This gorgeous photo was done by a remote viewing fb pal of mine Daz Smith. Hes an awesome photographer. Does very atmospheric and deeply emotional photos of people and places.

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Daz Smith

St Michael without - church in #Bath - caught in the sunlight

donna wearing "hazardous clothing" at the three rivers arts festival juried opening.

This reliquary is linked to the extraordinary phenomenon that occurred between 29 August and 1 September, 1953, in Syracuse Sicily, when a small plaster picture depicting the Immaculate Heart of Mary, hung above the bed of a young married couple, Angelo Iannuso and Antonina Giusto, shed human tears. The reliquary contains part of the tears that flowed miraculously from the image of Our Lady

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Andrew Gough added 3 new photos.

Symbolism of the bee is everywhere. On a recent trip to Vienna I saw it in corporate logos over 200 years old, in family crests of kings, and on the dress of Ma...rie Louise, Napoleon's second wife and Empress of the French from 1810 to 1814. Not surprisingly, her husband - nicknamed The Bee, adorned her in clothing designed with bees.

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Caitlín Matthews

A Prayer Blanket for Syria:

At 10 pm (whenever it is 10pm in your region, so it goes around the world), you are requested -whatever your geographical location,... beliefs or religion - to honour a time of quiet reflection and prayer. This is a time to stand in solidarity with those who are suffering, in remembrance and hope of peace. This is St Barbara who is the matron saint of those under bombardment.

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This awesome 13-year-old makes teddy bears for kids with cancer 🐻

(via 60 Second Docs)

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Andrew Gough

Is this old man a time traveller, or perhaps the spirit of a priest who was murdered here almost 120 years ago? The old man in the foreground looks remarkably l...ike the old man in the painting behind him, who I believe to be Father Igumen Parthenius, who in 1870 built the church and turned it into a monistic convent. He was stabbed to death in his cell in 1909 - and nobody ever determined why, or who did it. I took this photo last week, during orthodox Easter on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, in the church where John the Baptists head was first discovered after his decapitation. Occam’s Razor would say that priests model themselves after Father Igumen Parthenius, who is a bit of a renowned figure, but this chaps age and appearance make for a striking resemblance.

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CNN Original Series

How does a 2,000-year tradition adapt to today’s world? A closer look at the modern-day papacy, Sunday on #Pope at 10p. added 3 photos and a video.

All’interno della Cappella Sistina, Roma.

Una meraviglia che ti lascia a bocca aperta. L’hai vista?

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Daily Kos

They don't even follow their own book.

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Carolanne Curry

This is to be shared.
Rather incredible.

If there’s a feminist figure from the Bible for the #MeToo era, it could very well be Mary Magdalene. The major character in the life of Jesus was long maligned in the West and portrayed as a reformed former prostitute. But scholars have adopted a different approach more recently, viewing her as a...