The video shows an experiment to analyse people's behaviour when racism happens around them. The victim of the racist attacks is actually an actress and the offender whom is behind the counter is an actor.

The offender will hurl racist comments at the muslim women and will not do business with her.


In total, there are 41 people who came into the shop and 22 of them did nothing to stop the racist attack, 6 of them supported the racist attack, one man even gave the thumbs up sign. However, it is good to see 13 people standing up to the attack, some customers preferred to walk out of the store in protest, a lady and an elderly defended the muslim women, both of them cried with the filming crew caught up with them.

The professor who was analysing the footage said that the public will defend any actions that corrupts the justice in our society. Hence, when more people are not tolerant to racist attacks, it will promote more people to stand up and fight against racism.

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ABC News Hidden camera experiments Racism in America. An event is staged where a Muslim woman is refused service in a bakery. See other customers reactions.