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Great video!!!

An introduction to the major schools of Buddhist thought--Theravada Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism. Missed the previous lesson? Watch here: https://www.khana...

Mother Ayahuasca scientific break down..

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Ayahuasca (pronounced /eye-uh-WAHS-kuh/ and also known as Yagé) is an umbrella term that refers to a wide variety of traditional and modern brews and infusions of natural plant sources that produce powerful psychoactive or hallucinogenic effects. Of these, it most commonly consists of a DMT-contain...

Please check out this article from Kerry Moran, psychotherapist, friend and collaborator with the Temple:…/

Working with the Amazonian plant medicine ayahuasca presents enormous psycho-spiritual challenges. In my experience as a meditator and psychotherapist...
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Temple of the Way of Light

Ayahuasca flowering on the walk into / out of the Temple of the Way of Light - a very rare sight and a potent symbol!

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Spirit Science

This Spirit Science episode is about exploring our bodies as being vessels of light by looking closer at matter and energy.

We all have aspects of male and female energy within us - and it's important keep these energies balanced!

Male and Female Energy, there are many different metaphors of what these two energies represent - all describing the different facets of the same gem.

There is a Global Meditation celebrating the Egyptian New Year (Lion's Gate) and Eclipses this month! Learn more about it here!

The month of August combines the Egyptian New Year (called the Lions Gate), the Lunar Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius and the Solar Eclipse in Leo!

Photos From Modern Hippie Rainbow Gatherings Around The Word (NSFW)

A Rainbow Gathering is an anarchist, utopian, new age event that brings modern hippies together for a celebration of love and freedom. There are no rules, no entrance fees, or power hierarchies. During the gatherings, groups of free spirits give and take workshops, dance, drum, meditate, hold ha...
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Big Think Science
Free Will is Nothing But a Myth, Thanks to Society
Big Think added a new video.

Free will is nothing but a myth, according to Robert Sapolsky.

Why? Well, it starts with what you had for breakfast and only gets compounded from there.

"the story of humankind is inseparable from our fascination with psychedelic drugs"

One scientist argues that human consciousness has psychedelic roots.

5 De-Stressing Yoga Mudras Which Can Be Done Anywhere

Yoga is globally accepted for treating several diseases and has been proved as a boon to many whose illness was otherwise thought impossible to be cured. But apart from the physical diseases, anxiety, stress, depression, lack of concentration and energy, are some of the biggest problems that the you...

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Ecstasy & Surrender Through the Mystical Teachings of Sufism A Free Virtual Event With Mystic Scholar Andrew Harvey
Temple of the Way of Light added 37 new photos to the album: Healers of the Temple preparing Ayahuasca.

A collection of images by Tony Hoare of some the healers at the Temple preparing ayahuasca.