YOU!! not enough.
- Benjamin Raye


Hey guys! It's me Amy! My cat started a group of her own, entailing her analysis on human kind. If you wanna check it out it's titled "The Cat Diaries" thanks!

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Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House

Guest Chefs needed!

Gather up your friends and co-workers and help guest families directly by preparing a meal. Guest Chef groups prepare a breakfast or dinner ...for 80 to 90 individuals at our Chestnut Street House, and 35 to 40 individuals at Front & Erie.

These meals relieve families of one worry and help them focus on their children during a very difficult time.

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