Wondering what happened to KENV? This explains why Satview Broadband now carries KSL instead of KENV.

The Elko Television District is pleased to announce that that we are re-broadcasting KSL from Salt Lake City as the local NBC affiliate. This will allow TV District customers to view the Superbowl and Olympics. KSL will replace KENV as the NBC affiliate in the Elko TV viewing area. We want to let ou...
Frontier is facing new trouble in Minnesota as the state’s Department of Commerce has launched an investigation into a rash of customer service complaints.
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Donny Durand
· November 4, 2017
I am going to update my review of this service. I have to say that the internet and the service has done a complete turn around and has become very reliable. My last review was not good. They handled issue immediately and kept me updated on the upgrades to the service to make it better. I have not had a single outage yet after the problem was fixed. The service is very fast and the only true broadband in the Elko area. This internet is far superior in quality now. Good job on listening to customer feedback and addressing the issues. I recommend this service to everyone in this area. If you expand to Spring Creek you will have a massive customer base. Give Satview a chance and thank you for bringing real internet to the area. See More
Anthony W Hedrick
· September 12, 2017
The Internet speed is decent for the area and for the most part it is been reliable. But my reasoning for only a two star review is that the company does not seem to have the basic function of a 24 ho...ur technical support. I've worked in this industry quite a bit and not having 24 hour technical support reflects very negatively upon a company not able to support their customer at all times of the day like the time of me writing this review on my phone my modem is down and has been down since 6 PM but without being able to get a hold of anybody to try to see what the problem is I have to wait until the next day before I'm able to utilize anything that requires Internet. If the company were to get 24 hour technical support as well as an actual online portal to view information about your account as well as make a payment on your account I would probably bump it up to a four star review. See More
Denise Rissen
· September 19, 2017
Looked up Reno Satview and I got this pages if this is not the correct page please send to Tarek at Reno. Worse cable provider ever!! Stations go out in a blink of an eye and if they return it is a ...different programming or comes back with fewer and fewer stations. Quality of stations suck and there is NO customer service. Tarek and his staff are bull shitters and will just give you the run around. What is so hard to provide a reliable service??? As of yesterday it went out all over and when I called yet again, yeah it is out we are "working" on it. Same old same old BS. I call them at least twice a week if not more. It is time to break up with them and move on because they obviously are doing so well they do not anymore business.SMH... See More
Anthony Ingram-Westover
· March 26, 2018
We haven't had internet installed yet, but compared to the other options in Elko I'm already really happy with Satview. Speed, pricing, and customer service are leagues above Frontier.
Russel Burkett
· August 8, 2017
Below is my original review. I am amending my review because Satview contacted me. Apparently they receive many calls from brokers attempting to resell or adjust pricing for customers. I was able to ...clarify that it was not that situation. Thanks for calling me back and working with me.

"I am in IT and called on behalf of a customer to try to get pricing. The sales person that answered had no interest in helping me get information for the customer. They said that they are already providing internet at that address and she cant discuss pricing. I said, "well it is a strip mall and there are multiple tenants, what kind of internet pricing do you offer for a new customer there". Her response, "We already provide internet at that address and I cannot talk about it with you". My response, "My customer does not have internet with you but they are in the same strip mall. What kind of pricing can he get?". Same response from the rep again. No help at all... Amazing...

