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Edna Mendiola
· February 13, 2018
I am Edna Ong, batch 1975 Elementary, and proud to be ICAMites... hope to hear from my classmates soon...
Ghoyie Nicholas
· February 25, 2018
being d PTA official photobooth service for d ICAM family day FAIRyahan 2018 was truly an awesOme experience. ..
we would like to thank ICAM admin., d PTA and ICAMites tO b a part of ds event.
mOre power tO u and Godbless �

Our deepest thanks,

jackie cleto
ghoyie nicholas
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Let Estrellado Alcantara
· March 27, 2017
I also attended Kinder and up to Grade 4 and i find ICAM one of the best school i had i speak english fluently and i still remember what i'm going to answer when we are having mass with Rev Fr Pelayo ...and Sister Yolanda and Sister Meime. It was 52 yrs ago but i still remember it. See More
Laze Garcia
· November 15, 2017
Amazing...touching...true-to real can be. May God bless you more! - Laze
Cecile Manliclic
· August 31, 2016
batch 1980 here, a proud icamite....wanted my daughter to be the same...she's from batch 2015....hope my granddaughter will be the same... icam forever, icamites friends forever...
Susan C Mangalindan
· August 11, 2015
My Four grandchildren have been enrolled in this school from day one of their schooling up to the present. They have great exposures and various activities for their students.
Jan Li Tolentino Masangya
· April 5, 2015
Proud ICAMite here! I graduated elementary in 1998 and I'm a practicing UK nurse. One thing ICAM taught me is SERVICE with HUMILITY and COMPASSION. Superb education with Moral Values. More Power ICAManila!
Bebs Velarde
· January 20, 2017
Performing valentines recitation in english with Toni james
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Evelyn Bautista-Ynte is at Immaculate Conception Academy of Manila.

“No legacy is so rich as honesty” – William Shakespeare

Yesterday, a father of one of our students came to the office to commend the good deed of our school gua...rd Mr. Ronald Marcos.

The father went to the school to buy a school patch from the bookstore. Going back home, he noticed that his wallet (fat with cash) was lost. He, of course, had that pulse-quickening, gut-wrenching worry and tried to retrace his steps. He went back to the school, and a smiling guard quickly approached him and returned the wallet…intact. The father praised Ronald for the honesty. He was particularly impressed with this act knowing fully well that the guard does not earn much as an agency personnel.

For a security guard who earns a modest monthly salary for a 12-hour job, his act of integrity is really commendable. Although a lot of people laud honesty as the best policy, it is a virtue that is hard to find. Just look at some of our politicians, some government employees, or any number of professions where it seems the “only” way to get ahead is through deception…stealing…corruption.

Ronald Marcos could have taken the money, but he didn’t.

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