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How Your Website Statistics Ultimately Determine the Value of Your Site…/how-your-website-statistics-ulti…/

Keeping good statistics about your website is an absolute necessity. It helps you recognize trends and identify areas where you are underperforming so that you can make the right decisions to help …
Growing popularity for cryptocurrencies cannot be denied and while it could be start of transforming to a new currency system, Hitsteps now accept Bitcoin along side PayPal and credit cards. We als…

We have polished dashboard with some minor updates. Recognizing more mobile phone browsers, detecting visitors battery life and adblock plug-in installation are among them. Enjoy!

One less bot!

After few of our customers complaint about Bing PPC bot invalidating their pageviews and keep visiting their websites, we have started to find a way to block this. We had setup a monitor to identif…

Get aware of downtimes, and let it recover automatically!…/introducing-uptime-monitoring-s…/

We are introducing Smart Uptime Monitoring system, bundled into your Hitsteps dashboard. Let your servers recover automatically. Know about downtimes instantly, do not let your visitors be the one …

Does battery life affect what your web visitors and customers do?…/human-psychology-on-devices-batt…/

Perhaps you noticed battery indicator level of 100% stay much longer than usual in your mobile devices and this percentage get reduced faster and faster as time goes by. You’re not alone.

Do you want to separate normal visitors from business visitors in your website? Hitsteps announcing "Company Info":…/company-information-from-busines…/

We’re proud to announce a new feature (currently in BETA, but available for all members) which detect type of your visitors and detect if they are a business or residential visitor. Additionally it can detect if visitors is from a government firm or from a university or school.
Two Prestigious BI Software Awards From FinancesOnline Now Belong To Hitsteps Analytics Since 2013, Hitsteps Analytics worked on bringing visitor management and monitoring to a new level of efficiency, tracking every move, activity, or function of relevance to your business, and analyzing data in an...

Website Video tracking is here now! Hitsteps now tracks youtube, HTML5 and JW Player videos in your site out of the box without any additional configuration from your side!…/tracking-videos-your-visitors-wa…/

Have you ever received an email from your visitors and you wish that you could instantly see which pages they look at period to sending email to you, so that you can understand the problem from their point of view and answer their question more efficiently? Hitsteps is here to help you!

Our Labeling function been renamed to "Trigger" from "Label"

Labels are triggered by actions a visitor make, and name "Trigger" describe this function properly.

All your Labels are kept intact, just the word page "Label" is now called "Trigger"

Page Analysis is new heatmap. It helps boost your sales to maximum. You can detect issues in your UX and GUI and find out why your visitors are confused…

We've renovated labels section. Labels allows you define a trigger for visitors behaviour such as visiting a specific page, coming from specific location, having specific device and receive detailed statistics related to those triggers as well as live notifications when those actions happen. Check out labels section in your hitsteps dashboard!

A guide to use Cloudflare with Automatic IP Failover…/cloudflare-automatic-ip-failover/

Cloudflare Automatic IP Failover We use Cloudflare for our service and we use it to have server switchover or failover in case our main server go down, and it been working perfectly ever since! Wouldn’t it be perfect to have a DNS failover, saving costs by avoiding a hardware and also reduce risk of…