Technical difficulties.

I am looking for a lawyer, and an economist.

No Swedes need apply unless you can come up with a track record and credentials that prove you have what it takes.

Nothing to fear. Nothing to lose.


Those are the core values of this thing we are building.
Values we truly live by.

Nothing to fear. Nothing to lose.

You must be Courageous. Passionate. Sympathetic. And ambitious, beginning from where your heart is - and all the way out. You love this planet, and all living things on it as much as you love life itself. And you know - that life - is sacred.

You will work in a team of painfully (in a good way) smart people.

This is international. Global.

Not territorial.

You are welcome, if you have what it takes.

Kind regards / Peter Dolving

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Sverige, Sverige...

/ PD

Psykologer och beteendevetare, har sedan länge kunnat peka på, hur hårt konditionerade individer, under social, känslomässig och materiell…

Hey everyone. This week there is no episode of Peace of Mind - we have the flu - will be back again next week.

Take care!
Remember; You are important!


/ PD

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Hey everyone. We have the flu. It friggin sucks. But we will be back on out feet in a couple of days, and we are back again next week

Take care! Remember - you are important!

Peace! / Peter & John.

God morgon gott folk!

Dagens avsnitt kommer tidigt - det är viktigt.

Peace Of Mind - Cannabis i Sverige 2018. Demokrati & förnuft.

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Good morning folks! Today's episode comes early - it's important. Peace of mind - cannabis in Sweden 2018. Democracy & reason. Take care! - PD

Det är i Sverige inte politiskt korrekt att förakta och peka ut enskilda grupper i samhället - med ett undantag; Den Moraliskt Förkastliga Knarkaren.

Att man från Riksdag och regering fortsätter driva en politik som dagligen leder till att människor dör - är både moraliskt och etiskt förkastligt - men varför denna cynism?

I detta avsnitt pratar jag om den internationella utvecklingen, om Harm Reduction, och vad som skulle kunna vara delorsak till Regeringens, och Riksdagens a...nsvarslösa förhållnings-sätt och den Svenska hantering av människoliv.

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In Sweden it is not politically correct to despise and point out individual groups in society - with one exception; the morally reprehensible junkie. The fact that the parliament and government continue to pursue a policy which leads to people dying on a daily basis - is both morally and ethically reprehensible - but why this cynicism? In this section, I am talking about international developments, about harm reduction, and what could be the key to the government's, and the irresponsibility of the parliament and the Swedish management of human life. Take care!

Vad har hänt i Sverige 2017 - i fråga om medicinsk Cannabis.

Vi gör ett sammandrag i Peace of Mind - av det gånga årets största händelser kring frågan.

Ha det gott!

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What has happened in Sweden in 2017-in the case of medical cannabis. We are making a summary in the peace of mind - of the greatest events of the year on the issue. Have a good time!

Veckans fundering - på Svenska.

Om att kommunicera.

Ta hand om er!

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This week's thought - in Swedish. About communicating. Take care of it!

At 390 kilometers per second - with no one at the wheel...





There is, quite frankly - not much time for bullshit.
What do you want? What do you need? What do you enjoy?

Take care of you.

Share, Like, & Comment!

Peace! / Peter & John

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Focus. Clarity. Definition and strength to change. What is is - what can be - is up to you. Take care! Peace / Peter & John

Think you think what you think you are thinking?


/ PD

Why meditate? For clarity and direction. To work out what is what - it helps a great deal to distinguish Self from Ego and Identity. Identifying - which elem...

Some thoughts on ritual.

Have a great weekend

Take care!

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In all the esoteric religions and esoteric traditions - there is a lot of ritual surrounding prayer & meditation. A brief explanation to why. Take care! / Pe...

Hey folks. Weekend time!

So - meditate!

/ PD

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Today we look at 2 very fundamental breathing-techniques. They can be used for both relaxation - as well to bring focus and energy. The first part is also a ...

Due to circumstances out of our control, there will be no episode of Peace Of Mind on friday, december 1st. We will be back next friday.



Because we can. Because it's friday. And because, why the hell not?

Todays episode is about the process of life and grit and resilience.

Have a nice weekend folks.

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Life is process. Grit and resilience - a question of purpose and will? This whole episode is really an explanation to why meditation and yoga works... Have a...