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We celebrated Harmony Day at Hornsby Hospital with lots of meaningful conversations, international food, laughter and the most colourful outfits and decorations today. Harmony Day is a day to celebrate Australian multiculturalism. It is about inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background. It fits in well with our CORE values at Northern Sydney Local Health District of collaboration, openness, respect and empowerment. Thank you all for celebrating Harmony Day with us today and especially for helping our mental health team, who put on the event, to raise over $400 to buy CALD consumers new resources for when they are in hospital. Happy Harmony Day!

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Today, we are celebrating our social workers all across our district. Our team of social workers are skilled, knowledgeable and specialise in issues related to social and emotional wellbeing. They are making a big difference to the care we provide every day and they are the ones who are there for our patients, their families and friends at the toughest of times. Thank you so much for the great work you do. Happy World Social Work Day! #SocialWorkDayAU

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Don't get caught out - As of today (Monday, March 19) there will be some changes to the hospital access via Derby Road. As part of the early works for the Stage 2 Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital Redevelopment, the dual access at Gate 7 into the car park will reduce to single entry/exit for around one week.
Thanks for bearing with us and watch this space for any further updates.

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“I like to think that I empower patients to take control of their own breast cancer treatment. I am there for them before and after their surgery, during radiotherapy and chemotherapy and I also provide ongoing wound management as well as education, advice and any other support I can assist with. It’s lovely to be able to cover the entire gamut of breast cancer treatment and getting to know your patients over time. You hear about their lives and get to... see a different side of them outside the hospital environment and that’s important, too, because it helps us to be our patients' advocate. I often understand better where my patients are coming from when they might make a decision the doctor doesn’t quite get.
What I love most about my role is being able identify gaps in cancer care and work out how we can step up to the mark, so the patients can be sure to receive the best care possible. Patients are so grateful for what we do, but I actually don’t like to be thanked. I think a lot of what our patients accomplish is their own hard work and determination. They deserve the acknowledgement and it is thanks enough for me to see my patients complete their treatment and being so proud of themselves for actually getting through it. And if I was able to provide that little bit of support in between to guide them through it without taking over their lives I have done my job.” - Catrina Ross, McGrath breast care nurse, Hornsby, Ryde and Royal North Shore hospitals #humansofthehospital

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We appreciate our volunteers every day and on today’s NSW Health’s Volunteers Appreciation Day we’d like to give all of our volunteers a special shout-out. Your enthusiasm and generosity in giving up time to help our patients, their families and carers, our visitors and staff is invaluable. No matter if you are involved in patient, family and carer support roles, administration, managing hospital archives and historical memorabilia, or raising important additional funding for our hospitals - you all do such great work. Thank you for all you do!

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The next stage of the hospital redevelopment is fast approaching. To make way for construction of the new Clinical Services Building, a section of the temporary covered walkway to the STAR building will be closed from Monday, 19 March. Staff and visitors will need to use the previous route to get from the north to south sides of the campus. To make sure you know how to get around, we will put up some maps at the cross points to guide you. You can see the alternative route on the map being held by General Manager, Lee Gregory and Manager of Corporate Services, Adrienne Stern.
This is an exciting time as we progress Stage 2 of the hospital's much needed redevelopment and we appreciate your patience while these necessary works take place.

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We can’t hide it anymore – we have been busy. The majority of the compacting work has been completed and with the arrival of a rather large crane we are now ready to dive right into the nitty-gritty of the construction work for our new multi-storey car park.

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On today’s Swallowing Awareness Day it’s all about dysphagia, the difficulty or discomfort in swallowing. This year’s theme is “swallowing is ageless” and there are a lot of reasons for dysphagia. Humans swallow at least 900 times a day, around three times an hour during sleep, once per minute while awake and even more during meals. Around one million Australians have a swallowing difficulty and it can occur at any stage of life. Our speech pathologists took Swallowing Awareness Day as an opportunity to bring attention to dysphagia and to make sure you know speech pathologists are the professionals who can help. #dysphagia #900swallows

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Hornsby Hospital is with Clare Skinner.

