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Hi everyone! Racmaster here. I would like to direct anyone interested in being a playtester to the Holy Lands RPG Opinion Arena. I have created a poll where you can let me know if you're interested in shaping the upcoming products. The idea is still in the planning stages, but I would like to have a couple channels going with small groups, similar scenarios, but with different Character Classes.

This would be super helpful to us, not only to the game itself, but to the HLRPG community as a whole.

If you are interested please visit the opinion arena and pick a Character Class. We will be updating you with a schedule as more of the plan solidifies. Thank you so much and God Bless!

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Doppleganger Rac here.....I posted this over on the Holy Lands Fan Page, but just in case there are followers here that are not followers there I will repeat it.

Just a little Christmas Eve note to give you all something else to be cheerful about; Just got off the PM with Racmaster and we are still a GO for a Holy Lands RPG "Book of Life" (Book 2) launch early next year.
By early I mean we were trying for January, but life takes precedence and a slight delay has been necessar...y. But, still, that means that the light at the end of the tunnel is no longer looking like an oncoming train so that is great news.
We are working on a few more small things, and then hopefully it is off to the....I have no clue really, off to where ever they print these things.
So be patient for just a short while longer and you will have your book.
With Book 2, the game is pretty much playable in total. Book 3 is pretty much Rac materials that can be used to fluff out the game and add in extra goodness...kinda like your Flinstone chewables.
And for those of you asking or worried (and praying) Racmaster and family are safe from the fires in least until the next one
Please continue to keep him and his family in your prayers and be patient just a little while longer.
Thank you from the entire Holy Lands RPG Working Group and we wish you all a Merry and Safe Christmas.

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Should a Christian character be able to use poisons with impunity? How about using a BackStab attack? Is a weapon by any other name still a weapon? Come join the discussion, and HELP SHAPE future Holy Lands RPG books in the Opinion Arena!

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In researching animals for mounts (and wild attacks), I came across some information about wild boars that I couldn't believe. There are lots of fantastically large animals out there in real existence, so more monstrous ones are going to be FUN!

Hunt or be be hunted, adventurer...

Found on Google from

We have some exciting developments we want you to be a part of! Come by and sound off so we can know what YOU want to see in Holy Lands RPG.

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I just watched "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword", and despite its reviews I have to say I enjoyed it. I am not an avid movie-goer but I will watch flicks that fit the medieval fantasy genre I love, especially if someone says it's Holy Lands-esque. Knowing you may not condone or even recommend them, are there any movies that have struck you with elements that parallel Holy Lands RPG?
Here are some (non-LoTR) movies that I have heard of and tend to agree:
- Van Helsing
- Seaso...n of the Witch
- Princess Bride
- Black Death
- Robin Hood (esp. Prince of Thieves)
- First Knight
- Knight's Tale
- Three Musketeers
- King Arthur (2004)
- The Last Legion
- Ironclad
Agree or disagree? Anyone have any to add?

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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
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Hello to all the Holy Lands fans who are still following and awaiting the latest game news on here. First of all let me say thank you to all of you. Without you this game would be nothing, you are an inspiration to Faith Quest Games as we continue working on the game.
Thankfully, with the Lords blessing and grace, Holy Lands RPG is still moving along. Some good news is that with the help of dedicated fans and supporters like you we have re-released the Trinity Book one "Ge...nesis" (available now at in both printed soft cover and PDF). So if you have not had an opportunity to purchase Book one of the Trinity edition before now please do so and familiarize yourself with it as you await the release of Book 2, "The Book of Life" sometime in the near future.
Please stay tuned here and on the Holy Lands RPG Fan page for the latest game tidbits and sneak peaks as well as info on release dates for future products.
Again, thank you for all your support and for being patient. We are very excited about what we are working on and we hope you will find the wait worthwhile.
God Bless.

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Holy Lands RPG is the most respected Christian role-playing game of its time. By playing a Christian character in a fictional Medieval Europe, you embark on great adventures with gaming dice, friends, and a game rulebook.

A WeeFolk Adventurer has been spotted! Wearing Holy Lands RPG swag no less!

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Who likes NPC's?
It's 50/50 for me. LOL. If you're interested in making them story-worthy, sound off. They've been a big hold up for me.

Holy Lands RPG is still going strong and despite the timing setback on the new version, the folks over at the Holy Lands Facebook fan-page are continuing to provide support, answer questions and put out great materials/supplements supporting the game.
The Lord has blessed us by allowing Faith Quests to create a game that reaches out to both Believers and Non-believers, bringing them together in an atmosphere of mutual fun.
Keep supporting the game, keep spreading the word, and above all keep playing and following the lead of the Holy Spirit.
Thank you.

Please be sure to visit the community group page as well, lots of activity over there, Plus you can download the "Light Edition" of the game for free.

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BOOK 1 UPDATE: Thanks to Mark Daniels for requesting the clarification on increasing the Skills each new level! This information was going to be in Book 2 because it operates differently when Dual-Classing, but it is clearly pertinent to the basics of of having a character, and thus should have been in Book 1: Genesis.

Continued from page 62 of Holy Lands RPG Book 1: Genesis.
Following the Rule of Halves for each Skill category (i.e. Gifts, Talents, and Crafts), you can increase any three (3) Gifts by +1, any two (2) Talents by +1, and any one (1) Craft by +1 upon reaching any new level. Take note that if you are increasing a Weapon Skill or the Combat Abilities Skill, it directly affects the corresponding Bonuses in that Weapon Skill and/or the Combat Abilities section of your character.
Increasing Weapon Skills and Combat Abilities
If any Weapon Skill or the Combat Abilities Skill is increased by +1, following the Rule of Halves choose any action within that Skill's corresponding section to increase by +1 as well. For example: Increasing the Combat Abilities Skill by +1 means that, following the Rule of Halves, you would increase the Bonus of any action (Advantage, Dodge, Defend, or Damage) within your character’s Combat Abilities section. Likewise, if you increase the Skill of WS: Light Arms by +1, then you would increase the Bonus of any action (Attack, Critical, or Special) for the Light Arms Weapon Skill by +1 in the Weapon Skills section of your Character Sheet.

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From Holy Lands RPG Trinity; Book 2: Book of Life:
"Holy Bow of SplitFire: Activating this Faith Power replicates an arrow to up to three (3) times on draw, which, when released, hits multiple nearby targets or one target multiple times."

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Book 1: Genesis
[released Jan. 2012]

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It's official, kids! The first batch of books (Holy Lands RPG Trinity; Book 1: Genesis) are on their way, on schedule to arrive by the 12th (which means they will actually ship by Monday the 14th). If you would like to order yours, visit

From Holy Lands RPG Trinity, Book 1: Genesis:
"In the Holy Lands RPG system, killing human life of any kind for any reason can only earn your character a maximum of five (5) EXP. Human life, regardless of land of origin, deeds, race, or religion is to be Saved eternally, punished lawfully, and protected fearlessly." [so... surviving a war can actually earn your character MAYBE half a level... :-D]

Happy New Year to all! May God richly bless you and your family in 2013. Rest assured this will be an eventful and adventure-filled year for you from Holy Lands RPG!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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