It's Freddie Andersen week here for me as I'm in the finishing stages of 3 different Andersen customs. Look for the pictures to be posted soon.

Went all out for this one. First off I have to thank a few people. First off, my client for being patient with me as I stumbled through my first display with boards and glass. Secondly, Eric Savitts of Cape Fear customs for walking me through the board and glass making, I followed his example and lastly to my old partner Zac Abrams for letting me bounce ideas off him at the very end.

The figures for starters. The Crosby is a Team Canada Crosby upper half with a pair of Ray Lewis fists, on a Dion Phaneuf lower half, fully repainted of course. The Niedermay is a straight repaint of Phaneuf, and the Doughty is a straight repaint of an Ovechkin.

The base and boards I made from 1/2" mdf, with balsa wood strips for the kick board and the dasher. The glass is lean and the clear stanchions are thin strips of sheet styrene.


Sidney Crosby, golden goal celebration piece coming tomorrow.....

During the 1989-90 pre-season, rookie goalie Curtis Joseph suited up for his first game in the NHL wearing number 33, it was a 'borrowed' jersey, my client has a great write up about it on his website,

I used the same recipe for this custom as I did on the Brain Hayward custom from a few months ago. We started with a series 1 Theodore and added the gloves, stick, head and helmet from a series 5 Cloutier figure. Then I cut off both arms, swapped and repositioned them before pinning them into place.

Here's a custom figure of Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Frederik Andersen from the 2017 season wearing the Leafs special Armed Forces tribute jersey. I used a McFarlane series 14 Curtis Joseph and did some sculpting of the pad faces and filled in the peg holes at my clients request. I used a blank base for the pictures as my client has the original base.

My second custom of Anthony from his college playing days. added 7 new photos to the album: Bo Horvat 2014 Team Canada.

My second Horvat is from the 2014 World Junior Hockey Championships when he lined up for Team Canada. This one was a straight repaint of the Imports Dragon Horvat figure. added 6 new photos to the album: Bo Horvat 2014 London Knights.

Bo Horvat, current Canucks centre, played his junior hockey with the OHL's London Knights. For this custom I used an Imports Dragon figure of Connor McDavid and did a straight repaint. added 5 new photos to the album: Todd Bertuzzi 2006 Team Canada.
March 13

My last Bertuzzi is from the 2006 Torino Olympic games and Team Canada. I used an Imports Dragon Toews figure for the base. My client had the base signed before sending it to me. added 6 new photos to the album: Todd Bertuzzi 2003 Vancouver Canucks.
March 12

In 1996 the Canucks introduced a red third jersey with striping that had a gradient fade to it. It only lasted a couple of years but they must have liked the look because in the early 2000's they brought in another 3rd jersey, this time with a horizontal gradient fade wrapped around the whole sweater. I like the look of this uniform but it's not the easiest to paint, in fact I made a decal to help with the line of the fade before blending it with paint. Another repaint of the series 7 McFarlane Todd Bertuzzi. added 6 new photos to the album: Todd Bertuzzi 1998 Vancouver Canucks.
March 11

Now this is a straight repaint of the original McFarlane Bertuzzi figure from series 7 and not just a number swap. My client sent me the white jersey figure and asked for the blue jersey and the number 27 from Bertuzzi's first year in Vancouver, I also swapped out the helmet. My client had the base signed before sending it to me for the custom.

Another Potvin, this one from the 1990/91 season when he was leading his junior team to the Memorial Cup tournament. I used a series 5 Cloutier for the base figure. The base was made by another customizer and autographed before being sent o me for pictures. added 7 new photos to the album: David Krejci 2011 Boston Bruins.
February 20

Today's custom figure is of 2011 Stanley Cup Champion David Krejci of the Boston Bruins. This is a straight repaint of the series 23 Kessel figure with a little facial hair added.

In 1982, "King" Richard Brodeur took the cinderella Canucks to the Stanley Cup Finals. Along the way he would salute the fans after each win. My client requested a figure of him in that pose. I used a Brodeur 2 lower half and added a Bossy torso and a Hasek head to get the pose.

This is my second custom piece depicting the fight between Felix Potvin of the Leafs and Ron Hextall of the Flyers from 1996. I used the same recipe of figures as the last time only for this one I swapped out one of the heads for a Thibault head to get the effect of Potvin pulling Hextalls mask off. My client sent me the signed base.

Here's a custom figure of WB Scranton Pens captain Tom Kostopoulos from April 2, 2016. The AHL Pens wore special Star Wars themed jerseys that night. I used a series 7 Nolan figure as the base.

This is a custom I completed for my good friend and long time client Matt Suszko. He came to me and asked if I could recreate a scene of the Devils "A" Line standing on the blue line during the pregame National Anthem. So we planned it out and here's the finished product. All 3 bodies are Phaneuf 2's with modifications to the arms to bring them in tighter to the bodies. The Arnott has a Linden head, Elias has a Kariya 2 head and Sykora is a Gabork. All 3 have sculpted hair. The hands are from the Thibault figure and the base, which he's planning on getting signed by all 3 players is a piece of MDF painted of course. This was a fun project and I worked closely with Matt on almost every detail.