A celebration of David Kim's life will take place at the Faith Center in Eugene, Oregon, on February 24, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. In lieu of flowers, the family has requested to please make donations to Holt International. Your gift will be used to help children with urgent needs that might otherwise go unmet, especially children with special needs as that was a cause close to David’s heart. Read more about David Kim's life and legacy...

A celebration of David’s life will take place at the Faith Center in Eugene, Oregon, on February 24, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. In lieu of flowers, the family has requested to please make donations to Holt International. Your gift will be used to help children with urgent needs that might otherwi...

Today, we remember and celebrate the life of David Kim. The celebration will take place at the Faith Center in Eugene, from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Thank you to everyone who has traveled, from near and far, to remember and honor our dear founder, Dr. David Hyungbok Kim.

We are heartbroken to share that Dr. David Kim, a man of God who devoted his entire life to passionately caring for orphaned children, passed away today at age 86.…
Van Dai meets his adoptive family!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Liz and Ellia meet for the first time!
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Capri Jennings
· December 24, 2017
I will never be Holts Client. I don't like how they run things from my limited understanding since I'm not Holts client. Everyone pays an application fee or whatever for these adorable children that e...veryone wants. And then Holt chooses the family to be these childrens family. And then I don't know everyone who doesn't get matched with a specific child either gets swindled for a quick buck and possibly has a chance to matched to be matched again but that will cost more money. Oh and let's not forget your gambling on child's life that you'll never get because Holt will never choose you! But we'll take all your Money under the illusion that Dreams will come true for you but really we'll choose others just not you but keep paying us. I'd go elsewhere and stay away from here! See More
Carolyn Stroup Hardt
· December 12, 2017
A gift for life. Lisa Sun Marie Hardt 10/27/93 came home 4/27/94 from South Korea. Thank you to every soul that touched our lives and Lisa’s life that brought us all together!
Siri Horn
· December 19, 2017
Of course I love Holt Children
Service. We got both our children through them. Out daughter is now a civilingeneer, married whith two wonderfull kids, a girl 5 years old, and a boy 3 years old. Our ...son has his own transport firm. He and his vife got a daughter December 8 this year. I am a happy mother and grandmother. See More
Patty Craig Williams
· January 5, 2018
I believe they are warriors of God protecting the lives of innocent angels,we should all do our part in loving,protecting, supporting and sponsoring these organizations. God Bless!
Theresa Judd
· January 25, 2018
Thank you Dr. David Kim for being there for us in 1988,we will never for get you
Nancy B Bisbey
· June 16, 2017
If not for the loving hearts and souls at Holt I would not have my amazing children, Cait and Alex came home 25 and 20 years ago. They are adults now, if I were younger I would adopt another, What a w...onderful experience, I would do it again in a minute~~ ♥ ~~ forever grateful ♥ See More
Mary Wright
· September 6, 2016
...this is not a perfect world, with that being said I would like to share that I too was adopted and came to the USA when I was 2.5 years old (56 years ago), it took a year of red tape to complete. ...Laws and regulations by countries and USA have changed over the years. No lawyers were involved then. Adoptions were handled directly from Harry Holt and his assistant, no case workers per say from the state side, but from Korea. I had polio in my left leg which made my adoption less likely because most families want perfect babies. I am thankful that I am here. I was suppose to of been the youngest of 3 siblings. Age difference was 10, 9 and 4 years. It was discovered during the adoption process that my adoptive family was pregnant which was concealed from Holt. I guess my adoptive mother was hell bent on continuing with the process she didn't consider the impact of a terrified toddler that did not speak or understand English and the psychological impact of "no one looking like me" that having two children 11 months apart in age was to say the least very stressful and challenging as my dad was of no help what-so-ever (typical of the 50s-60s. They would not have allowed them to continue with my adoption. Because of this my childhood was a nightmare. The jealousy was unimaginable between me and my 11 months younger biological sister to my adoptive family. My adoptive mother I no longer speak to. She found ways to humiliate me and physically and physiologically damage me. My childhood has molded me to be a strong, independent, distrusting, no nonsense woman. I have my own grown daughter whom I love dearly and have raised with love, compassion, and strong moral values, unlike my adoptive mother. My family tree begins with me and my roots are strong and sturdy. See More
Julia Christine Thomas Pecore
· October 17, 2017
Today is International Day for the Eradication of Poverty! Love all the work Holt does for so many!
Caroline Weber Kennedy
· April 25, 2017
We worked with Holt's India program and have two awesome boys adopted as toddlers; one from BSSK in Pune; one from VCT in Bangalore. They were treated well in an orphanage and foster home, respectivel...y. They are now 14 and 11. They are happy and successful in school and socially. Their older sisters adore them!! Our experience has been rewarding and wonderful. We couldn't know it at the time, but this is God's plan. Thank you, Holt International for our talented, bright, active boys. I can't wait to see where else life takes them. See More
Holly Smith
· November 28, 2016
I want to start out by saying the staff was nice but they knew where we were in the adoption process, we were just starting, and we found a little girl on their site. After filling out a lot of paperw...ork and talking with them a lot they did our application review. They came back saying that we didn't have enough time to get the rest of the paperwork done and also they didn't think we were capable to take care of a girl with down syndrome. Yet they knew the whole time that is who we wanted and that we were just starting. I think that they were just after the $300 application fee. I don't recommend them. See More
Jonathan Olson
· April 1, 2015
My parents adopted me when I was 2 and a half from Bangkok, Thailand. They used Holt International. I am so thankful I was adopted. I love my parents so much, I am truly blessed and do not deserve the... life I have. I thank God I was adopted. Who knows where I would be now if I was not. As a young child I did not know what in the world was happening, but God was in the works for sure. I do not understand how anyone who was adopted and given a new life could be mad about it. I am only thankful. I grew up in a loving home. I went to church, played sports, had a great time growing up as a kid. I graduated college with a Degree in Aviation with a Minor in Physics. I am now a Flight Instructor and who knows what else will come in the future. But all I can say is the impact that Holt had on my life is something that I intend to impact another childs life in the future by adopting a child my self. There is no way I would be where I am today if I were not adopted and I am so thankful. There is so many kids and so much potential out there. These kids only need a chance. I only hope I can give my children what my parents were able to provide for me.

