Help raise money for George Washington's Mount Vernon.

We asked what museum objects you'd like to see featured for #MuseumMonday, and Bethany suggested we highlight the Houdon bust of Washington, perhaps the most treasured object in our museum collections!

Learn more about the fascinating story behind the bust hailed as the most authentic likeness of the General, made from a life mask by Jean-Antoine Houdon:

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#OnThisDay in 1772, Artist Charles Willson Peale begins the first portrait of George Washington.

George Washington was at first a reluctant portrait-sitter. Over time, his growing patience toward those capturing his image produced some of the most treasured works of art in the American canon.
George Washington's Mount Vernon
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Abbie Sirois Ecton
· May 17, 2018
Went with my daughters school in April. Beautiful grounds and the new museum area is informative but that is the extent of my praise. The staff is extremely rude and the learning experience for the sc...hool age children that are packed in is lacking. I sent an email to the Comments section and to the President on April 30th that has yet to have a reply concerning the horrible experience we had. We were rushed thru the house with no helpful history except to move quickly. The staff that were helping with the line yelled at us. This staff can definitely use some customer service training. From the food staff, store staff to the house tour staff all were rude and not helpful. With all the other historical location choices in the VA/MD/DC area to choose from this will not be one that I will return too. See More
Amie Nance Koporc
· April 7, 2018
Travelled here with 3 children and a wheelchair-bound parent. The first parking lane I traveled down had no available handicap spots so I was forced to take a left out of the parking lot and deal with... the traffic circle again. Parking lot needs to be redesigned to allow for traffic flow in both directions. The brick sidewalk from the parking lot to building is pretty, but too narrow and difficult/bumpy for those in wheelchairs. Why not provide a handicap drop-off spot in the traffic circle at the entrance? The education center is incredibly well done. Our family especially enjoyed the movies! Getting around the property with a wheelchair was challenging. Please consider adding a golf cart or trolley for those with physical challenges. See More
Kelly Forness Goodridge
· April 30, 2018
Why do you have a 4:55 tour if you drive everyone off the grounds at 5:15pm? Make the last tour at 3:55 if you want to give people a chance to tour the grounds! I paid $65 for tickets and we were rush...ed through the House tour only to be interrupted at the tomb and told we had to clear off the grounds! Pretty disappointing for the money you pay! We didn’t get to go to the wharf or the pioneer farm! I tried private messaging as well as emailing but no one cared to respond to me? See More
Lori Crabtree Clark
· April 28, 2018
This was our second visit, and we loved our visit each time! The house, property, and museum were all fantastic. What an educational experience. The restoration and presentations were well done. If I ...had to give any criticism, it would be only one - they were not good at keeping the schedule. Our tour started about 30 minutes after it was scheduled. Perhaps they schedule too many per group to go through at any given time? Last of all, praise for the guides who were so very knowledgable and enthusiastic to share their knowledge. We will go back. See More
Ken Wyatt
· March 28, 2018
A must visit for every American to learn about the life of President George Washington who, more than anyone, brought the United States through the America Revolution and creation of our Constitution.... The visit to the mansion was an opportunity to walk where Washington spent much of his life while the Museum had a great set of displays detailing his rise to influence and slavery at Mount Vernon. My only complaint was the rule on no photography inside the Museum. I accept the rule on no photography inside the mansion out of respect for the Washington Family but wished I could have taken photos of exhibit items to share with friends on social media or read later. See More
Karen Fitzgerald
· April 1, 2018
We visited today, Easter Sunday 2018, and spent a good 5 hours there and can't wait to return! By far the best Presidential home tour we've been on, as it should be! So grateful to see such an presentation of this amazing man, our first President, George Washington. I've always had immense respect for the man and that respect grew today along with my knowledge of him. Divinely chosen is the best way for me to describe him. See More
Ileana Ruiz Arana
· April 9, 2018
Truly enjoy our visit , my son was looking forwrad to seeing our first president home. Sadly due to time restriction in our side we couldnt stay long enough to see the inside of the house, as we schedule really late, truly wish time were more flexible, but overall beautiful experience and place to visit! See More
Quinn Lynne Adams
· March 28, 2018
From my perspective, there is not enough signage directing tour buses WHERE to park and HOW to get there. Unless you come in the exact way in which the signs are facing. Seems too many places 1. EVERYONE knows where they are, how to get there and about the parking, and 2. Assume EVERYONE will come in from only ONE direction. Unless your place is at the end of the road, in a cul de sac, then I can guarantee there is more than one way to get there. For less than a $100, you could buy a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood, paint, a post AND pay the guy to put in the extra sign. Signed, Learning to Drive in DC See More
Saundra Deltac
· May 1, 2018
We loved the Gristmill and Distillary. The staff were friendly and very informed. They answered all our questions. It opens at 10 am, an hour before the shuttle begins. Its perfect to see before the m...ain mansion. The gift store clerk is great too. A final suggestion: although the paper map is numbered, the signs around the main site are NOT NUMBERED. Except for the compost/decay pile. It makes locating and learning difficult. See More
Lester Warby III
· April 9, 2018
History, in person. Very informative and entertaining. The reenactors were fantastic, the home and grounds are beautiful, and the visitors center and museum and Great! It's a must see if you're in t...he area, and worth a special trip, if you are not. See More
Karina Flores-Benitez
· May 8, 2018
The only reason why I took a star off was because the food court service could be a bit more friendly, I get that lunch time could be hectic but no excuse to give poor customer service. Other than, it is a great place to visit and will be going back, but next time I’ll make sure to have a reservation at the restaurant instead 🤗 See More
Melissa Marie
· May 4, 2018
Absolutely Loved It!! So much history in one place, it's just impossible to see everything in 4 days, we will definitely be back! This was our first time to DC and it didn't disappoint :-) ���
Nancy Sleeper
· May 13, 2018
God Bless the Ladies of Mt Vernon for restoring this magnificent tribute to the greatest American that ever lived. Gen Washington embodies the American spirit...morality, valor, courage, strength, and... patriotism.
A visit to Washington is not complete without a visit to its namesake....a full day of walking in his footsteps.
See More
Diane Mintner Olsen
· 19 hours ago
I had a wonderful experience there I would go again I love the tour the house was magnificent even on a dreary rainy day Thank God my ticket was for Saturday and not Friday where of the rain did not up at all See More
Merry Ellen McGown
· April 11, 2018
I brought 236/8 grade students along with 26 chaperones. It was cold but we loved it! They handled us well , moved us through and we had a fantastic time using the app agent 711 ! Thank you from Plum... Point middle school ❤️ See More
Nguyen Hoang Anh
· May 16, 2018
Interesting but too difficult to get from DC to the place. It could be better if you provide some suttle bus with or without fee for tourist.
John Prock
· April 16, 2018
I felt rushed though the whole house tour. I have been to 5 other presidential homes in the last two weeks and this tour had the least informative guides. More like traffic cops just there to keep y...ou moving! Very disappointed. See More
Doug Brigode
· April 20, 2018
It was a wonderful place to visit. Got to see the tomb and walk the grounds. Was a little taken back by the price, but overall it was a good time.
Stacey Brown
· April 29, 2018
Mount Vernon was a cool experience as an adult. I especially liked the museum portion and would definitely go back again . . . I didn’t get to see the 4D show ☺️
Tina Honey Eppard
· April 16, 2018
What a great place to visit all of the tour guides were so knowledgeable and helpful and just overall a great experience!