Behind the scenes "Lenny Scene" take 5
We all know we're not supposed to park in front of fire hydrants. However, if you think getting towed is the worst that can happen then you're in for a surprise.

Hey Everyone! Hope your New Year is going well. We continue to work hard on making Hosed The Movie a reality. We will be sure to keep you all posted with any significant news!


Here are the top 12 winners of the Effing Hot Calendar Contest in order from #1 to #12:

1. Aj St. Hilaire - 183 votes

2. Timothy Knepps - 73 votes


3. Jeremy Kunshier - 73 votes

4. Beth Heim - 63 votes

5. Mike McKay - 62 votes

6. Steve Morse - 57 votes

7. Dave Cochrane - 55 votes

8. Ryan Rodgers - 52 votes

9. Cal Bond - 49 votes

10. Dusty Garren - 45 votes

11. Tee Rendlemen - 31 votes

12. Nicole Cash - 29 votes

You guys rocked the Effing Hot Poses and thank you to everyone who participated!
As winner of the contest, you will receive spices from Code 3 Spices as well as your pictures in Smitty's Annual Effing Hot Calendar when the movie is made! Congrats all of you!

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Our Kickstarter campaign has officially ended. We raised over $76,000 thanks to you, our generous backers. Although we didn't meet our goal, this hasn't changed our next phase of working with private investors so we can get "Hosed The Movie" made.
Thanks everyone for your continued support. We will keep our Facebook fans posted on all the latest developments.
The entire HOSED team wishes everyone a wonderful Holiday season!!


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Thank you to Code 3 Spices - for their Backdraft & Rescue Rub samples that we are giving to all the people who won and were runner ups in our contests.

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The countdown is on, help us meet our goal by December, 3rd. Go to kickstarter & watch the clip and pledge!

In small towns everywhere, heroes don't do it for the money.

"Its all or nothing, we HAVE to hit our goal" @kickstarter campaign - Share or Pledge to support our #comedy

In small towns everywhere, heroes don't do it for the money.

We have $74,678 backed and 25 more hours to raise the remanding $125,322! We need everyone's help more than ever! Make this baby's face turn into a happy one! Visit:

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Thank you for your continued support, we are in the last hours of fundraising and appreciate every new fan and every dollar (or a fifty ) that you are able to contribute.

Funding ends at Noon EST Tomorrow.


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#IndieFilms help support our #comedy about #volunteer #firefighters @hosedthemovie ---> RT or Pledge! #filmmaking

In small towns everywhere, heroes don't do it for the money.

It's the final 2 days of our Kickstarter campaign. We need your support to help us make our Fundraising goal.
Two easy steps gets us there:
1. Share this post
2. Head over to Kickstarter and back our project--(every dollar counts, there's no minimum pledge amount!)

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Hosed fans, we need you more than ever... back our project on Kickstarter today!

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In small towns everywhere, heroes don't do it for the money.

We're down to the hours now! As of right now, there is 50 hours left to pledge and back to our Hosed Kickstarter campaign! We have had so much support for everyone who is part of the Hosed project, our fans, our backers! It's so incredible. We really want this movie to be made so we need all the help in the world! Post our Kickstarter link to your page, e-mail it to friends, do whatever you think would help and THANK YOU EVERYONE!

In small towns everywhere, heroes don't do it for the money.
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Voting ends at midnight! Its the last day to vote for your favorite Firefighter Calendar poses and the 2nd to last day to help support the fundraising campaign to make Hosed The Movie .…

Sun 7:35 AM ESTEffingwoods, NH