I am not trying to resell internet. I am simply trying to find the internet speeds and pricing to compare with other providers for my customer. Instead I got shutdown just at sales. Most bizarre customer service ever. Can't image what it would be like to be an actual customer. I hardly ever leave bad reviews but jeez they deserved it."
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Kenny Tavera
· January 2, 2018
Fastest speeds in Elko with reliable uptime, no bad experiences so far.
David Robinson
· October 28, 2015
This company is the worst in service and especially in customer service (and I use the word costumer service loosely)...... They don't give a rats ass about anything but there money, in the month of O...ctober we have have poor cable as well as some channels not even working and I've been in contact with them all month. They told me that they are working on the problems and were going to give credit on the bill....... I was just informed that they are giving a whopping 5$ off for the inconvenience, 5$ fuckin dollars are you kidding me? Spit in the face of your costumers See More
Tony Hughes
· March 23, 2016
I been a satview customer now since december. I have completely lost service 3 times since then. Customer service does not respond, instead they say that someone will call you back and fix the probl...em. Not once has an agent or representative called me back. Needless to say, this is the worse ever cable provider I have dealt with. I will soon be a returning directv customer. Hell, you can't even rely on satview channel 9 television listing for show lineups as the channels don't even exist. Satview, the whole company is PATHETIC!!!!! See More
Patsy Marie Kelley
· May 26, 2017
Have had satview at my home for a year. It works perfect my son my daughter and I can all be streaming different things at the same time with out a problem. I would defiantly recommend. For our house ...� this service is perfect. See More
Kristina Martinez
· February 15, 2016
We have had nothing but issues with not only service but the lack of any decent customer service! We currently have been waiting an entire week for the "head technician" to return a phone call despite... the 3 different times I have personally called the office. Technicians are lazy and have yet to compete a job with an accuracy as to what we ordered! See More
Josh Rachlin
· December 17, 2015
I have had issues with Sat view since the beginning.First telling me they are in the middle of upgrading and i will be able to get higher speeds later down the road.After asking about the higher speed...s, I was told that i am exceeding the bandwidth cap. When asked what the cap was, i was then told that mine was higher then normal and was never given an answer. I then had problem with the modem i was given. It would cut out frequently and the wireless (all one modem rented from them) would drop randomly throughout the day. i had a tech come to the house to diagnose the connection and he recommended a new modem. He then told me he had the modem but did not have the time to install. It was a Saturday on his day off and was asked to come by corporate because i had so many problems. He then told me i could not call and have them set it up if he left it. He then came back a few days later and connected the Ethernet line to a switch and then to the modem and told me i needed to call tech support to finish the installation. I guess they didn't train him well enough to know the modem goes before the switch in order to gain signal. They tell my significant other that they will not be charging for the month. Next month i get 3 calls from billing on my account being past due because they never flagged the month for me. My modem has been cutting in and out the last few days so i submitted another ticket. That was 3 days ago. Today i get a call from them telling me my modem shows full strength. I was asking about higher speeds again as well and was told this is the best bang for my buck because of my bandwidth usage ( they tell me i am stuck at 12Mbs) and they normally charge for higher bandwidth usage. I try to tell them that when the tech was at my house he left without finishing the job and had the equipment backwards. I was then told by them "what would you like us to do".

In a semi recent article in the Elko Daily Free Press called choosing an internet provider in elko it is stated "Satview and Frontier are similar in that there is no cap on how much you use"

Look it up.

So the part where it says Satview and Frontier are similar in that there is no cap on how much you use is a lie.

Please train your staff with customer service which seems noon existent and your techs with networking basics.
Satview has no office in elko anymore.............
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Shawna Rose
· February 23, 2016
I don't even want to give this place a single star. Customer service is ridiculous. You pay 82 dollars a moth for shows that don't even match the guide. You call for help and the just give you run aro...und. Seriously considering taking business elsewhere. This place is a joke. Never have any idea whats going on. Service calls are ridiculous, don't do anything. Hate this place with a passion, so wish there was another one in our area. Has to be better than dealing with them. See More
Robin L Kobobel
· January 23, 2017
Unbelievably slow internet, They promise 25MB down and you test it at around that but it acts like 1mb down when you try to use it. Pathetic. Elko is 3rd world and they are the result. Nobody seems... to care around town. Disgraceful See More
Holly Davis
· September 24, 2017
It's pretty good service. It can be spotty at times. When there's an issue they are on it. They rock.
Julie Knight
· June 2, 2017
For being in rural Nevada, Satview is the best hands-down. They are better than the other services offered in terms of speed, reliability, and customer service. I highly recommend moving from any othe...r service to Satview. See More
Jennie Starkey
· October 31, 2015
Cable goes down on a Friday night? You are without service until Monday morning. Want a refund? $3 a day for missing last three games of the world series. State they have lost a customer, they Worse cable company I have dealt with. Run, don't walk to alternatives. See More
Tyla Rashael Midboe
· November 29, 2015
Horrible awful internet service. We pay for the highest speeds available and yet our Internet is constantly shutting off, and by constantly I mean MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY. Not just in a week or a month b...ut in a DAY. They dont even listen to see what your problem is, they just say "a wire got cut", or even "well there's nothing down in the area so is your equipment on?" ...noo, I'm totally stupid and don't know how to make sure the equipment is functioning before calling in to talk to your joke of a "Tech support" department. We have had it for 6 mos now and have had nothing but problems. See More
Anitone Mamea
· May 26, 2017
I love you guys for your internet connection speed, ITS THE FASTEST IN TOWN! Impeccable customer service and response time to any of my issues and concerns! Thanks for the great service!
Maitai Felicity Garcia
· July 8, 2016
I have been a customer of SatView for years. Run don't walk from this company! We have had so many interruptions throughout the time I have had cable with them. It's totally my fault for sticking it o...ut. The employees are rude and lie when they don't have an answer! So glad I'm in the process of switching to Dish!! See More
Rob Orr
· January 20, 2017
Low quality services and poor customer service. If it wasn't included with our apartment we'd be going with someone else.
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