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Ivette Robles
· February 14, 2018
This company is very shady, I had heard they like to rip people off. I was fortunate to not lose any money but others are not so lucky. Just stay away and lets all work together to close this down. Consumers deserve a better business. I have attached a screenshot of their chat so you can see the type of service they provide. They have hidden fees all over the place and there is no buyer protection. If you purchase a bad car or if the car is not as described they are not responsible. Read the fine print and stay safe. Take your hard earned money where you are appreciated as a consumer. See More
Ken Harayda
· November 6, 2017
Bought a truck out of the Tucson Branch, and the listing stated that it "runs and Drives". Well, when I picked it up, the engine was junk, and didn't even have enough power to pull it off the trailer.... Customer service basically said, "too bad for you". I guess the description really doesn't mean a thing. Buyers beware. See More
Jenny Mac
· February 9, 2018
I have never had a harder time trying to make a donation. One would think that they would be ecstatic to receive a donation. Not IAA, they completely made me work for the donation they whole time. Yes..., we can pick up, no we can not, no wait maybe... extremely frustrated! See More
Jon Meyers
· September 13, 2017
I am completely shocked that the yard manager and buyers services decided to disregard a breach of contract. Specially when the vehicle is a 250,000 dollar Ferrari. The pictures listed on the auction clearly show the vehicle wrapped and secure in high value area now the car is not as it was pictured and they want me to pay for it. Why would they move the car outside with a forklift. The undercarriage has been seriously damaged. I even viewed the car at the local branch. We have purchased more than 200 vehicles from IAAI and this clearly shows how abusive branch managers are when they face consequences due to neglecting a mistake and they know that car was clearly misrepresented. I will not let this abuse go unnoticed See More
Ahmed Hachem
· December 15, 2017
Scammers. I bought 2 vehicles from there Honolulu Hawaii branch. One of the vehicles was not as described "Runs and drives" turned out its ENGINE DAMAGED and TRANSMISSION WONT SHIFT AT ALL. The second... vehicle was partially fixed by them to make it appear good in photos to make me wanna bid on it. I waited 3 weeks to get these vehicles because i live in Michigan. They had to be shipped on a boat to California first then towed to Michigan. I called the office they won't even help me. I will be taking them to court. I have a lot of evidence to show how they misrepresented these 2 vehicles. See More
Sky Vi
· November 8, 2017
BUYERS BEWARE !!! Vehicle is not as described! NO RUN, NO KEYS.

I am very disappointing with company iaa. First I have been tried to resolve the issue directly with iaa and with branch in Orlando. I... really didnt want to leave them bad feedback but I need to say this is very difficult company to deal with.

I bought the GMC car out of the Orlando Branch, and the listing stated that is " runs and drivers" and "Key(s) Present, Keyfob Present ". When the car was picked up, the vehicle didnt run as there wasn't keys to start the engine. Company iaa took my car with a FORKLIFT, which is not good at all for the cars... makes serious damaged. If I knew there is no keys, I never purchased this kind of car! The thing is that before "buy it now" I made sure if car has all keys included, and told me "yes" the car drives and has key with keyfob. On the time when my car was picked up, there wasn't keys and they do not want to take responsibility, just left the car with writing on the driver side rear door window "No keys". After all of that the IAA branch office also said the vehicle does not run and it is a total loss... They used wrong details on the listing. They also sent me the papers to sign that the car has salvage title, which is not as on the listing "clear title".

Buyer services is poor, no one at the company seems to care or understand anything.
I contacted the company few times regarding my issues with car, unfortunately they are not happy to resolve the issue. Only says the same shi**t "they do not guarantee keys" This is ridiculous!

We do our part and trust that we are purchasing the vehicle as described, then we get a car that has no key and doesnt run.

