Preschool starting early with the teacher learning English, so cute. Mark sent this and I can't turn it up right but hearing them is enough for me. Hope you enjoy them.
They are saying Quickly, quickly mom ! Wash my body quickly ! Time is over mom ! We shall meet after school ,let me go !!
The preschool children happy to get started in the morning with the teacher. They sound so cute learning English. But mine in upside down and cannot turn it. Sorry just listen or as suggested to me turn the computer around. Hope you enjoy them.

There is a team of 2 confirmed to visit the HHOC arriving May 24 for 2 weeks. Our dates are not confirmed yet on arrival but hope to be there when they arrive. The plans are to visit our children at all 3 locations, be introduced to the new HHOME project that should be started by then, visit prisons and a few other orphanags, show the Jesus Film plus other ministries they have in mind to do.
Contact us if you are interested in going this summer.

GALA INVITE - please RSVP per the card in comments.

Hope House Orphan Malawi Empowerment, we call HHOME, is a 3 year program designed to enrich orphans with the skills to succeed in technical careers. Technical training will provide students with access to trades such as carpentry, hair, bakery, retail busness and many more occupations.

The mission team from Wickline Methodist that visited Malawi in 2017, is raising money for HHOME with a GALA on April 7. The invitation and... contact information to attend is below.

We are very thankful for this fundraising effort to help the new project that is planned to start in May 2018.

We hope you will be able to attend this fun night of entertainment and good food.

Hope House Orphan Care Directors

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I have been working on the children's registrations. We have 20 new children. One of the names is what I want to share with you. Her name is Happiness.

January 2018 newsletter HOPE HOUSE ORPHAN CARE 2017

A Night of Song and Dance: A Dinner Gala

Sat Apr 7, 2018 6:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Wickline Church Family Life Center: 417 Mid-America Blvd. MWC, 73110



"A Night of Song and Dance" is a dinner gala to support HHOME (Hope House Orphan and Malawi Empowerment), a ministry program in Malawi, Africa that empowers orphans and vulnerable children in one of the poorest regions of the continent to help escape the systems of poverty that prevent them from being able to obtain their daily needs. This fundraising event will include a delicious meal and will feature live performances highlighting the talent of local vocalists and dancers.

Reserve your seat now for a delicious dinner, a great show, and a rewarding opportunity to reverse a system of cultural poverty and dependence upon foreign support. The HHOME program is being launched in Dowa, Malawi, one of the poorest regions in all of Africa and will operate as a program of Hope House Orphanage, a nondenominational Christian nonprofit. Through the three-year program, participants will be organized into groups representing 100 orphans and vulnerable children and be challenged to dream about a life independent of foreign aid. They will then be provided with guidance, incentives, and small-business loans to help them to work together to realize those dreams. Your participation will not just provide them with basic needs, but provide them the skills they need to meet their own basic needs for years to come.

All proceeds from the event will support the establishment and maintenance of the HHOME program.


Wickline Church Family Life Center: 417 Mid-America Blvd. MWC, 73110

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I have heard from Mark Kadammanja and he is feeling better. He has finished the malaria meds and still has some stomach issues but is much better. Thank you the prayers for him.

Our friend Mark Kadammanja is sick with malaria, he is the children's director and assistant manager for Hope House.
Pray for him to overcome this very soon.

We got the full report on what happen when the roof was blown off yesterday.


I hope you had a nice day with your family there in Oklahoma, Back here our day with Hope House kids was just fantastic, But come the day after Christmas the day did not end well at Hope House 2.


Below are the details on what happened. The day started well as usual we went to work at HH 1; For sure it was not a busy day as were just sharing with each other what happened on Christmas day; especially the party with the kids and the parade. I took a venture to the Market and there I met with Brother Luckier and I he told me that he came with a child to the Hospital using the motorcycle, as we were talking it started raining, I told Luckier that I have to go back to Hope House to take the cruiser so that I can pick the sick child back to Hope House 2 so that he will be safe from rain, that was something past 5, Although it was raining and the road was muddy I made it to Hope House 2, We thank God we have 4X4 in good condition which is making driving easy in our remote roads in Malawi. When I was turning the vehicle to go back to HH 1 I had a phone call and I was told that part of HH 2 roof was gone by heavy wind and rain, Since I was not very far from HH 2 I drove there and I met with the guard who was on duty, It was difficult for him to explain what happened because he was just working as part time as the owner of the position is on holiday.

Today I went there with two guys to see what we can do to get the roof fixed and this is what I was told by eye witness Chimango, He said when he noticed that it will rain any time he told the kids that since Luckier was not there he said once you finish eating you have to go home, When all the kids were gone and only 3 kids were in the kitchen with Anita Harold and Chimango was inside the damaged building it was when they noticed strong wind and in a while they heard a strong sound and the roof was gone. We thank God that although 3 kids and Anita were inside the kitchen they were safe nothing happened to them. As I am writing this email Francisco is taking off the damage Iron sheets and this afternoon we will have a picture on what we can do.

At Hope House 1 the kids did not use the way which pass through the river because of a lot of water on the river. But we thank God that at Hope House 1 we did not have strong wind as at HH 2.

In short this is what happened

More later


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Today we received these pictures of Hope House 2. The roof was blown of during heavy winds and rain. Tomorrow assessments of the damage will begin to see what must be done. The children had all gone home. The guard was inside on the side that wasn't blown off was a little shaken. Thanking God everyone is alright.

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Image may contain: sky, house and outdoor
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December 2017 newsletter card.
Merry Christmas from the children and staff at Hope House Orphan Care in Malawi and the US.

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Austin Kamange sent this today. Some women from several churches visited HH1 and sang and danced with the children.

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This is Silome, she is the oldest in the Hope House Elderly Care. She is so fun to visit!

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We will be at Highway Baptist this morning talking about Hope House. If your in the area come on and see what's been going in at Hope House Orphan Care in Malawi. We would love to see you.

Amazon tells us today, cyber Monday is a very busy day ordering online. We ask for you to take an extra minute and choose HHOC for your charity to support when you order. It's easy, go to AMAZON SMILE AND SELECT US AS YOUR CHARITY. THANK YOU!

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Amazon Smile will give a percentage to us. All you have to do is go to Amazon smile....choose Hope House Orphan Care as your charity everytime you shop and they send us the money.

Please tell your friends how they can help a charity this way. Thank you.

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