Why is this clip I recorded on our page? We are all about the marvels of creation. As we take advantage of how it sustains us, we also must pause and reflect on its wonders.

Attending a beekeepers conference sponsored by the Memphis Area beekeepers Association.

This will fit right in with our garden for better healthier growth and production.

So cool

Why is this clip I recorded on our page? We are all about the marvels of creation. As we take advantage of how it sustains us, we also must pause and reflect on its wonders.

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I almost became frustrated in recent months. It seemed that so many unexpected challenges keep arising since Weezy and I began this journey. After detailed soil analysis we now know the condition of our soil was more degraded than we thought and therefore it is taking additional resources to get it up to par. That is lots of organic matter and nutrients.

Since our goal is to grow as much as we can on site this has. Caused yet another delay. However, we are thankful to God... who has given us so much so far and who will remain faithful.

We are still working it in containers and small raised beds so we will continue to increase stock and collect seed for the future.
Much love to all of you who have kept up.

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looking forward to this year and beginning to offer our first line of products. we are now beginning to grow our own valerian root. wonder herb that is natures version of valium. wonderful sleep aid and perfect for anxiety, nervousness and tension and stress.
the large order of bees wax that we need will be here soon and it won't be long before we will be off and running.

the offerings will begin with salves and creams and another line with original culinary seasons that will make you throw away your McCormick season all.

Did you know....

That common sweet mint is good for indigestion? Next time you realize you shouldn't have eaten that last slice of 🍕 try eating a few of these leaves. Not only is are they tasty and will Leave your breath smelling minty but they will relieve gas and indigestion.

Who needs pepto bismal

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Slowly working towards the ideal garden. A mix of veggies and herbs. The layout won't be finished until this fall, but looking forward to next year.
We are still working on our storehouse of herbs.

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Herbal Creations is feeling happy.
May 21, 2016

We were really late getting items in the ground this year due to so much liquid sunshine (rain for the uninitiated). The current photo of the herb garden will soon change because that area will become a fish pond. The herb garden will be incorporated into a veggie and flower garden. We want what will be aesthetically pleasing while maintaining practical functionality. This garden practice will ultimately create a more natural environment for healthy herbs & vegetables. Our continuing plan is to create our own surplus of key herbs to make products and uniquely uncommon teas for our supporters. Be patient. It will be worth the wait

well. it is that time wonderful time of year.preparing for a wonderful harvest of veggies, but especially herbs. orders have been placed for those increasing hard to find USDA certified organic seeds that are open pollinated. once we have them we collect our own seeds from that point on. some herbs are in a seed starting medium for germination on the inside to be placed in a newly designed garden area on the outside. well...incomplete newly designed herb garden area. we have been slowly stockpiling those essentials for our work of love, such as beeswax, Jojoba oil, coconut oil and the like. looking forward to keeping you posted on the progress of the various herbs and how they will be used.

God has blessed us with every seed bearing Herb.

since the beginning of time man has been using herbs for medicine, food, flavoring, and flowers. it is tragic that we are surrounded by so many natural wonders and have lost knowledge of what they are. the past three years of study about herbs and herbalism has been eye opening for us. we look forward to sharing tidbits of information with you on a monthly basis beginning at the end of this month. we will begin with the most common herbs in most kitchens and share with you their uses. many thanks to everyone who has expressed a willingness to begin this journey with us.

Now those are some HUGE leaves. Burdock herb. Grown for the deliciously healthy roots. Great tea.

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Stevia going to seed. Natural sweetener 5 -20 times sweeter than sugar. Almost time to harvest seed for next year.

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Nothing like garden fresh sweet potatoes

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Nothing like garden fresh sweet potatoes

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Ashitaba (tomorrow leaf) deliciously good in salads & the highest plant based source of vitamin B.

we know that it has been awhile. but fear not. we are still in the process business development. there will be creams, salves, ointments and teas. please stand by a little while longer.