Happy holidays! We compiled a list of 100 startup reads that we love - on everything from product/market fit to seed fundraising to leadership skills. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Buy great ebooks from top experts and bloggers on everything from startups to health & fitness to current events. DRM-free for your Kindle, Nook, iPad, and computer!

New OnStartups book by Dharmesh Shah! Here's his launch post with 21 awesome quotes:…/21-Quick-Quotes-From-The-New-OnStar…

Quotes from the new OnStartups eBook. Quick tips on sales, marketing, recruiting and strategy.

Just launched a great book about investment banking jobs with Brian from Mergers & Inquisitions...check it out!…

Candid advice from experienced investment bankers.

in anticipation of Richard Nikoley's Free The Animal v2 launch, you can buy v1 for $2.99 on for 48 hrs only! code FTAROCKS. You'll get v2 sent to you for free!…

The best of and more Paleo diet info from expert blogger Richard Nikoley

Excited to announce the launch of PickTheBrain's first Hyperink book on productivity!!…/the-first-pickthebrain-book/

I am so happy to be able to finally announce that months of hard work with HyperInk have finally come to a close and that I can officially announce the release of our first book ever:

One-stop shop to get you started or keeping you going with coding, programming, and life. [from Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror]

Your one-stop shop for all things programming.

Penelope Trunk brings you "The New American Dream"

This book is about how to get an interesting life. And if youre dead set on being happy, this book will give you the freedom to be who you are.

FASHION LOVERS: Get the inside look from ModCloth writer Hannah Rothstein on how to steam up your summer and fall. Expertly accessorize, stand out with elegance, and affordably re-vamp your wardrobe with this bright starburst of information from a know-it stylist!

Learn how to incorporate Steampunk into your style!

Penelope Trunk mentioned us in a great VentureBeat article today on startups and innovation:…/startup-clinic-pinterest-clones-a…/

Editor’s note: This is the second in a series of VentureBeat columns by award-winning author and serial entrepreneur Penelope Trunk. She’s going to be our startup critic: She’ll review new companies, point out what they’re doing right, and give them advice (which she’s never shy about anyw...

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Alexis's brand building playbook on the front page of Hacker News, please upvote!

"The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe." --Gustave Flaubert

This is happening NOW! "Make Something People Love" available & our IAMA is starting. JOIN US!

Learn how reddit became the world's biggest online community!
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***ATTENTION reddit FANS!*** You're invited to a live IAMA with reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian! Friday, June 22. 10 am EST/ 7 am PST

Fri 7:00 AM PDTHyperink HQSan Francisco, CA
Hyperink added an event.

reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian with Hyperink

Fri 7:00 AM PDTHyperink HQSan Francisco, CA

Thanks, Theresa!

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READER'S PICK $2.99: Want to get an interview? Want to make sure you get the job? J. Maureen Henderson of Forbes tells you how to make that happen.

A step-by-step tutorial on creating cover letters that present your personal brand.