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  • I'm a cool lay back down to earth person, I'm not the same person from High School, I was kinda nerdy in High School, but now my attitude is i don't give a sh*t about you if you don't about me. I'm down to stick up for my friends and family.

    For anyone who is interested my name is Brittany. My Hobbies are cooking, swimming, dancing, hang wit the homies, chillin wit the family and shopping. But thats not all who I am. I'm also a down to earth girl that is lookng to have a good time. I like people to be up front and staight with me and not to bullshit anything around. If u have something on ur mind then tell me and don't beat around the bush or have me drag it out of u. I don't judge anyone, I get along with the people that are willing to get along with me. I don't really get into fights, but if it comes down to my family and friends, best believe that I'm down to do what ever. I'm there for everyone that I care about and I will do anything for them. But if ur going to stab me in the back then u have made a BIG ASS MISTAKE, cuz i don't take that shit likely at all. I don't like having any enemies b-cuz thats not what I'm about, yet it happens one way or another. To all my fellas out there, I'm down to make friends and get to know yall. Just don't rush me into jumping into a relationship or any other thoughts on ur mind so fast. Lets take things one day at a time and then go on from there. To my Ladies I know theres a man, woman, or whatever ur flava of the day, is out there (fellas too) just wait and they will come and pick u up from ur feet. And if u think that they are the one don't rush that L word out there cuz u don't want to get hurt like I did. So if u like what u read and ur down to be my friend then be my friend and only my friend... I'm not in the right place to be in a relationship... Theres one person that I want and will do anything and everything to get him back... i just want people i can talk to
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