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  • One week before the Cesar Awards, the 5th Annual Gala of the Label o...f female directors EROÏN took place in Champs Elysées. English subtitles available on Youtube. See More
  • Olivia Budgen shares her vegan take on an old favorite - Pesto!
  • The future of thousands of unborn babies rests in the hands of eight... people next week. That’s right: The Senate Judiciary Committee, with 13 members including 8 Republicans, must pass Senate File 253 by Thursday, March 2, 2017, or this life-saving bill will die this session. SF253 will establish in Iowa law that human life begins at conception. We have little hope the Democrats on this committee will defend life at conception, but the eight Republicans who serve on that committee include: 1. Brad Zaun, Chairman 2. Jeff Edler 3. Julian Garrett 4. Dan Dawson 5. Charles Schneider 6. Jason Schultz 7. Tom Shipley 8. Amy Sinclair Below is the pertinent wording in Senate File 253: “The sovereign state of Iowa recognizes that life is valued and protected from the moment of conception, and each life, from that moment, is accorded the same rights and protections guaranteed to all persons by the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of Iowa, and the laws of this state.” With pro-life majorities in both the Iowa House and Senate along with a pro-life governor, Iowa has never had a better political climate to end the shedding of innocent blood through abortion. See More
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She’s just one of the epic cosplayers embracing #28DaysOfBlackCosplay.

"It’s not just a TV show or a movie, though. TV and movies influence how we view the real world, whether we like it or not."

I mean, how many shows do we really need about women getting murdered in highly sexualized ways, am I right?


Friends, I welcome you to “The Michael Moore Easy-to-Follow 10-Point Plan to Stop Trump.”
First, let’s acknowledge what we all know to be true: Tru...

"What's that like? I just can't even imagine." NOPE.

Two months ago, I officially came out as bisexual on the internet. I wrote about a few of the things studies can tell us about bisexual women, (we smoke the most weed, we’re particularly susceptible to mental illness, etc.) and I posted it on Faceboo

That weekend feeling.

when you wake up and realize it's still the weekend

"That was good, now where's the remote." 😂

"Do you mind if I use you as a reference?"

"I’ve found the more I honor myself, the more others honor me, too."

I recently asked for a raise.
From a friend.
I met her at a playground, and told her I watch another child in addition to my two during the wee...

BRB, moving to Scotland.

The ending is a bit cheeky, butt we still love it.

This is everything.

Real talk.

You know you do all of this.

Such an important film.

"Words count just as much as action. And many of the words we are hearing these days are ugly and judgmental."

We need to hold public figures (from politicians to reality stars) accountable.

"Their privacy is worth more than our social media popularity."

These are children living in poverty on stilted shacks on some of the worlds most beautiful beaches, and yes the photos are amazing, but it’s not right for me to take these photos or put them on social media. I

"What better way to approach learning than through art?"

Because knowledge is (girl) power.|By Priscilla Frank

"The arts have long been a home for individuals who may not find support in the culture at large, and have served as a harbinger of broad social changes."

Institutions like the Walker Art Center are recognizing the role they play in educating visitors — whether it's using a canvas or not.|By Katy Brooks