Jonathan Olson. 23 years old. Adopted from Bangkok, Thailand when I was 2-1/2.
See More
Emma Stevens
· February 15, 2016
We just had our first wedding anniversary and this year on valentines day we are so excited to say we finally were able to commit to sponsoring a beautiful strong little boy in Uganda through your inc...redible program! So excited to be involved and to help poor the love and strength of God into him and his community. Praying for all the children that they may find and bear love and joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and self control, and for those around them to do the same. See More
Matt Blesse
· July 19, 2016
One star. I am one of your "products" you sell on your page.

You allow children to be adopted into unsafe homes. You send children to white families with no cultural competency to raise a child of c...olor. You send children to countries they will never be citizens of. You send children to their deaths. You lie to the parents. You lie to the children. You make money off of this. You go home. You pat yourself on the back. See More
Lori Blakely
· November 1, 2017
Awesome way to love a child in need and for $34.00 a month we can make a difference. Please help and always count your blessings. Thank you
Nina Melissa Davis
· August 3, 2015
I was adopted when I was 2 1/2 years old from Pune, India through BSSK. I am now 26 years old can say I have the most amazing parents in the world. As a child there were times that I struggled with idea of abandonment for sure. Although I was so thankful for having such loving parents as I do, why I was left behind. There was times I felt unsure of love and more distant than I wanted to be with my parents, in fact it wasn't until I was in high school told them verbally the words I always wanted to tell and share with them, "I love you" because I had this overwhelming fear at a young age that if I expressed that vulnerability I something bad would happen to them and I would be left behind by them too. I became a believer in when I was just going into high school. I can say that this was a choice that change my life forever. As I drew closer to my faith I became step by step closer to my parents and older sister (who also is adopted from the same orphanage/ not biological). My parents are not believers but as I became closer to them I saw this captivating beauty in them, Jesus like traits. Their love and support and faithfulness towards me even when I was not as close as I or probably them would have liked, still remained. They loved and love without limits, without judgement and with so much compassion and encouragement.

As I have grown I have been more and more exposed to events and experiences that have always lead me back to how profoundly impactful and positively wonderful the act of adopting is. I have a heart for kids and desire to work with orphans after I graduate and I can say that it is a lot because of how I have encountered and reflected on how much nurturing and unwavering love I have received from my parents through my life. I can't help but to think though that if it wasn't for Holt International making sure that every parent and person who wants to adopt is suitable in terms of nurture, love, care and willing than I probably would not be where I am today in life. I know that the process can be long, strenuous, frustrating maybe at times but at that end of it I think a child not left behind is that one who gets something that orphans need just as much as babies who are just out of the womb, nurturing love. I am thankful for all you have done for me and my family and continue to be so amazed at the fruitfulness that has been unveiled through and after the adoption process. God bless.
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MaryAnn Veronica Bavuso Gray
· April 2, 2017
We adopted our daughter from Holt. we were never told of all the emotional and health problems she would come to us with.we weren't prepared or qualified to handle them but we did our very best. It wa...s never enough. See More
· February 20, 2014
No stars.

