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Marsha Heitner
· July 15, 2017
Heritage Village is a nice place to live. The apartments are fairly new and if anything goes wrong the super and porter are right there to help. We also have ...a new manager that is terrific and is getting people involved in activities in the building. The area itself can't be beat. It's close to Rt. 9 and 33 with every store and restaurant you could ask for. If you don't drive they have transportation for people to do their shopping. See More
I love adding herbs when cooking in the kitchen. Herbs, while they enhance the flavors of foods, are also extremely healthy for you. If you have some little pots and some dirt, you can purchase herb seeds from any local gardening center, and start having fresh herbs in your kitch
Warm Weather Trip To Crest Fruit Farm In Manalapan
The cold weather for the Northeast is back again, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere for while. And while there may be considerably cold temperatures and snow on the ground, Spring and warmer weather are just around the

The Oscar Nominations are out, who do you think deserves to win?

Proper Pet Walking Etiquette
The Heritage Village at Manalapan luxury apartments love our residents, and we know that our residents love their pets. Our community is pet-friendly and we enjoy seeing your fur babies out on walks in the community. While we love our four-legged resi

Find out what the best time is to buy that expensive item you've been wanting for a while!

Line Dancing at Monmouth County Library
Staying active is a great way to keep in shape as you climb in your years. Insuring your get enough activity in your life is essential to staying well. Dancing is one of those fun activities that is essentially exercise, but it’s so much fu
Private Patio Decorating
Your apartment balcony may not be so useful right now with the cold weather, but spring time is just around the corner. You may want to stay thinking about getting your private patio at Heritage Village at Manalapan ready for outdoor use. Here are some id
Planting In Your Apartment
Are you looking for ways to bring the outside in to your apartment, residents? It may be hard to believe, but you can have your own garden, if you live in an apartment. You should consider having your own window box garden! Check out these great tips, c

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Pink Floyd: The Experience
During the 1970’s, some of the biggest and best musicians or bands emerged onto the scene that changed the face of music. From the hard rock to the psychedelic, most bands were paving the way for the next generation in their own prime. Perhaps, one of t

Residents, what would you like to see happen this year at Heritage Village?

Appliance Cleaning & Upkeep
Keep white appliances clean and sparkling!
When you have new appliances, like Heritage Village at Manalapan, you want to keep those appliances look pristine and neat. There are all sorts of ways to clean your kitchen appliances, however, to keep brand
DIY Homemade Air Freshener
Don’t like spraying harsh chemicals in your apartment? Naturally, you’d like to freshen your apartment, but the air fresheners found in stores contain toxic chemicals that can stick to your floors, linger in the air and contaminate your surroundings.
Apartment Living
The cold weather will be settling in on Manalapan, NJ this weekend. The weather report from The Weather Channel says that the snow will continue on for today as well as on Saturday. With lows reaching into the 20’s, this is a great time to fire up the fireplace i
Decorate Your Living Room Corner
Your apartment bedroom at Heritage Village at Manalapan is probably well decorated. You’ve probably got the best dressed apartment bedroom, however, small spaces tend to get overlooked, or, we just don’t know what to do with them. A spot near the