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Verna Moses
· November 30, 2017
The staff is unorganized and rude; the manager on duty was equally ineffective. People lined up at the kitchen door to get food that they had actually paid for...and that was absolutely ridiculous! P...aid for VIP seating only to find out it was first come first serve within a specific section (vs specific reserved seats). Luckily, not many people made the investment to purchase seating in that section. The tables in VIP were uneven and rocked back and forth if leaned upon and the chair's upholstery was all torn up as if they had retrieved it from rubbish at the city dump. If I'm being unclear, my first visit was in fact my last visit to The Howard Theatre. #MyMoneySpendsAnywhere See More
Jonathan Gordon
· November 24, 2017
Took the wife to see Stokley of Mint Condition for her birthday. As im writing this, the show is still going on. The performance was great. The venue looks great. The staff........ Not so much. The ge...neral seating,which is really a limited first come-first serve was inadequate. We arrived about 45 minutes before show time to find 1/3 of the remaining seat reserved. We sat in the balcony at a booth without a reserved sign on it, only to be told halfway into the show that it was reserved. My complaint to the manager revealed that the table was in fact not. Apparently, a member of their staff either lied to us so his very late friends or family could sit, or he was the one person who didn't follow the manager's directions about reserved seating. Neither one is good. Y'all need to fet your shit together. I hope they never have that problem again. See More
Marilyn Rena
· November 5, 2017
I️ had to wait in the rain to get in, when the ticket, clearly states doors open at 6:30pm. Secondly, the service was poor. The waitress said she would come back to us for orders, half hour later, she... gave use food order slip and didn’t see her for the rest of the evening. My boyfriend was told at the bar to take food order slip to back door, and he did. He paid for food, waited, and then had to bring our food back to our table. Horrible!! The show was ok. It was hard to enjoy when the building lacked heat. I️ won’t be returning!!! See More
Jerimy Brown
· November 8, 2017
I wonder if yall even read these reviews. I just read a couple, some from as far back as 2016 and my experience was almost exactly the same. There was no help with finding our seats. I was told we cou...ld sit at any table that wasn't reserved and damn near EVERY table was reserved. The staff finally pulled some stools and chairs together to form a makeshift seating section and that was right in front of the bar. The staff was talking so loud that that we could barely hear the show. The DJ just quit during the middle of one comedian's set and never got right for the rest of the night. When you spend money on a show, the gamble should be on the performance of the artist and not the quality of the venue. I'm pretty sure my wife and I won't be back for any other events....if that even matters. You'll probably ignore this review like you've been doing all of the others. See More
Ericka Farrell
· September 10, 2017
I was very disappointed to see the deterioration of this theater so soon. It is a really nice theater but not being maintained well. The wood floors have warped so you at risk of tripping. The not clean and out of toilet paper how are you going to hold an event and every single stall out of toilet paper. Fortunately when I did go someone was bringing more in but that's unacceptable. Show didn't start on time. It's always a hit or miss on starting on time don't know who to blame for that. However, I know patronizing other venues in the DMV start on time and one I'm thinking of in particular has been in business longer than the Howard since it's reopening. I love the historical significance of the Howard but someone needs to run it as if they care about it. See More
Dan Conway
· January 28, 2018
Well I drove 4 hours to see dmx spent 170.00 that I couldn't get back including parking and all they say is contact ticket master well how can I if they sold me the tickets with no recite. Would have ...been nice if they would have gave me a refund See More
Ronit Gold
· March 17, 2018
I would give the show a one star but after watching the review I now understand what crowd this is for. Our girls group had more fun at dinner!!!
Reja Lindsey
· October 27, 2017
The worst!!!!!! I had to stand in a long like to get cold catered over-priced “soul food” and hope to find a seat...the staff was nice, but y’all gotta do better. Stop depending on your history smh......very disappointed! See More
Kimberly Crockett
· October 27, 2017
This is my FIRST time here. There are way too many reserved tables with EMPTY seats and food is now offered from a caterer! That means -- stand in line and bring food back to your own table. This i...s tacky and very inconvenient. See More
Judith Fitzgerald
· November 5, 2017
Bad service. Freezing cold inside. Valet service was awful. Security was rude. Food cold. Just nothing good to say about this venue. I went here before and it was bad and it's still bad.
Lisa Lake
· November 6, 2017
First time here in, like, almost 40 years was this past Friday for Parliament Funkadelic. Beautifully redone! My bartender was on point. The venue is clean and big. Valet parking was courteous as was... security. AND...the show was...FESTIVAL STYLE. Nice to go to a place that still does those. See More
Gwen Jones
· August 27, 2017
Saw Tamar Braxton on Saturday 26 Aug 17. Disappointing performamce. She talked more than she sang. I also didn't come to see amateur singers brought up onstage to sing the song for her. I was so excit...ed about seeing her and hearing her. Very disappointed. The venue could be a nice venue if one there was seating in the general admission area of which is not specified when you purchase the ticket and gives no way of knowing, so you're left standing throughout the entire performance two/three hours. I think the balcony seating requires a certain quantity of people which is required just to even get seats. The upstairs balcony bathroom is coed which is ok if that's all you have to offer without going downstairs but at least keep it clean and keep it stocked with supplies. I may or may not attend another event at Howard theater. See More
Ruth Ortiz
· August 27, 2017
Was there for the Tamar show last night and the show itself was amazing. Only 2 issues I had, 1 was that even with the show being standing room only, the employees were taking "tips" and placing cha...irs wherever they were asked for. This made the area/section by the bar even more crowed and with not enough room. The other, because of the chairs, you had already drunk individuals acting belligerent and aggressive, because "we were too close to them" �and they were allowed to stay, even after continuing to go off in front of security See More
Maribeth Kibbey
· July 28, 2017
Went to the Jidenna show July 27 and sat in one of the VIP booths. I wanted to like it...but man, it was tough.

