Gregg in tha studio tippitty tappin'

Been a while since we had an update. Thursday, 12/1/2017 we play Riot Room with Altered Beast, Peoples Punk Band, and Extinction AD Come shake off the holiday angst and get ignorant with us!

Late as hell to the party here....but thanks everyone that caught our set Friday at The Riot Room, chatted with us, and bought our gear. We cant do this shit without you all. It was also Gregg"s 53rd birthday, and Jason's anniversary. Mantar blew my tits off, and Cobalt covered a lot of ground. Next at bat is going to be a strange but super fun show with our #industries brothers Bad Wheels and friends from TX The Heroine at The Roxy November 4th. Sorry if I missed anything.....


This Saturday, 9/3/2016: Hoss invades the Northland at The All Star Rock Bar. They have plenty of ketchup at the ready for your saucing pleasures.

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Hössferatu is with Ryan Hill and 5 others.

Hossferatu shirts are in! Awesome art work by Karl Dahmer, and printing by Max VonTilberg. Available for $12 locally at our shows, or $15 mailed anywhere in the US.

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Wednesday NIght rager!!!! Show starts at 8:00, bound to be a cheap cover. A fine medley of hardcore and doom. Doors at 7:00, first band at 8:00. 21+

Wed 8:00 PM CDTRoxy BarShawnee, KS
39 people interested

Listened to two solid albums this morning cover to cover:

-100 Years War-Skin Peeler
First track started off a little slow, and I was not really feeling it. Vox were a bit on the whiny, almost Rage Against the Machine'ish. Oh boy....this isn't going to be good. As the album progressed it morphed into what would have been the ultimate companion to Prong's Cleansing. Like, these tracks could have been left off due to time constraints. Minimal solos, more like noise fills which ...makes sense considering who is playing guitar. The rhythm section absolutely slayed though from start to finish. The bass tone is very steam roller-ish, drums seem to have a weird time signature going on which was very 90's and kind of cool. Once the guitars settled into the rhythm shit was pretty brutal.

Up Next was a new EP from another KC Band:

Cleanse-Demo EP
I had a preconceived notion of what this was going to sound like since I know the singer. He has largely perfect taste in music, sans for some 90's pop punk garbage he listens to. I was taken back big time by this as I was pretty wrong. Either way I knew it was going to be rad, but this threw me back to the mid 90's. All the perfect elements of Integrity and Bloodlet came together on this album but with better vocals. The production was far from minimal, without being processed, and the drums came through like a howitzer powered metronome. There is not much more I can say about this album. You just need to give her a listen.

One thing that came of this as a happy accident, was listening to these albums back to back made them better. They are both great compliments for a sound that is all but lost in heavy music today...lots of parallels between the bands even though the music is different. 100 Years War leans more towards the post-hardcore while still playing an actual song, while Cleanse is a throwback to 90's metal core before it got over populated with dudes wearing eyeliner and girl pants. Below are the links to both bands music. I highly recommend listening to 100 Years War and follow with Cleanse.

100 Years War-Skin Peeler

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1 track album

So this is our next at bat: it may be the most bizarre bill we have been on to date. Look for a new set list and hopefully merch and an ep.

We can’t hammer home enough that Metalheads are the funnest people on earth. Every metal show is usually a great joy, and Hössferatu is great fun. The Kansas City band’s Replay show fit the mold when it came to gregarious ...

This is a ways out, but we will definitely have all sorts of new gear and set list. 2015 was good to us. Played on a bunch of awesome bills, and the KC metal scene embraced what we do. Look for more heavy shit to be foisted upon you in 2016.

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Recent review of our self titled album we put out in early 2014. New one is in the works and should be ready before too long. Gentle reminder: There will be a Hossferatu sighting Friday night at the Replay Lounge with Eyes of Iolite and Inner Altar…

Barbeque, baseball, and heavy music are the makings of KC. Hossferatu and Ignis Gratis are doing more than their fair share of stringing together the heavy.

New EP and merch coming soon. Been in the jamz on the horizon. Next gig: 1/22@The Replay with Eyes of Iolite and one more. Come show your grim frostbitten hate and get low.

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Long time no talk....this is happening Wednesday. Yes, its a school night but who cares. Crowbar will be the heaviest thing to hit KC the rest of this year. Last Hossferatu show for a while. Look for new songs, new EP, and other sundry offerings in 2016. Were close....

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Monday: Come on out and say "FUCK YOU!" to being a responsible adult. Unearthly, Nefirum, Hossferatu, and a bunch of other evil shit goin down at The Riot Room. Doors at 8:00, first band at 8:30.

Last night was rad. Met some new folks and got turned on to a new KC black metal band, Neferium. Thanks for all who participated and supported metal in KC on a Sunday night! Next show is Center of the City night 2. I'm sure if you search for the event you can find all the pertinent details.