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RADIO FENRIZ # 40, JANUARY 2018 tracklist 01 SARKE – viige urh (NORWAY) 02 DESOLATE SHRINE – lord of the three realms (FIN) 03 PAINTED DOLL – dressing room (USA) 04 HOODED PRIEST – mother of plagues
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Das Quartett HOODED PRIEST aus Asten in der niederländischen Provinz Nord-Brabant ist seit genau dem sechsten Juni 2006 am Start. Es sollte ein Zusammenschluss von Mitgliedern niederländischer und belgischer Heavy Metal Bands der alten Schule sein, die sich schon seit Mitte der 1990er Jahre kannte...

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Some of you have been hungry for "real doom." Not doom-plus something else, just the original, slow 'n' low, howling at the m...oon kind of doom. If that describes you, then it's well past time to quit yer whinin' and get you eardrums wrapped around HOODED PRIEST!

The Dutch/Flemish band is now nearing a decade strong, dedicated to playing heartfelt, traditional, epic doom . No frills here; no keyboards, no strings -- just guitar, bass and drum, executed with sincerity and power. Recently Hooded Priest released their third album, 'The Hour Be None' (2017). You may have missed it in December, trying to catch up with your listening from everyone's 'Best Of' lists (or our own #HeavyBest17). With that said, the album is now available on Bandcamp and streaming on Spotify.

This is doom that really grabs you by the gonads and rips 'em out, with a malevolent grin. Check out "Locust Reaper," for example, or "These Skie Must Break" or "Mother of Plagues." Hell, it's all good. To use a phrase that album reviewers save for just such choice moments: this is kick ass!

So tune in, turn on, and, what the hell, sing along with it regardless of whether you know the words. This is Hooded Priest and it is worthy of your attention and respect! If you dig it, take their first album, 'Devil Worship Reckoning' (2010), out for a spin, too.

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A huge part of the Dutch and Flemish doom scene, Hooded Priest have always attracted attention thanks to their heaviness and the crunch of their tone and vocal deliverance. They are a band that is …

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Hooded Priest – The Hour Be None Juergen S. 10. Januar 2018 CDs, Reviews„Verweilen im Winterblues“ Artist: Hooded Priest Herkunft: Asten – Nord Brabant / Niederlande Album: The Hour Be None Genre: Doom Metal Spiellänge: 46:27 Release: 01.12.2017 Label: I Hate Link:

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An interview with Hooded Priest...

Once more we are going to present you brand new act this time we are talking about Hooded Priest a doom metal band that comes from Holland. Hello there! Since this is your second full-length tell u…

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News #7 on Doom Metal FrontThe Hour Be None ranks 7th place on Doom Metal Front's top 70 of 2017! 'HOODED PRIEST are wielding the soar slowly and deadly on 'The Hour Be None', the brand new album of this Dutch-Flemish doom metal outfit. Serves heaviest traditionalism…0 Comments/December 28, 2017 h...

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De Nederlands-Belgische doomformatie Hooded Priest is een band die het rustig aan doet. Deels door personele toestanden, maar ook andere bands/projecten en een zoektocht naar een platenmaatschappij zijn zomaar wat oorzaken waarom het ruim zeven jaar heeft geduurd voordat er nu een opvolger is van he

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DOOM METAL FRONT's TOP SEVENTY OF 2017: Traditional Gloom & Epic Grace, Death & Funeral Pyre, Sludge Nihilism & Amplifier Worship, Female Fronted Sorrow & Destruction, Post-apocalyptic Agony, With Stoned Grooves Into Blues Space, Sonic Lave From The Abyss Of Bandcamp #charts #doommetalfront

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Por Juan Angel Martos Desde Holanda, nos llega el nuevo trabajo de la banda de doom metal, HOODED PRIEST, bajo en nombre de “The Hour Be None”, editado por I Hate Records de Suecia. Lo curioso

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For the longest of time I thought that HOODED PRIEST was Finnish black metal assault but boy was I wrong. This Dutch band are nothing but doom metal and have been so for over a decade now. Anders Ekdahl ©2017

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The bands in this list mutate the time-tested doom metal genre, dialing into the obscure and the bizarre.