1) None of the booths were labeled, no one could tell me which was which. ...

2) It took 3 tries to get a cocktail after finally flagging down our server (they didn't have the ingredients for the first drink, was told the bartender would have to go downstairs to get the bourbon I wanted as my second...finally just pointed to a drink and it was terrible).

3) Oh...and the air conditioning didn't kick on until several hours after doors opened. And then promptly turned off or broke about 45 minutes.
See More
Arnell Moses
· July 27, 2017
I.....don't know where to start...I have seen a few shows here but the Jidenna one was probably the worst experience I've had in regard to anything, in awhile. To say it was hot, is an extreme underst...atement, it was BOILING. The venue lacked air circulation, the air was suffocating. They oversold the event as we were packed in like sardines. I felt as if I climbed into the Devils mouth...and he had heartburn. The show lacked organization, way too long of periods when nothing was happening, and the music was not even relevant to the crowd. I distinctly remember Frank Sinatra, and several Spanish and French language songs. Maybe you should hire a warm up person to keep the crowd entertained. If this is the direction this venue is going in, I'm no longer interested in supporting it. See More
Nicole Nikki Coates
· August 19, 2017
The worst experience ever, I went to see Dr Hill and they made us stand outside when it was storming and it poured down raining and everyone got wet then they let us in after what happened to the door...s opening up at 6pm and they let us in 20 mins after the rain poured down on us.. Also they only served alcoholic drinks and no food. How do u go to a concert and wait 2 hrs for a performance on an empty stomach. See More
Ashley Tetrick
· September 11, 2017
Restroom wasn't clean they didn't have TP or soap in the restroom that just plain nasty, also putting people health at risk for infection.such as hepatitis A. They have a restaurant and bar so I was t...hinking if no soap available how the workers wash their hands before return back to work? Unsanitary environment. See More
Raina Julius Daughter Williams
· September 9, 2017
I liked it. I went to see Tank last night alone, 2nd time in two years to see him there. Very disappointed to learn there will be no food service indefinitely, was looking forward to the jerk wings. ...And I absolutely hate the standing room only set up. I've been there several times and it appears that it is on the decline See More
Aryssa Henderson
· July 28, 2017
I have been to the Venue on multiple occasions and by far this experience was the worst. I went to the jidenna concert this last Thursday and had the worst experience ever. It was so hot that we were ...sweating standing still in the venue. There was no air circulation and just uncomfortable. I tried to cool down downstairs which was a fail because it was just as warm as well as the restroom. Because of the conditions i passed out. I do not drink so I wasn't drunk but security treated me as such. I will give this place another try but it's ridiculous that outside was cooler than being in the venue. See More
Lawanna Lawanna
· July 29, 2017
I will never return to this venue. I attended the Jidenna concert and it was like a sauna in there. Even the performers complained and asked them to put on the air conditioner. They turned it on for a...bout 15 mins, only feeling a small amount of cool air before turning it off when Jidenna performed. The bathrooms were worse then 7 Eleven, unorganized, over crowded, no food, staff were amateurs. Doors were supposed to open at 7pm I believe and they opened at 7:40pm with the line to the dumpsters. People were getting bit by swarms of mosquitos. Whenever someone questioned the time for doors to open they would give a different time. Very unprofessional. See More
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