Here is Lizzie, who is available for adoption at our Petsmart Rainbow/West Lake Mead adoption center. She loves walking around Petsmart on her harness, and is an extremely playful kitty. She is accepting of dogs, and other cats.
Thanks to Diann for catching Agave at the Nellis Petsmart adoption center, playing 'soccer' ... no worries it's a toy not something gross.
In honor of National Volunteer month, here's a story of how a bunch of strangers can truly make a difference in the life of a cat. You might see this on the news too. Nine days ago, a Homeward Bound permanent foster kitty got out when a door blew open due to wind gusts. Sammy is unadoptable due to not being social in an adoption center environment. He is only friendly with his foster mommy, Lanette (Carol's daughter). He was so scared he ran up a tree and there he remained all this time. Carol reached out to anyone and everyone to help get him down, they cut branches, they rented a 24' ladder to get to him, nothing worked. Finally, Carol called First Choice Tree Service, explained the situation and within a few hours they were there. They sent three 'rescuers' (experienced climbers). Sammy's rescuer was obviously a cat lover and talked to Sammy all the way down. Once down and safely in a carrier, he went back to his nice warm home. He's severely dehydrated but was eating and drinking right away. We will post more updates on Sammy as we hear how he's doing.
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Alicia Stample
· November 7, 2017
I adopted two beautiful longhair girls back in May. I had gone by the PetSmart by the Airport on Saturday and just couldn’t get them out of my mind. I had lost my little one of 10 years just a year ag...o and didn’t think I was ready. Well I called and they said the girls were still there and would be back Sunday. Needless to say, I came back Sunday and brought home two lovely bundles of fluff. �They are a wonderful addition to our family. See More
Margo Fletcher
· February 10, 2018
I have adopted cats faithfully from this organization for 5 years but will no longer be doing so after today. I have owned and loved animals for 38 years in that time we lost 1 cat, a black 1 that was... always trying to go outside at night and she made it. Luckily I was able to find her the first time after spending hours in the cold and rain climbing walls and squeezing under trailers all with a broken rib unfortunately the 2nd time she made it out I was not so lucky even after weeks of searching and our entire family was heartbroken and guilt ridden. My daughter and I came into petsmart on a Thursday on a whim I decided she could get another kitten finally as we have not since we found 2 she really liked and were informed they both were “bonded” with other cats and had to go in pairs(they also make u feel like a jerk if u say u can’t) I don’t know anyone that goes in planning to get a cat and walks out with 2, this was the first annoyance. Today we decided we would be getting a cat for sure. My daughter picked her kitten and not til I filled out adoption paperwork was I informed I had to either pick a different one or take 2 again because this kitten who sat alone the whole time we were there was “bonded” well this upset my daughter of course since she had bonded with the cat but she wiped her tears and picked a different one only to be informed she would not be adopting any cats to us because one time we lost a cat . Does that make any sense? That we can take 2 for $200 but now we can’t take any because my daughter made a mistake when she was 8. I understand being cautious and concerned about who is adopting your animals but they are just plain judgmental here and also clearly enjoy making children cry See More
Chris Steve Piccolo
· January 30, 2018
I gave you 4 stars because I was lucky 9 years ago when I got my adorable Max. He is the love of our life. I recommended my brothers to adopt from your organization 5 years ago. But if I had to give... you a recent star it would be not happy at all. Our family always had dogs and cats. My brothers just lost thier beloved Willie who was 17 years old. That alone tells you the kind of care that these cats get. 5 years ago when they adopted Sam the cat they lost then was 22 years old. It means they had a happy, loving, well taken care of life. Red the 22 year old one was left behind when his owners moved. This happened back in Jersey. My mom and brothers took him in as animals lovers would to give him a home. And when they flew here to move both cats were purchased a sit so my brothers could watch over them on the flight. Yet when my brothers went to Pet Smart last week in the hopes of giving a kitten a good home without mentioning names he was told to adopt an older cat because a kitten would out live him. Where anyone gets off saying this is beyond me. First off they insure as I do thier cats so to get insurance for any older cat is very expensive. They are retired on a fixed income. But still insure thier cats and feed them well. As an animal lover and knowing how many kitties don't have homes I think is a disgrace that you rather keep a kitten in the cage rather then give it to someone that would love it like a human child. And to boot discriminate with age. Today I took my cat to the vet for her 6 month check up. My brothers also go thier with there cats every 6 months for check ups. Ask people especially the young ones if they do this. I doubt it very much. Not all but most don't. Our vet was appalled at your organization's answer to my brother. It's fine because there are plenty of other places to go. I only feel sorry for the kitties you get and keep from getting loving homes because of your descrimnation. Those cats will never be left homeless. We have a entire family that love and would take care of them. See More
Claudia EC
· November 4, 2017
I wanted to adopt a cat. But i get the answer that i live to far away (austria). So it seems that the organisation find it better that the cat is sitting in a small cage for a long time as the sit a f...ew hours in a plane and have after this a wonder life. See More
Mark Guth
· December 1, 2017
I adopted two 4 year old sisters from Homeward Bound at PetSmart a few weeks ago. Sheba and Isis have totally won me over and I can't imagine not having them in my home! I'm very happy to keep them in...doors and that they have that policy for adopters, as well as the requirement to not have them declawed. Thank you to everyone at Homeward Bound for all you do!
Mark, Sheba, and Isis ����
See More
Jennie Lee
· March 9, 2018
If I could give 0 stars I would. The worst experience ever, made me feel like I wasn’t worthy to adopt one of the cats. Carol is rude and extremely unappreciative toward people wanting to adopt cats. ...I picked two cats and was told she wasn’t comfortable with me adopting them. See More
Jodi Templeton
· September 26, 2017
I adopted three cats from them and i still have them. I love the volunteers and Carol who helped me find my babies. They are the best. They really love the cats and kittens they adopt out.
Cassandra J Bartlett
· December 23, 2017
They love the animals in their care and work tirelessly to find the right matches with a family!
Ralph Linder
· April 22, 2017
Came in on a Sunday and found a cat we loved. Went back the following Thursday to pay adoption fee and take Sassy home. That was the plan. While waiting we notice a lot of cats who had been waiting a ...year or more for a forever home. Then we were told we would only be allowed to adopt if it was strictly an indoor cat not an indoor/outdoor cat like our other cats. Broken hearted we left. Sassy will probably be there for another year till someone 'qualifies' to take her home. See More
Molly Christine Swipas
· November 16, 2015
I've known about Homeward Bound for years and years and years. What a wonderful, dedicated organization! My mother adopted two cats from Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions and they gave her many years of jo...y. When she recently passed on they were very kind about taking the cats back, and even found them a new home. It was impossible for me (at the time) to take the two cats and HB was very compassionate at a hard time.

