Website Lead Generation Seminar by Bryan Adams

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Want to know the top ten reasons for SEO and PPC synergy?

Morning campers! Bryan gave a talk at The Women's Organisation last week on building business through social media.
Lots of positive feedback!

Rather interesting article on holding back the hard sell in content. Plus, the author has a sweet moustache. Cutie and clever!

You have established yourself as a subject matter expert in your niche. People continue to read your content because it offers answers to their problems. What they don’t want from you is to do a hard sell on them.

Team PhCreative having a team bonding moment before tackling the tasks ahead. Nothing better than learning new things about the people you work with.

A little treat for a Friday afternoon, but I bet you find it useful! Here's how social media can improve your business, written by our very own Mr Bryan Adams. That's the marketing genius, not the singer.

Ginge is dancing around the office.... TERRIFYING!!

Tip three: link your social media sites: ensures consistency, has far greater reach, and increases traffic. Plus, you'll save time. Sweet.

Team Ph. are working very hard, aided by tea and chocolate hobnobs. Doesn't get better than this!

Win more business by engaging with your customers through social media.

Irish firms are ahead of the game in using social networks, blogs, microblogs and online forums to connect and engage with existing customers, according to new research from global workspace provider Regus.