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Selina Amos
· March 3, 2018
My family and I shop at Home Depot all of the time and in all of the years I have been shopping here I have never seen such absolutely awful customer service. I placed a very simple order online for p...ick up and hadn't received a notification about its progress so I called to ask when they thought it might be ready. The phone lines were busy so I assumed that they must have had a lot of customers. I waited a little while and called a few times until I finally got through. The woman that answered the phone at the "help desk" was incredibly rude. She had such an attitude and wanted to argue with me for my phone number when I tried giving her my order number. She stated that they had been slammed today and she had no workers on the floor but that my order would be ready in 30 minutes. When I get up to the store there was a max of maybe 5 or 6 customers. Before going to check on my order, (still no notification about it being ready), my husband and I decided to walk around to give them some more time. We saw employees standing around talking and not actually doing much of anything. I decided to go ahead and call to see if anyone would actually answer the phone...surprise, surprise, no answer �. I checked my order status...nothing. Walked to the department that had what I one in sight. So I cancelled my order immediately and I will be heading to Lowe's to get what I need. Sadly I will no longer be shopping with Home Depot since they seem to think their customers do not matter. See More
Katy Sieg
· March 5, 2018
If I could give this lower than one star, or even negative one star, I would. Your employees are rude and incompetent, and obviously nobody knows how to due their jobs. We have had an issue with almos...t every department in this god forsaken store. If a customer asks for a manager, instead of further screwing an order up, just send out the manager. Now my reno is pushed back ANOTHER three days because of more ignorance in this facility. Not to mention the counter tops that were quoted not once, twice or three times, but four times, and a different price everytime for the same dimensions. Lowes was able to fulfil that order for a reasonable price and ONE quote. Once our orders are fulfilled, if they ever are to our satisfaction, we will never spend our time/money/patience at Home Depot again. Corporate will be notified, yet again after today's screw ups. Inexcusable. See More
Nathan Pickering
· July 26, 2017
I generally get all my supplies from home depot. However, I've tried to get wood for my deck for the last 3 weeks. It's all garbage. Your 2x4, 2x6, and deck boards are rotted, split, bent or covere...d in knots that go thru the board. Please label your lumber as 'scrap', so ppl don't spend an hour just looking for a proper piece of wood. See More
Beth Roach
· July 2, 2017
My son and I were at Home Depot for the Kids Workshop!! It was great helping t celebrate their 20th Anniversary for Kids Workshops. My son loves building with you guys and has been participating in ...them since he was 2. This was his first workshop since his Dad passed away on June 4 and the woman leading this workshop was so sweet to him while he talked about his Dad passing away. Thanks for making it a good day! He loved the bug catcher and the added surprise of hand prints and balloons to celebrate 20 years of making kids happy See More
Pakeesha Rawlings
· November 26, 2017
Had a great time with my daughter at the children worshop, she really enjoyed herself. Thanks The Home Depot
Leon Gholson Sr.