My brother was adopted through Holt. We were separated as children and adopted to different countries and families with no information stated on our adoption papers informing anyone. He was... adopted at an older age and suffered trauma in the first weeks of his adoption, being hospitalized for several weeks, not speaking or eating. I was adopted into an abusive family and lived in terror and fear from the first days of my childhood until I escaped as a teenager. I was found by my birth siblings 30 yrs later, despite Holt saying they had no information about our birth family and offered no support to any of us dealing with abuse and abandonment issues. Now Hyunsu has been murdered by his afather which is a horrific tragedy that everyone else in the adoption community is outraged by, and barely anyone on your FB page is even aware of. Why does Holt continue to turn a blind eye to the thousands of adoptees who did not receive a better life from adoption, and silence our voices? It hurts to know yet another innocent child is dead under the watch of Holt. It's outrageous and disturbing. See More
Christina Marie
· May 23, 2016
"I love this program! I was a foster child as a kid and was adopted by one of the homes I was in. Such a priceless experience. I am also in the Academy Of Dreamers which is where sponsorship and schol...arship come together to make a difference. And even after I am done completing the program I will continue to have this organization a part of my musical ministry and page. So I can help keep spreading the word. In the future, If I am blessed to do concerts/tours this will be a major part of that too. I want to get all these kids sponsored and adopted" ~CM♥ #LoveMoreMovement See More
Kathleen Chafin
· October 28, 2017
Holt needs to be shut down from stealing children from foreign countries to fill the infant demand in the USA
Scott Waguespack
· May 15, 2016
It was Holt who opened it's heart to take me in when my mom went to heaven. This was in S. Korea. They took care of me for for years until they found me a second family from America. I am so grate...ful for my family! Thank you Holt! See More

Thank you to EVERYONE has volunteered at Winter Jam or sponsored a child this year! You are the reason children around the world finally have food, clothing, medical care, school scholarships, family support, safe places to sleep and LOVE. We are so grateful!

Thank you, Taylor, for sharing this photo on Instagram: "We sponsored a little girl tonight named Shweta 💙 through Holt international @revelation777! Cannot wait to see how God changes her life! We had an awesome time @w...interjamtour tonight in STL! Seeing how God is using many people with the talents He has given them! Like this man here @johnlcooper🤘 The show tonight was beyond words amazing!! So blessed to have been able to witness your ministry live and get a pic taken with you! Praying that God blesses you and everyone else on the Winter Jam line up for the rest of the tour! @skilletmusic y'all rocked it tonight!!" #winterjam2018 #STL #Skillet #JohnCooper #HoltInternational

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"I have been waiting for this for so long." Watch 16-year-old Van Dai meet his family for the first time!

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Blessing lives with her mom in a rural community in Uganda, but her mom struggles to feed her daughter more than one meal per day. Will you be her sponsor?

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Happy 5th Birthday to Vivian! Can you or someone you know be the right family for her?

Born five years ago on February 20, Vivian came into care at just two days old — a weak and premature baby, cold to the touch. My, how times have changed!

One of these programs could be the perfect fit for your family!

Adopt from Korea! • Children waiting for families are younger with minor special needs • Most of the children live in a very good foster home while they wait for an adoptive family • Excellent medical information is available about the children • The program is very stable and predictable Re...

Finley needs the love only a permanent family can provide. Could you or someone you know be the right family for her? Share Finley's story to help find this smiley girl a family of her own!

Could you be the right family for Finley? Three-year-old Finley came into care in 2016 when she was placed at the gates of a childcare center in China. She arrived with medical reports showing that she had surgeries in 2015 for hydrocephalus and tethered cord. Although the start of her life has been...

Sarah has 12 brothers and sisters, 11 of whom joined her family through adoption. But her 30-before-30 bucket list and a dream trip to Paris became a chance for God to speak into her life about beginning her own adoption journey.

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Holt International Children's Services
Nonprofit Organization

In a Q&A post on her blog, Elsie Larson reflects on their adoption journey to Nova, and gives great advice for families who are just getting started!

Adoption Q+A (part one- getting started) January 25, 2018Hi there! I have organized this HUGE Q+A post in hopes of helping some families who are curious about or considering adoption. I decided to break into parts by subject because Jeremy thought it was far too long (and I looked- it was almost 800...

The Divergent Series: Allegiant actress and Filipina adoptee Danielle Lyn shares her hopes for orphaned and vulnerable kids in 2018.

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This Valentine’s Day, children at the Kianh Foundation — a school for children with special needs in Vietnam — have a very important message just for you…

Also, if you aren't already a sponsor, learn more here:

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Please share your photos of and with our dear founder, Dr. David H. Kim, by emailing them to We would to love to share your memories during David's celebration of life on February 24 in Eugene. Thank You!

A celebration of David’s life will take place at the Faith Center in Eugene, Oregon, on February 24, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. In lieu of flowers, the family has requested to please make donations to Holt International. Your gift will be used to help children with urgent needs that might otherwi...

"The past year has been amazing! Ha Ram & Ha Eum are the highlight of our lives! ... Last week, we took them to an Olympic Sendoff event here in Steamboat Springs. There are 15 Olympians coming from our new hometown. The boys enjoyed seeing all of the different national flags and fireworks! The Olympics this year are extra special. They will be in Korea and we will watch them with Ha Ram & Ha Eum!" — Paul & Lindsey Solko with their twin boys, home in January 2017. Learn about adopting from Korea at

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Just look at Dorsey's smile! Could you or someone you know be the right family for him? Share his story if you want to help find him a family.

Dorsey's first birthday is coming up and the best birthday present of all would be to get the adoption process started with a family of his own!

Whoo hoo!!! We are very excited that Dustin now has a family of his own! Each time you share a post about a waiting child it brings them one step closer to having a family of their own.

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