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Neriah Isreal
· January 6, 2018
I truly think even thoug bc oue blessed Prophet n Yah Elohim Pries/Minister of Yah Elohim has deceased; His congreation of leaders should continue his videos on line; because there is nothing new unde...r the sun!........Shalom with love See More
Culicerta Rosa
· April 1, 2017
Amazing prophets from Yah !
I learned a lot from them .They opened my eyes from the lies of Christianity.
All the glory to the Most High!!
Robert Armstrong
· November 16, 2015
Great Congregation, im on a mission 2 see myself in a better place... All praises 2 the almighty Yah
Sarah Israel
· July 14, 2015
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Ray Hutch
· September 6, 2016
I've learn nothing but THE TRUE WORDS OF THE LIVING ELOHIM AND my True identity of being a Hebrew Israelite!!!! I am not an African for Africa is a continent! HalleluYAH !!!!!!!!!!!!
Robina Fultz-Jackson
· April 2, 2014
HalleluYAH! All Praises to Most High!
Nahamani Yisrael
· January 11, 2014
Changed my life #blessed
Tee Jones
· December 25, 2013
Truly a blessing

From our family to yours!!

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