It's Sunday! That means a day of rest and food prep for the week! Here is a list of 25 healthy options to make for the week! Share with friends and family!…/

Get inspired and eat well all week with these 25 Healthy Lunches For People Who Hate Salads! Don't get me wrong, salads are great... sometimes tho, the thought of another salad just makes us cringe.

We are so proud of Erin, Alyssa, Adri, Kaylin of team AGD! They worked their tails off all year both in the gym and on the bike, and despite of a crash and some bike malfunctions still finished on the lead lap inside the top 10!

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The #crossfitopen is here! This is the time of year when athletes of all ages and abilities come together and become one community of 1. Ken couldn’t make it tonight but it’s not holding him back. He’s been a member of Hoosier CrossFit since 2013. He’s turning 61 this year. #crossfitcommunity #crossfitmasters #fitness #toestobar #dumbbellworkout #rowing
When Lisa, in our LONGEVITY class for ages 50+ at 10am, saw the 9am CrossFit class do handstand skill training she said,”I can do that!” How empowering! #inspiration #mastersclass #nevertoolate #crossfit #hoosiercrossfit #hoosierathleticclub #fitnessmotivation @stevens34sports
Wowza! We are so proud of all the athletes that went above and beyond their comfort zone in #18.3. Did you get a victory today? Share it with us!! Tammy did not have a pull-up before today. She got 4 in her workout! This is Tammy!! Randi did her first workout with kipping pull-ups and got into the 2nd set! Maddie did the most pull-ups in a workout that’s she’s done up to this point. Sugand got his first kipping pull-ups. Let’s not forget our competition athletes. Their gains in the past year have been extraordinary and shouldn’t go unnoticed. This is the first open they got to perform and compete with muscle ups. Chloe got 9 muscle ups, @gabbyseal got 11 muscle ups, Ivan got 5, Gabe finished all 12, Dj finished all 12. Congrats to all! #maytheopenneverend!! #intheopen #gong #pr #kippingpullups #crossfitcommunity #bloomingtonindiana #fitness #gymfam