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Playlist for 1/14/18: Felicia Berrier - Figure It Out; Glim Dropper - Heartsick Phenomenon; Julia Levitina - To the Dogs; Megan Knight - Oh My Love; Earth Radio - Misty Monday Morning; Nalani & Sarina - Young and Inexperienced; Megan Knight - Built on Glass [live]; The Separators - Call Me Up; Megan Knight - State of Mind; Half Past Seven - Tomorrow; Mikeal Anthony Music - You Became a Wave; Charlie Phillips & John Childers - Sweet Virginia Night; Surreal Nation - Would You Do Me the Honor of Becoming My Mexican Divorce?; The Districts - Rocking Chair; Mason Porter - A Woman Like You; Surreal Nation - Spirit is Silent [live]; Noelle Picara - Faces; Jeff Adams - Future Perfect; Surreal Nation - I Can Feel the Night


Tonight's Hometown Heroes will be two shows in one. At 8pm, Megan Knight will be in the studio; and at 9pm, Surreal Nation takes over the airwaves. Both artists have new music that they'll be sharing. Also, there'll be new songs from Nalani & Sarina, Earth Radio, The Separators, Mikeal Anthony Music and Charlie Phillips & John Childers, and lots more great local, original music. 8pm to 10pm on 93.7 WSTW.

Just a few days left to make sure you, your music, your event, your venue is on the ballot for this year's Hometown Heroes Homey Awards. Don't worry -- you're not nominating yourself, just making sure you're eligible. Homey nominations will be decided by the popular vote, which opens next week.

After a couple weeks off for the holidays, I was shirking my playlist-posting duties. Here's the playlist for 1/7/18:
Dan Kauffman & Erin Hipple - Auld Lang Syne; Green Eggs and Jam - Spanky; Billy Penn Burger - My Time with You; Darnell Miller - Memphis; Reed Brothers Band - Dime on a Dollar; Toney Sparks - Break the Mold; Darnell Miller - Keep Pushin' [live]; Hotsy Totsy - Mind Your Business; Amanda Nolan - Before the Storm; Darnell Miller - Livin' on a Prayer [live]; Reverse Giraffe - What About the Wonder Woman Bracelet; Overcoming Gravity - Heavenly; Apache Trails - Man in the Moon; Darnell Miller - Come Home; The Parsnip Revolt - Lost to the Wind

Tonight on Hometown Heroes, I'll be joined by Darnell Miller, who'll be giving us a preview of his new EP "Jesus & Jameson." We'll also have new music from Amanda Nolan, Hotsy Totsy, Overcoming Gravity, Reverse Giraffe and Toney Sparks. Also, we'll say goodbye to a couple heroes that we lost recently: Billy Penn Burger and Dave Petrea of Green Eggs and Jam. 8pm to 10pm on 93.7 WSTW.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's officially Homey Awards season. This year's ceremony and concert will be held Sunday, March 4 at Arden Gild Hall. If you released music in 2017 and want to be Homey-eligible, click the link below to start the submission process.…/

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Hometown Heroes is off this Sunday (Christmas Eve), but tune into 93.7 WSTW for 24+ hours of festivity courtesy of the WSTW Christmas Collection. We're off New Years Eve too. Hometown Heroes will be back Sunday, January 7 with in-studio guest Darnell Miller -- who just released his new album "Jesus & Jameson."

Playlist from 12/17/17: This Year's Girl - Here Comes Santa Claus; Billy Penn Burger - Summertime's Gone; Ginger Coyle - It Feels Like Christmas; Yes Virginia - Closing of the Year; Hot Breakfast - I'll Be Home on Christmas Eve; Joshua Park - Home; Yes Virginia - Run Run Rudolph [live]; Karmalatta - Invisible Present; Vince Tampio - Distracted by Mannequins; Sympathetic Ears - A World Gone Upside Down; Bayrides - White Christmas; Yes Virginia - Snoopy's Christmas; John Percy Lasher - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen; Yes Virginia - Do You Hear What I Hear? [live]; JANI - Beautiful World

A long-running Hometown Heroes tradition continues tomorrow with the annual in-studio visit from Yes Virginia -- Delaware's Christmas band. Also, since it's 93.7 WSTW's "Christmas By Request Weekend," let me know what Christmas, holiday and/or seasonal songs you'd like to hear (by local artists, of course). Then fix yourself some hot chocolate, egg nog or a hot toddy and listen in -- 8pm to 10pm Sunday on WSTW.

Playlist from 12/10/17 (sorry it's so late this week): Ryan Tennis - Coming Home; Jeanette Lynne - Small Things; Hotsy Totsy - Snow Day; The GoodManFiske Band - What Would You Do; Jessica Graae - The Sailor and the Angel; Jason Ager - Santapause; Swing That Cat - Zat You Santa Claus; Jessica Graae - Blue Heart [live]; Laura Cheadle - Christmas in My Life; Katie Barbato - Winter Wish; Tracy Colletto Music - Simple Christmas; Felicia Punzo - O Holy Night; Jessica Graae - Winter is Breaking [live]; Norman Taylor & Blue Soul - 100 Miles from Memphis; Stolen Rhodes - 50 Miles to Richmond; Sharon Sable - Waters of March; Jessica Graae - Chicken Dance; You Do You - Don't Stop Me (When I'm in My Groove)

Hometown Heroes on at 8pm with in-studio guest Jessica Graae, who'll be introducing us to her new album "Blue Heart" -- including a live song or two. Also, we'll have new Christmas and/or seasonal songs from Jason Ager, Katie Barbato, Laura Cheadle, Hotsy Totsy, Tracy Colletto Music, Swing That Cat, Felicia Punzo -- and lots more great local, original music. Tonight 8pm to 10pm on 93.7 WSTW.

Playlist for 12/3/17: Todd Chappelle • Comedy Musician - O Little State of Delaware; Angelee Music - Kindness and Hope; Johnny Miles - By the Midnight Moon; Retroglyphs - One More Kiss; Soraia - Quicksand; Rofo Audio - Stay Till Morn; Currie Wayne Clayton Jr. - Son of the South; Soraia - Why; STEALING FAME - Slave; June Divided - I Didn't Mind; In The Presence Of Wolves - The One Who Fell to Earth; Soraia - Come Down, Angel; Ryan Tennis - Two Days on the Fence; Darnell Miller - Come Home; Soraia - Monster; 56 MEN - So Happy; Left & Right - 5 Year Plan

Hometown Heroes is on at 8pm with in-studio guests Soraia -- spinning tunes and telling tales from their recent world travels. Also we'll have new music from Darnell Miller, Rofo Audio and Ryan Tennis, as well as songs from Currie Wayne Clayton Jr., STEALING FAME, June Divided, In The Presence Of Wolves, Retroglyphs and more great local, original music -- 8pm to 10pm on 93.7 WSTW.

Here's what's coming up in December on Hometown Heroes:
12/3 - Soraia
12/10 - Jessica Graae
12/17 - Yes Virginia - for their annual pre-Christmas visit.
Then Hometown Heroes takes a long winter's nap -- two weeks off for the holidays.