Holly Jones for Lt. Governor

This NCGA budget cut would make North Carolinians less safe and more vulnerable. THE NCDOJ protects victims of Domestic Violence, Seniors from scams and consumers from fraud. This will hurt our citizens.

This legislative session, I've been fighting for three major priorities - access to affordable childcare, combating the opioid epidemic, and expanding rural bro...adband. The budget we passed today fails on all fronts.

The budget leaves 1,000 kids on the pre-k waiting list and eliminates the child and dependent care tax credit, making child care more expensive for hardworking families.

The budget makes a 40% cut to the Department of Justice. The opioid crisis is devastating our state and has hit Buncombe County hard. A cut of $10 million to the DOJ in the face of this growing epidemic is shameful. Governor Cooper proposed a plan to support law enforcement and create new treatment options to rein in the growth of the addiction crisis, but that doesn’t seem to be a priority in this budget.

The budget doesn’t invest in rural broadband. In 2017, there is no excuse for residents of the Hominies, Leicester and Sandy Mush not to have access to the internet. We have to make it a priority to extend internet service to the rural communities of our state and the measly $250,000 allocated in this budget just isn’t going to get the job done.

And that’s not all - the budget diverts $100,000,000 from public schools to fund vouchers. It slashes $3,000,000 from the Department of Environmental Quality. And it cuts $4,000,000 from economic development grants that could be used to create new jobs in places like Candler.

North Carolina needs to be making more investments in substance abuse prevention and treatment. We need to provide DEQ with resources to protect our mountains and rivers. And we need to be sure we are investing in a 21st century infrastructure.

North Carolina could be headed toward a brighter future with stronger public schools, a cleaner environment, and a growing economy, but this budget doesn’t make the investments that Buncombe County or North Carolina needs. It shortchanges every North Carolinian, and that’s why I voted against it.

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