Legendary Priscilla Rollins sings her famous song then lets us know whey she thinks "Violence is NOT funny". Please sign the petition:
Concerned citizens of The #Bahamas are banding together to petition Prime Minister Perry Christie to address comments made by MP for Tall Pines Leslie Miller in the House of Assembly on February 20, 2014. When the comments referencing the beating of a previous girlfriend, were made, other Members of Parliament either laughed or remained silent. We believe that violence against women is not funny, and ask the leaders of our country to officially respond to this incident and the laughter of those present. It has become clear that the representatives we voted into the House of Assembly would like this issue to simply go away, but reassurance of our safety should the top priority on the governments agenda. Supporters can sign the online petition at and join the Bahamas Against Sexual Violence and Child Abuse, Hollaback! Bahamas and Citizens for a Better Bahamas in a peaceful protest at Rawson Square, Wednesday March 19, 2014 at 8:45am. Thank you Tanya Stephens and Sanjay Ramanand for the support!
The world is watching. #MPMillerDisaster #VAW #NotBetterInTheBahamas

Since the weekend, there's been a lot of conversation about #Coachella / #Boachella / #Beychella, but not many people are talking the #SexualHarassment so many have come to expect at music festivals. Fifty-four women talked to Teen Vogue about it.

How can music festivals create safer environments for women and femme-presenting people?

Each one had a story from Weekend 1 during Coachella 2018.