· June 7, 2017
I'm an employee at The Home Depot and they have wonderful benefits I mean benefits that you would never believe of a the associates​are warm and friendly always they really make you feel like family, ...I really enjoy being an employee at The Home Depot we work hard and have fun doing that the only thing that I can complain about is not having enough pizza parties, but honestly I believe that this is the best job I have ever had. See More
Ann Austin
· June 27, 2017
First, unless it's on sale this place is the highest priced game in town. Second, they give credit card holders no special discounts so I'm better off paying with my visa and getting the points. Third..., I spent 2 hours on the phone with their credit card ppl yesterday I can't setup ebill. I was placed on hold, transferred, disconnected, etc repeatedly for over an hour only to have them finally blame my bank who had already done the troubleshooting. Now I'm hung in the middle of crap between 2 banks. Wonderful huh? Would you cut the card Up? See More
Kevin Quinn
· June 22, 2016
I went with my wife and purchased a few items including a nice socket set. The cashier applied a military discount but not for the whole purchase. I went to the service desk and told them I appreciate...d the discount but it was not 10% it was maybe 1 1/2%. She explained to me that sale items are not included in the discount. I told her that nothing I purchased was a sale item. Just stood there and gave me a stupid look, so I thanked her for her time and returned everything on the ticket. If your going to offer a military discount at 10%, then honor what you say. If your not going to give the discount, fine. Many stories of treating veterans like crap, conducting Muslim sensitivity training and general poor customer service is enough for me to go elsewhere. See More
Kaleta Walden
· April 21, 2016
The kitchen area: ordered countertops, for a very tiny kitchen, back in the beginning of March, here it is April 21st and still no word, just the run around from Linda, and Sean!!!! Been calling every... week as well... Still having 3 bathrooms in one home to finish, and 6 more houses period, I definitely will NOT be using Home Depot!!! Horrible service!!!!! Just may go grab a refund..$2,500 spent with the wrong company!!! See More
Anthony Blackburn
· June 1, 2017
My wife came in there today and she experienced outstanding customer service ,we usually shop at Lowe's but they didn't have the product we were looking for so we came to Home Depot. Our hats off to t...he manager of this location. See More
Sam Clark
· October 30, 2017
The coolest place across from any Sheetz in the whole city
Tommy Bianco
· March 17, 2014
Don't buy from Home Depot. They promised us that out new kitchen remodel will only take about 2 days after all of the appliances and cabinets were delivered. We started this in August of 2013. Here it... is March of 2014 and they finally finished it. Also it is not a very good job. There was no coordination between home depot and the installers, plus, the installers were from North Jersey (New Jersey), and we live in South Jersey. They showed up late. The installers were from Aldo Design Group (They are on Facebook). Don't have them/Home Depot work in your house whats so ever. Home Depot charged us double for things such as the floor almost $2000.00. I'm Sure there are more things we got charged for. We have an appt on Thursday for compensation on this matter. I give home depot a zero. I will shop elsewhere from now on. See More
Toni Moracco
February 24, 2013
I just want to say that I am disappointed in my shopping experience from Home Depot in Colonial Heights Va today. My husband and I went to buy a dishwasher today and the lady working in that departmen...t treated us like we were not worth her time and that we were a inconvenience to her at the moment. She was not pleased that she had to get up out of her chair and come over to answer a question for me, she spoke to us as if we unable to afford the dishwasher and she was very short with us. Had it not been for her disrespectful attitude and rolling of her eyes when I asked her a question on the delivery we would have been more then happy to purchase our dishwasher from your store. We did not want to do business with someone who did not want our business. We ended up going to to Hhgregg less then a mile away and they were more then happy to take care of us, bought a brand new GE dishwasher and it will be in Wed.... We generally do most of our shopping at Home Depot for tools and house hold items but if we are going to be treated like we are a inconvenience then I do not see a reason to continue shopping there. See More
Jt Hayes
· April 7, 2017
Went there yesterday and was forced to ring up my own purchase and bag it while no less than 5 employees stood there talking about a TV show from the night B4... If I wasn't so busy I would have left ...the stuff there and went somewhere else. No worries tho It will definitely not happen again!! See More
Steve Vinson
· January 3, 2016
this place has a white trash bitch named Leslie Bryant, I will never shop at this store as long as this whore works there. Fuck off and die Leslie Bryant
Trish Kirkland
· December 12, 2015
Just want to say this store has been wonderful and a God send! James Johnson the store manager made it possible for us to get a bathroom built for our friend that was in need! His personal attention a...nd generosity has been fantastic! Thank You! See More
James Ciaran Kinsey
· April 23, 2017
Good to know y'all are homophobic as fuck. Next time you fire a faggot for being a faggot make sure it's not illegal asshats.
Stephanie Jones
· January 12, 2014
These are the most unprofessional people and policies that I have encountered in such a large chain of stores! I will have Lowe's order an item and wait until it arrives before I would ever step foot ...into this store again! And home depot is closer to my home than Lowes! See More
Sharon Morris Hargrave
June 29, 2013
Would like you to know we just called and canceled our credit card with you because of your treatment to Paula Deen. Will take our business elsewhere.
Lisa M Ellis
· December 10, 2013
It's a love/hate relationship!

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