The description really doesn't mean anything, it is a big lie, please do not trust them what they writing!
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Bill Ingersoll
· July 12, 2017
Very difficult company to deal with, Not pleasant or customer friendly -they have no problem wasting your time and money. Buyer services is a joke, no one at the company seems to care or understand anything.
Naveen Liyanaarchchi
· November 16, 2017
I brought car in October 26 location 456 Houston still did get my title for car it’s massive poorly handled.
Norma Sanchez
· September 2, 2016
My father the owner of Dan's Auto Sales in Houston, TX. who has been buying cars from y'all for 25 yrs purchased an 08 Lexus is350 blue title run and drive with keys present and it did not come with t...he key. We spoke with the manager of the Houston north location who had that I don't give a f**k attitude told us that they do not guarantee keys and when I asked for a copy of the buyers agreement she told me to get it online. This is not the way to treat people whom have been providing business to you for over 25 yrs! We paid $598 in fees alone for this vehicle now we will have to pay several hundred to replace the key that should've been provided to us. We do our part and trust that we are purchasing the vehicle as described, then we get a car that has no key and the tire had been punctured as well which means we were obligated to get a tow truck and pay for the delivery too. This is ridiculous! There are several other auctions in the Houston area and if y'all cannot help us out we will be taking our business elsewhere. See More
Sami Amadi
· August 12, 2015
Being on insurance company side like always adding fees and service fees to customers raising storage fees and less days you can keep your cars at auction thats totally unfair we pay the bills of the we pay insurance companies we buy the cars drop a these rules and fees we wanna survive and make some money tooooooo See More
Larry Haynes
· January 15, 2015
This place in davenport iowa picked up a car and took it to their yard without the insurance claimed settled. Geico is the insurance of the driver that damaged our car and have no rights to our car un...til final terms are agreed upon and papers are signed. Geico told the davenport branch to return our property and Chris said it will be at his convenience and is allowed up to 5 days to return property that is not theirs to have in the first place. Totally uncooperative and rude. Refuse to find a speedy way to return our stolen property. See More
Dana Riseberg Ceramics
· August 14, 2016
I contacted American Red Cross to make arrangements with donating car. Always got to speak to a human and very nice. Wish it were the same with IAA. IAA was worst experience and IAA will ruin American... Red Cross reputation and always had to leave a message. Told both companies what my necessary pick up window was given work schedule and requested 1 hr. heads up phone call prior to IAA pick up.
Long story short day of pick up: imagine left arm and right arm not attached to same body, as there was little inter-agency communication and total miscommunication and disinformation abounds. Was calling both places since never heard from IAA even though time was arranged between 3 -4 pm with one hour heads up call.
Come 4:30, no call and its disgusting hot in NYC so I am hanging out in coffee shops at different places awaiting IAA. I finally get call from driver who says his truck died and that pick up wasn't going to happen today. I told him it was and that he better figure it out since my afternoon was wasted waiting for them. An IAA rep suggested I didn't have to wait for pick up and could leave car. I explained that I had to be there to remove plates as can not leave car on NYC street without plates plus would need to give title paperwork and keys. Who in there right mind leaves car with out plates and with keys and registration in unlocked car in NYC?

I had my boyfriend call IAA to find out what was up and rep said that driver forgot about my pick up. So which is it and who lied and who is telling the truth?? Finally, IAA did get a different towing company and that would be in about an hour. He did arrive within that timeframe and car towed away.
What a mess of stupidity and inefficiency and totally unnecessary not to mention a complete waste of cell phone minutes and my time. Just glad it is over and never again.
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Chris Tran
· August 10, 2017
They got me out here waiting 45 minutes and still counting in 100 degree weather. They said it was gonna be 5 minutes
Fatmeh Hammoud
· May 17, 2016
i requested customer service with iaai this morning at about 8:30am i dont know why iaai does not want to do business with chase bank account holders i have been a customer with chase for over twenty ...years iaai wants chase to send over company check approval bank inquiry it is against chase's policy for them to give any information out to a third party but chase bank is a quarter mile away from the iaai location the branch manager signed the letter gave them all the info it needed thank you sarah from the detroit branch for accomidating to my needs Pam Grant from the charlotte branch is very rude and does not know the first thing about customer service she treated my employee as if she was not human and hung up the phone in my employees face See More
Joey Maxwell
· March 1, 2017
You have some very nice people working at your locations but the company as a whole has serious issues. You don't follow state guidelines in most states. I have an auto repair shop and can buy in so m...any more locations with COPART than with you with the same license on file and COPART has the same state guidelines to follow as you do. Now in my state of TN law was passed and went into affect July 1 2016 that the public can buy salvage vehicles and your refusing that to be avalibile to the public. Your only hurting yourself in the long run and allowing COPART to take your business. See More
Antonio Nasi
· September 29, 2017

