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Алексей Кононок
· February 4, 2018
Я поддерживаю будущее этой компании и её программу по защите авторских прав художников и иллюстраторов.

IPStock co-founder Askold Romanov explains what benefits are coming with IPStock solution to creators, buyers and whole market in this new article
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Askold Romanov, CPO/CTO, Co-Founder IPStock

Third day of the Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore. More people, more new business acquaintances, more interest to IPStock. Join our campaign too!
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Second day of #BEF in Singapore was started with IPStock's private "Digital Gallery" Lunch for investors and opinion leaders. Founder Yury Emelin faced fully occupied hall, genuine interest and a over half-hour session of questions. Thanks for you high appreciate!
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Yuri Emelin representing IPStock as a gold member of Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore. #BEF #IPStock #blockchain

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And now we are proudly starting our Bounty Campaign - help us to spread our project and you will earn extra tokens! You can chose your own set of paid activities for participation, follow the link for full conditions.
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We are extremely interested in making the Token Sale successful to the maximum.

Stock images are available to everyone, and you hardly know who else bought a photo you want to use in your printed materials or billboards without additional fee on certain services. Decentralized ecosystem will provide both: a list of a photo buyers and places it had been used prior you purchased it.
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Blockchain tech will help imagery stocks' users avoid law violations, in fact becoming a lifeline for those hating to read "general conditions".

Part of the IPS-tokens (IPS) already belongs to the users of cloud services. Owners will be able to use tokens on the IPStock blockchain platform to obtain services related to the purchase and sale of licenses for the use of digital content. The same time, the key functions of the service will remain free for authors.
#ipstock #blockchain #tokensale is a cloud-based service for digital content creators, including illustrators, photographers and studios. allows…

Intellectual property is not protected universally, and the existing international agreements are either too broad or too obsolete in the digital age. IPStock will provide publishers and designers with a single platform for safe and fruitful image discovery.

At a time when fundamental concepts like ownership and value are challenged by new technologies and relationships, creative work is taking on a new level of legal and commercial complexity. A design or a photograph can be hosted on dozens of platforms, in a variety of formats accessible to thousands...

Despite a large number of problems experienced by the producers of visual content, the market has an excellent solution, offered by IPStock. #ipstock #blockchain

The modern world is dynamically changing from day to day. New technologies are emerging regularly and old ones are rapidly developing, improving and adding convenient functions. Furthermore changes have not bypassed such an important area, as the visual content industry. Today, lots of designers and...

Our decentralized system will reinvent an industry dominated by big players through freeing the content creators from the middlemen and giving them complete control over their content copyright and authenticity. #ipstock #blockchain #ICO

IPStock announces an ICO launch as it toils away to develop a comprehensive decentralized solution for visual content management.

World’s first and largest investor conference on cryptocurrencies and blockchain investments brings together both investors and the leading providers of the crypto & blockchain universe.
Yuri Emelin, Co-Founder of IPStock, spoke at the Crypto Finance Conference in St. Moritz, Switzerland on January 19th.
Yuri revealed how to democratize the Stock Image market, releasing it from intermediaries dominance and make it risk-free and transparent, and talked about the global blockchain platform for visual digital content IPStock building.
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Yury Emelin Olga Feldmeier

We form an active community of enthusiasts with regular events, try to resolve open legal questions, and educate the public by providing a contact point for media inquiries.

The main problems of Traditional Stock Image Agencies:

-Lack of adequate protection of copyrights for suppliers and content producers.
-Huge royalties to the middlemen.
-Lack of the unified storage opportunity both for images, copyrights and royalties.


Here is our solution:

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Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on for just $39 per month. This is a submitted sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. The world is changing. Almost everyone can�...

"Among unique features IPStock offers automatic keywording using computer vision algorithms and
automatic transfer of the portfolio from the Shutterstock to all other agencies. And that’s why we say that
we have more than 5,000 authors who upload over 100,000 unique images every month. Because all this
stuff works and people use it", said IPStock CTO Askold Romanov. Read the full interview below.

After publishing the story on IPStock on Friday I had some further questions particularly in regard to how customers actually pay for the use of images and how the photographers would receive payment. Askoid Romanov, answered my questions.

In addition to the absence of a White Paper, the loudly declared Token Sale of KodakOne causes more and more questions. It`s not a big deal when company using its name as a way of generating profit, but when you announcing ICO you should have a obvious Road Map at least.

This article seeks to analyze why Kodak decided to have a licensing partnership with WENN Digital. Analysis of the dynamics between Kodak and WENN Digital. Expl

IPStock, run by Geneva based company Intellectual Property Depository and Management(IPDM) that develops a unique fintech platform for visual digital assets, has announced today the launch of pre-ICO for its blockchain registry of visual digital content copyrights.
The team of IPDM works in this market for over 5 years. It has successfully created the world’s #1 ranked portfolio of vector images Macrovector, world’s most popular cloud service for photographers and artists I...

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We welcome Kodak One - another marketplace for digital images, with IPStock creating open blockchain ecosystem for the whole creative community including Kodak One itself.

We address the Global Stock Images Market which includes photos, illustrations, videos and other digital visual content. Estimated market size is $3.5-6 bln for the end of 2016 and according to forecasts it is going to grow up to $10+ bln by 2022.