Michael is just... Amazing! Lets help him make it to the 2017 Games... We started a silent auction and The Venetian Las Vegas has kicked in a 2 day hotel package! Go bid, donate and help share this.. They need to raise $6,000.

Michael (Big dreams, Little man) has just been selected to the 2017 World Dwarf Games in 3 sporting categories and his team started a “Go fund Me” and seeking sponsorship so he and his family can make it to the Canadian Games. ( Michael plays all of his sports w...
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Kristen Ross
February 16, 2014
Great customer service!! We were visiting from Maine and stopped in to browse. My son found a nice stick at a great price, not only did they cut it for him, they taped it too!
Sarah Shirck
· March 14, 2014
Worst Customer Service! I have called multiple times and have been told that the manager or an employee would call me back that day. I have never received any of the calls. The employees have neglecte...d writing down my phone number or wrote my email down incorrectly after I have given both to them multiple times. After days of not hearing (and after placing an order on the phone and giving a CC number) and repeatedly calling, they finally tell me they don't have one of the items that was "ordered" (I was not informed of this up until this point) and now I am to change my order to accommodate what they do have. Some sort of compensation is in order for this horrible experience. I can't get my time back but you could at least provide a discount or something! Do not even deserve 1 star. See More
Mary Ellen Lomax-Bellare
· May 2, 2016
Very impressed. It was my first time there on Saturday evening and the sales people are dynamite. Thank you
Sumo Sam Urai
· August 13, 2015
DON'TORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! I placed an online order, which never arrived. Their order confirmation did not contain a UPS tracking code (as they claimed it did) for me to track shipment. I sent them... an e-mail requesting status of my order and they never bothered to reply. I called their customer service phone number numerous times and they never answered their phone. I finally called my credit card company to place a freeze on my account and cancel my order. Nonexistent customer service. See More
Carolyn Ranalli
· May 21, 2017
Amazing Hockey Family. They have been a part of my life for over 10 years.
Ryan Matthew
· December 8, 2015
had everything i was looking for. great staff very helpful and knowledge!!!
Fernanda Elizabeth Palomo
· October 30, 2014
Please could you confirm me the tracking number to follow the order, all item were shipped??one month ago to make the purchase and still no order received
Michele Calise Takashima
· January 23, 2016
Great customer service and friendly people. We will continue to use HockeyGear in the future!!
Brandon Thomas
· April 3, 2014
These guys are just the bees knees lemme tell ya grade A stuff.
Robin Söderblom
· January 28, 2015
Great product, fast shipping, and great customer service. Thanks!
Laurie Jane
February 28, 2012
they have tblades here!!
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