I'm completely upset and frustrated with my recent transaction with IAA. I'm a new buyer and recently purchased a Ford F150 for one of my repeating customers who was relying on me t...o find him a truck for the charity work he does at his Church. The truck was listed as a run and drive with front and rear end damages. After auction day of one of my drivers towed the car into my lot only to find out the truck has a bad engine and has no rear or front end damages. Needless to say I was upset as well as my customer. I reached out to BRIAN LEAIR, manager of the Sussex Wisconsin branch and left messages, to which he never returned any of my calls so I had no choice but to call buyer services. After a few times of calling buyer services and waiting on hold for over an hour each time, I finally spoke with a representative who assured me BRIAN LEAIR would resolve my case and call me back. The next day BRIAN LEAIR finally called me back and told me there was nothing he could do for me but to run the truck back at the auction and list it as engine damage, which is not acceptable. I tried explaining to him that the only reason I purchased it is because it was listed as front and rear end damage. His reply was that the cars are as is and the damages listed on the website may not be accurate. After seeing that BRIAN LEAIR was not willing to help me, I asked him who his direct manager is so I could speak with him and his reply was that he does not have a direct manager, there is no one above him and the only people I could speak with are buyer services. I found out that that's a complete lie and there are managers above him that he did not want me to call. Regardless I called buyer services again and asked to speak with a manager over there whom happened to be "out of the office", so I left a message that was also never returned. One of the agents at buyer services also told me that an arbitration case had been opened up and I would get an answer in 72 hours. I never got a call from them either. I was directly lied to on the website for the damages of the truck, lied to by BRIAN LEAIR that he had no direct manager and then lied to by buyer services that a case was opened and someone would contact me back. LIES! LIES! LIES!
How far up the IAA ladder do I have to climb to get someone to help me. IAA apparently does not care about their customers. Just lie to sell a car and then keep lying to get the customer off the phone!
Completely unacceptable!!!
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Avea Boeckner Mahan
· January 4, 2017
I was in an accident. My car was towed by Kitch towing of Topeka, from there Santa Fe towing took it to Insurance Auto Auction in KC. Someone from one of these places cleaned out my car. My stuff is I have contacted all three of these company's and have gotten no where. All I want is my stuff back. See More
Sajjad Mahmood
· October 31, 2017
The buyer services line has the longest hold time ever.
John Taylor
· August 5, 2015
I had a personal issue with items missing from my car. The customer service team at the corporate office responded to my message the same day. I had to change my rating from one star to 4 just for the... quick response. See More
KayShor Oluwasina
· February 2, 2016
very wicked setup, they are about stealing your money. I paid for duplicate title since i lost the original title and till now since month of May 2015 no one to address my situation and they will leav...e you hanging with no one to talk to talk less of producing a solution. This company is a fraud See More

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Insurance Auto Auctions added 5 new photos to the album: Keys to Progress® 2017.

Photos from Keys to Progress®.
IAA is proud to team-up with Progressive and the National Auto Body Council by donating 9 vehicles to the Keys to Progress® program.

Insurance Auto Auctions added 5 new photos to the album: Keys to Progress® 2017.

Photos from Keys to Progress®.
IAA is proud to team-up with Progressive and the National Auto Body Council by donating 9 vehicles to the Keys to Progress® program.

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IAA is proud to team-up with Progressive and the National Auto Body Council by donating 9 vehicles to the Keys to Progress® program.

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