After one of my own cats unexpectantly passed away I was distraught and depressed. My daughter insisted we visit HB ... and long story short I came home with Boots & Maribelle. I still miss my precious boy, but these two have given me a reason to smile again.

Please consider adopted a kitten (or two) or a cat (or two) from Homeward Bound. Their dedication to cats/kittens is amazing.
See More
Cynthia Martin
· May 13, 2017
I adopted a sick sick 9 month old kitten. I have been nursing for 6 weeks. He is still sick. He has been to the vet 3 times. He has had 5 antibiotics. I tend to him morning and night. He is quaranti...ned because he also has severe ringworm. Carol should of not let anyone adopt a kitten in this condition. I'm taking him to my personal vet tomorrow. I believe in rescued pet's! Beware don't adopt a kitten with a Cold!!! I wanted a family member. NOT a kitten that may die!! See More
Jennifer Burns
· February 13, 2017
We adopted a sweet little bottle fed black cat. We have 2 big 75 lbs dogs and a precious adult cat. This sweet baby we adopted jumped right into our big family. She didn't want to be isolated to "ease...d" in. The 2 ladies to who assisted is at the Eastern pet smart were nice and respectful of our time. I would defiantly recommend. See More
Elaine Budesa
· August 18, 2015
I adopted Polly & Socks from Homeward Bound 7 yrs ago & they have been by my side through the good times & the bad. Their love has been unconditional & I'm so grateful that you found them when they kittens, one under a trailer & the other in a culvert. They were a bit skittish at first but have become the most loyal and comforting cats anyone could ever have. See More
Brieanna Douglass
· July 8, 2017
Came in today for adoption day and fell in love! We adopted our pretty boy on the spot! And the woman who helped us was so kind! We are thinking about a second cat now!
Jessica Taylor
· June 12, 2017
I have been with them a long time and they are absolutely wonderful. I love the kitties so much and the volunteers I have met have made an impact on my life for the better. I will always be thankful f...or Homeward Bound. See More
Angela Mott
· November 7, 2015
Found me a handsome guy, brought him home, and he's a lovely fit for the family. A lovely organization with lots of beautiful animals looking for forever homes. If you can't adopt, donate, please! The...y're worth it. See More
Sebastian Pepperell
· August 13, 2016
Adopted a lovely cat from them! Jim was extremely knowledgeable, and made the whole process of preparing our household for a cat very smooth! The staff at the Rainbow Petsmart were enthusiastic and fr...iendly volunteers, too. See More
Viv Aguil
· May 31, 2017
A great place to actually see the cats in action and are able to establish a bond with the cats or kittens at the shelter.
Terry Murray
· January 15, 2016
Great experience nice friendly volunteers really had the welfare of the cat in mind. Loving my new cat she made her self right at home like we've been together for years.
Nicole Shirley
· July 6, 2014
Such an awesome place to adopt from. I didn't expect to bring home another cat, but as I kept coming back to PetSmart, I saw a cat named Pops that caught my eye. I brought him home today and he'sso aw...esome! Thanks Homeward Bound for helping me find my next forever cat. (: See More

One of the Hermitage museum cats has been selected to predict the World Cup results in St. Petersburg, Russia.