“Hornsby Emergency Department is rare in that we have more female medicine consultants than male. We are leading the nation in terms of diversity and inclusivity in our team, which I am really proud of. Roughly 18 per cent of emergency directors in Australia and New Zealand are female. It’s a very busy job, but it’s also very interesting and that makes up for it. I basically have a management job but the great thing about this role is I still have direc...t patient care and that gives me a real sense of purpose. One of my favourite responsibilities is educating and mentoring junior medical officers and helping them build their careers. It’s lovely to support them during their stay in ED and beyond and it’s a real privilege to be a part of their lives. I hope I can remember how it felt to start out as a junior medical officer and I keep a little bit of that memory in me all the time when I am mentoring. I think being female absolutely colours my role in that I take the emotional, supportive and nurturing side of my role very seriously. I am always on the lookout for people who need a little bit of mentoring and support to be able to be themselves and perform at their best. To me it’s important to just to have a sense of humanity and humility. That was something I felt lacking when I was a junior doctor. I think it is important to show that we are all human, decisions can be hard and I want to be the real person in the system anyone can approach and ask for help and support. There is no such thing as a silly question and no one ever wastes my time.” - Clare Skinner, director emergency medicine, Hornsby Hospital #humansofthehospital

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Did you know 90% of kidney function can be lost without experiencing any symptoms? It’s National Kidney Health this week, and it’s a good reason to make sure you have all the facts you need to look after your kidneys. Kidney Health Australia Interim CEO Lisa Murphy said while one in three Australians is at increased risk of developing kidney related disease, and 53 are dying with kidney related disease every day, most are tragically unaware they have it until it is too late. Here are a few quick tips for your kidney health: Reduce salt and high saturated fats in your diet, keep you blood pressure under control and don’t wait until you feel sick - learn the risk factors and find out if you’re the one in three at risk for kidney disease. Take the

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Today is a day to think about, and acknowledge, the role of women in our society. Considering our staff is over 77% female, we’d like to give a special shout out to the contribution they make to our patients and the broader community. All of our lives are busy and complicated, but as mothers, daughters, wives and partners they make a very special contribution personally and professionally to the care of our patients and their families. We are mostly very lucky but sadly many women around the world and here are not so. It is important we play our part in positive change. To all of the great women who work at Hornsby Hospital, thank you for all you do.

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Hornsby Hospital volunteer and flower enthusiast, Gwen Moore, celebrated her 90th birthday recently. Gwen has worked in the Florist Shop since 2007 and has played a big part in making sure the flowers are prepped and arranged for customers. She is known for her skills with flower arrangements and no bunch goes without a nice bow. Gwen has always been there for the shop - punctual and reliable. She mentors and encourages new volunteers and is happy to teach them her skills. Gwen has always been a loyal, trusted and supportive volunteer and has the respect and affection of everyone. Thank you for your many years of hard work in the Shop, Gwen. We hope your Thursday mornings will continue for years to come, as you are a great asset to the Hospital and the Pink Ladies. Happy Birthday!

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Today is a big day for our new graduate nurses and midwives – It’s their first day on the ward. We are welcoming all our 22 new nurses and midwives to Hornsby Hospital and a further 12 community health nurses, who will rotate between Hornsby, Mona Vale and Ryde. Wishing you all a great start!

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Want to brush up on your oral health care skills? Berowra Community Health Centre is inviting you to a free health promotion day focusing particularly on dental health for older people this Thursday, March 8, at 11am.
Dental therapist and presenter Kirrily Wright said a healthy mouth can help keeping the whole body healthy. “Poor oral health is linked to a number of ailments, including an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke,” Kirrily ...said. To register for the free oral health promotion day ring 9456 3444.

And remember, the Northern Sydney Local Health District Oral Health Service provides free dental care to eligible district residents. Services include general dentistry such as examinations, fillings, extractions and dentures. More information on the services available can be found here:

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“I’ve always wanted to be a nurse, but when it came to seriously thinking about what I wanted to do with my career in high school I was tossing up between nursing and teaching. In year 10, I had the opportunity to do some work experience at Royal North Shore and I ended up following nurses on a urology and gastro ward, and I knew nursing is what I wanted to do. When I finished my nursing degree I found out about nurse educators and thought, ‘wow I can b...e a nurse and a teacher’. For me this is the best job. I can combine both my passions. It’s fantastic. I love the interaction with patients, educating staff and mentoring and orientating our new nurses. Seeing our graduate nurses grow is just so rewarding - from their first day being all nervous and quite unsure of themselves into confident nurses, who know what to do and have control of the situation after only six months on the ward. It’s great to play a role in that and everyone knows my door is always open and I am here to help where I can. My dream is to become a surgical clinical nurse consultant at Hornsby Hospital one day. At the moment there is not quite an opportunity here yet but who knows what the future holds.” - Fiona Bruce, clinical nurse educator, Ward 3A, Hornsby Hospital #humansofthehospital

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The NSW Food Authority is advising consumers who are most vulnerable to Listeria infection such as older persons, and people who have weakened immune systems du...e to illness or pregnancy, to avoid eating rockmelon after a recent spike in listeriosis cases in elderly people has been linked to the fruit.

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The NSW Food Authority is advising consumers who are most vulnerable to Listeria infection such as older persons, and people who have weakened immune systems due to illness or pregnancy, to avoid eating rockmelon after a recent spike in listeriosis cases in elderly people has been linked to the frui...