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Heather Rae
· January 19, 2018
I have been sitting for almost 10 hours in an empty house with no water waiting for them to come turn the water on at my new place. 8am-5pm was the time frame I was given, which is ridiculous in the f...irst place, but it's almost 6pm and I still have no water. We called this morning to confirm, again at 3 to check and make sure they were still coming and got a confirmation it was still set up. This is absolutely not ok. See More
Arleen González
· November 4, 2016
Quiet small city in coastal Georgia. I enjoy the quite and laidback life here and have seen growth in the city commerce and housing subdivisions non stop since moving here almost 4 years ago. Durin...g the recent natural disaster, Huricane Matthew, there was great information disemination and updates from the city through this Facebook page. They kept us informed and up to date non only about weather, but also about the aftermath and how to reach support and assitance. Keeping their cool under pressure when citizens where pressing the city, especially through this page, in an inconsiderate, unrealistic and, quite honestly, ingorant way for matters that were out of the city oficials' hands because it had to do with private entities. A good example of this was the many people complaning about "how slow the city was" about getting power back up when it is not in ther hands, but in those of Geogia Power; which, by the way, got the power up almost to 100% within 3.5 days! Great job on their part! I've been through many natural disasters, many of even greater magnitude than Matthew, and have lived without power and water service for weeks while services were being restored and I can tell you that 3.5 days with only one service not available was a breeze.

I'm glad and greatful for all the hard work of everyone in the city, the private agencies, and those great workers coming from others states to assist us during recovery.

To the admin of this page during Hurrican Matthew, you are an MVP and good asset, giving information non stop, keeping cool under pressure and even under insults and demeaning comments directed at you and the city and for keeping citizens calm while giving out the most up to date info available to you! Thank you!

Awesome job Hinesville and I'm happy to be part of the continued city growth!!
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Malcolm Williams
· January 8, 2018
Small town feel where everyone knows your name and a lot of growth on the way.
Rochelle McGee
· January 4, 2018
I hate everything about this raggady place. I wish I was never stationed here.
Tim Byler
· October 10, 2016
I LOVE Hinesville. People always have opinions about how things should be done. I am heavily involved in the workings of our county and as such, I have been able to experience first hand the dedicatio...n that Hknesville's leaders have in administrating the city. It is a great and growing place to live and now, in light of how they handled our recent natural disaster, I am even more pleased to be here. See More
Rhonda Thomas
· October 12, 2016
Thank you so much for keeping this page up to date!!! I think you guys did a fabulous job at keeping everyone updated as hurricane Matthew was approaching, DURING, and even more so afterwards! I have ...been able to receive updates on power, places that are opened, trash pickup. I have also been able to keep up with events that are happening in town (other than hurricane). Thank you so much for keeping the citizens informed!!!! Keep up the good work!! See More
Cathy Hamilton Thomas
· October 12, 2016
There are so many people that did a fantastic job before, during and after Hurricane Matthew that I don't want to list them for fear that I would overlook someone. I know the Mayor, City Council and C...ounty Commissioners will ensure that appropriate recognition is given to those that worked so hard to keep us informed, but this private citizen wanted to express her pride and appreciation for the work these individuals have done for us all!! See More
Christine Flynn
· February 3, 2016
In regards to your Tornado response today you don't even deserve one star City of Hinesville. Thank you for NOT notifying your citizens in a timely manner. I understand the weather and Tornado formati...ons are unpredictable and happen rather quickly, but there were no sirens, anything. You could have at least notified your citizens of the immediate danger once the sirens were turned on on Ft. Stewart. Looks like there is some major room for improvement! See More
Jama Drenning
· September 11, 2017
Thanks for everything you did before, during, and after IRMA.....
Patrick Underwood
· November 17, 2017
Outstanding..I like NEW LEADERSHIP!!!
New City Manger doing a great job..
Josiah Byler
· October 10, 2016
The City of Hinesville has done an excellent job keeping its citizens informed and safe during the events of Hurricane Matthew. The staff that updates the page has posted consistent updates on the sta...tus of the city for those living in it and those who evacuated. See More
Cassey Holloway
· October 10, 2016
First time I can honestly say that I am proud to live in Hinesville. Thanks for all the updates. And shout out to all the people helping fix power and roads and buildings. You are awesome!
Suzy Leja
· September 16, 2017
A big thank you for keeping the residents informed and safe during the storm!
Kristin Durrence
· October 9, 2016
Thank you so much for the continual updates during and after Hurricane Matthew. It was nice to be able to come to this page when I needed information and actually be able to find it! Great job City ...employees/Facebook managers! See More
Molly Maxine
· October 12, 2016
Thank you so much for everything you do with this page!! I love seeing the pictures you post and I want to send a huge THANK YOU for the excellent job you have done on keeping us informed during hurri...cane Matthew!! As a business in Downtown Hinesville I find your page very helpful on an almost daily basis!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!! See More
Kimberely Denise Anderson
· October 9, 2016
Ga power sucks ass telling me 3 more days without power that makes 6 days no power I have a heart machine that needs to talk to my cardiologist to read my defibrillator they know this and to be told s...orry for inconvenience is unacceptable as far as I'm concerned I live on disability don't have the money to replace all the food that I'm gonna lose See More
Ashley Mutrie
· July 15, 2015
I literally drive up from Jacksonville just to get my hair done by Mark Gagne at Studio H.... I love him and I love Hville BC Mark is there :)
Justin Webb
· March 25, 2014
Hinesville is really nice it's about 45 mins from savannh and brunswick I'm a realtor with remax by the way if your looking for maps , rentals or just info where four miles past Walmart on hwy 84 .thanks
Heather Rose Carpenter
· October 10, 2016
I loved Hinesville so much, I moved back after I divorced the soldier who brought me here in the first place!
Danny Eason
· October 12, 2016
An amazing city led by people who are passionate and determined to see Hinesville succeed.
Officer James Williams getting down at National Night Out! Share this video to show the world that when it comes to policing, Hinesville does it right! #LoveOurPolice
Mayor Allen Brown urges citizens to stay safe and vigilant. Watch now!

HINESVILLE, Ga. (Feb. 22, 2018) – City of Hinesville Fire Department (HFD) Captain Earnest “Moe” McDuffie died Tuesday, February 20 while performing fire department mandated physical fitness training.

McDuffie was running at a local park and fell unconscious. CPR was immediately rendered by colleagues until he was transported to Liberty Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead from a nature and cause of fatal injury that is still to be determined.

“Earnest McDu...

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