On 15 June 2017, a press conference was held on the occasion of the opening of the press-centre for non-accredited media in St Petersburg. Share via State Hermitage Museum on Facebook State Hermitage Museum on Twitter State Hermitage Museum on VK Add to Collection Trip Planer Read on The parti.....

UPDATE: Riley went to a foster-to-adopt home this afternoon!

We still need a miracle adopter for Riley. He is such a sweet guy.

Image may contain: people sitting, cat and indoor

OKay, so these little 4 months old silver tabbies, Carrington & Cassidy, both males, are new arrivals at our LV adoption center. Well they came in last weekend. Actually there were 3 but their brother Cayde was adopted almost immediately, to join another 5 month old resident kitten. Meanwhile Homeward Bound had a booth at the cat show in Henderson and we took Carrington and Cassidy (along with Baby Whiskers and Luke) to serve as ambassadors for Homeward Bound and they were a ...BIG hit. They were 2 little shining stars who were often mistaken for expensive purebreds. People were amazed that they were rescues. They will be at our PetSmart location this weekend but I doubt that they will be there very long.

Stay tuned for more on Baby Whiskers and Luke

located inside PetSmart
5915 S. Eastern Av LV 89119
Adoption Hours Thu-Fri 3-6pm / Sat-Sun 11-5pm

See More
Image may contain: cat and text

Happend by PetSmart Monday night and caught Dirty Wally, looking mighty clean, totally relaxed, lounging on a shelf inside the communal cage, just watching the world go by. Check out the white tip on his grey tail. He is such a handsome cat. Still a little people shy but relaxing more each week.

Image may contain: cat

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🐾🐾UPDATE: Max Has been adopted and is doing well. He has been spending his time cuddling and sleeping with his new teenage human sister. Now we are hoping for a hero to step up to rescue the remaining two boys.
Peter's vet check uncovered hyper-thyroidism and he is now on medication. He is 10 years old, very friendly and sweet. Today he took a stroll around the adoption center on a leash, curious and really happy to stretch his legs. We are looking for a foster who will... give him a home where he can get some love and attention while undergoing treatment.
Amadeus, on the other hand is healthy and needs a place more comfortable and quieter than the adoption center. He is probably a little older than Peter and likes to nap all day. He loves affection and brushings. He is very gentle and sweet.
Our incredible volunteers are giving them attention and love but we know how our babies flourish when they get into a home of heir own so If you can help or would like any further information please contact us at HomewardBoundCats@hotmailcom or text to 702.533.3440 🐾🐾

Stunning Siamese Seniors Looking for a hero.

These 3 gorgeous boys were all originally rescues and have been living together for the last 8 years. Their rescuer has recently passed away and the boys are in need of a new home. They are currently having their teeth cleaned and being evaluated by our vet. The results are forthcoming. Amadeus seems to be older and prefers napping or watching while Peter & Max play together. (side note: Max is de-clawed). They are all affectionate and enjoy human attention.

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What a blessing they all are to us♡

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Riley is still up for adoption. Or, if someone would like to foster him, we would welcome that as well. Being that he is FIV+, he needs to either be the only cat in the home, or would be fine with other FIV+ cats. He has been secluded in a bedroom of his current foster home, and so wants to have full run of the house, and be more social.

Image may contain: people sitting, cat and indoor

Poa &Simba "best buds"

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I just want to share this happy little story.

This is Simba & Poa, formally known at Homeward bound as Vic & Andy. Andy (Poa) was originally adopted along with another beautiful little kitty named Taka. Sadly Taka became very ill and crossed over the rainbow bridge (RIP little Taka) Poa's human family was so sad they decided to get him another furry friend. So they came back and adopted Vic (now named "Simba"). When they brought Simba into the house they opened his box to let Poa see him. It wasn't very long before Simba jumped out of the box "took one look at Poa and puffed up and hissed like a little ally cat. Poa cocked his head to the side and bopped him on top of his head, and they have been best buds ever since".
( Thank you Shannon, for sending your cute little update)

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Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions updated their cover photo.
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Posted by Appreciate

12 BENEFITS of having a cat 🐱💙

Another step forward.

For those of you following the progress of Dirty Wally

Dirty Wally has graduated to spending adoption hours in our new visiting room where he is more accessible to our visitors. We are working on building his confidence. Hoping to interest him in playtime. Although he did okay this weekend (still rather shy and only interested in watching the others play) he seemed quite content at returning to the confines of his home cage where he spends his time his cage mates cuddle him during our adoption off days.
It is just another babystep forward. Stay tuned.

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Image may contain: indoor