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Cici Williams
· April 30, 2018
I placed an order online last night at around 9:45 pm. I did this on purpose so that my order would be one of the first ones pulled this morning. I was supposed to get both a text and an email when th...e order was ready. I got to the store a little after 12pm and my order still wasn't ready (but the store opens at 8 am AND same day orders say they take 2 hours to prepare so it makes no sense to not have an order from the night before ready 4 hours after opening). They were able to get it for me within a few minutes. The 2 ladies at the CS desk had to help me load my order into my vehicle because no men came to the front when they called twice for loading help. FYI, it is cheaper to order online and pick up in store, than to straight buy in the store. I asked why prices are cheaper online and I was told "I don't know, it's 2 separate entities but sometimes the in store prices are lower". The flooring I got was listed at 55 cents per square foot online, but 68 cents per square foot in the store. See More
Andrew Cason
· June 27, 2017
I originally placed an order for a door measure and install in February 2017. The measure was completed in February 2017, but the install wasn’t completed until June 2017.

The millwork department ha...d to re-order the door three times because they kept entering the incorrect measurements for the door. Throughout the process I was unable to get ahold of the expediter or manager of the store.

After the installer called to cancel the second appointment to install the door because the measurements were incorrect, I had to call the corporate office because millwork, the expediter and manager of the store did not return calls requesting information about what had gone wrong with the order. After the corporate office put me in touch with the manager, he stated he would call back the following Monday with additional information. Never heard back from the manager. Had to call corporate a second time to get in touch with the store.

In the end, the installer ended up handling the order and installation.

I will never again use Home Depot for any kind of installation service. I highly recommend others look to other outlets or, better yet, locally for home projects.
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Deidra Copeland Peters
· May 27, 2017
Just saw two end caps with pots and these huge signs, "4 for $12". When I get to cashier, she says they are $15.99 each. I showed her the signs and end caps and then was told those signs "bring custom...ers in"..."but the pots are not 4 for $12".

That's called false advertising, Home Depot Norman. Not cool and a great way to not get additional business from me. #HomeDepotFail
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Will Skiles
· June 7, 2016
Very disappointed in Home Depot. I purchased an Echo weed trimmer as they came highly recommend. The fourth time I used it the motor seized up. Took it back to Home Depot and was told that since it ha...d been over thirty they could not help and I would need to send it back to Echo and that may take 8 weeks. Obviously I need a trimmer now not this fall. I have myself as well as my company spent thousands of dollars in this store but will not spend another. I will throw this trimmer in the dumpster and go buy another but it will not be an echo and it will not be from Home Depot See More
Arlene Branum
· November 29, 2015
Spent many a dollar here before having two major problems at the same time with their installers and after weeks of holding our money (we're talking $3,000+) we had to fight to get our money back in a... timely manner. Those issues along with the fact that they do not give a Veteran's discount, cost them our future business. See More
Lori Burleson
· July 28, 2017
I love all the amazing home important supplies they have even for an apartment. Also staff is very friendly and helpful.
Daniel R. Claunch
· July 17, 2017
There never staff to help and they say they give discount but only on some stuff
Shelly Morrison
· April 29, 2016
So thankful for the great employees at the norman home depot. They did a great job keeping my kids and me safe during the tornados/storms that hit on 4/29/16. My oldest child is autistic and they wer...e so kind and patient with him. ♥ See More
Kelly Claunch
· July 17, 2017
Not helpful. And denies military discounts on products but advertises they give military discount.
Jane Hill Cruse
· August 10, 2015
Someone came into the Norman OK store today and bought hundreds of dollars of gift cards on my credit card. I have tried to call your Norman store to talk to a manager all day. NOBODY answers the My credit card will not hold me accountable.

Your customer service needs work.
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