I'm still here everyone, no need to send a search party. Today I received an email that got me to login and want to start flowing again...

Sometimes with SEO you're trying to solve a complex problem and you've pushed so hard that you barely have anything left. Then right when things are about to work, you feel hopeless and like all that energy was for nothing. That's when you brush yourself off and give it one last push. That's when magic happens...


Interested in seeing how much traffic I'm getting from all this blogging? Here's a look at the actual numbers.

You may have noticed that I've been blogging a ton lately, actually I've been publishing a post every single day Monday through Friday for a bit over three

Ever been neg SEO'd before? You can bet your ass I have, here's a quick rant about finding who is responsible.

If you've ever been neg SEO'd then you know how infuriating of a feeling it can be. Depending on your portfolio of sites, many have felt the wrath of this

Blog before 8am? Sure why not. Let's have some fun with custom post types and Yoast.

There are tons of great uses for having a custom post type in WordPress. One of my favorites is having sitewide control over the title and meta for that sp

Of course I didn't forget about today's post, let's break out Scrapebox for some good times.

I love Scrapebox, it's one of my absolute favorite SEO tools over the years. Recently it has been updated to version 2.0. Well I'm one of those resistant t

LendUp is crushing the payday organic game and is a Google Ventures backed company. Meanwhile Google bans paid advertising on payday keywords...

If you're a hardcore SEO then you've likely taken a look at the payday loans search results over the days. It can be very revealing to see what the spammer

10 Reasons Why SEOs Don't Make More Money with SEO

All the bullshit aside, why did you get into SEO in the first place? More importantly, why are you still grinding at it? I think it's safe to assume that i

Boom Shakalaka!!!! Today I wrote about adding 1k pages to one of my sites and it's f#^king awesome! Read and dominate.

What’s the biggest site you’ve ever built? 50 pages? 100? Throughout most of my career I never built anything too massive, until a recent project which tes

In today's episode of blogging like a beast, let's step up our scraping game.

Efficient scraping of Google is arguably one of the best skills an SEO can have. Not just scraping any old bullshit though, being able to effectively drill

I switched one of my established sites to a responsive design and the results have been meh so far to say the least.

When it comes to announcements from Google and their advice in general I'm not one to following blindly. I've always tried to run my own tests and let the

I'm late posting today and when you read this you'll realize why. Sleep is so f#^king important people!

Today I’m going to get a bit guru on everyone, sleeping more = higher rankings. For a long time I undervalued sleep, I thought I was some sort of machine t

Scraped Domains are Bullshit (Most of the Time)

Yup you read right, I have some bad news for you today. Scraped domains for the most part, are complete bullshit and likely been spammed with before. So yo

Enjoy monotonous mindless clicking? I know I sure don't! Today's post provides a solution for sending mass emails with Buzzstream

Do you like wasting time? I sure don’t, which makes me think of fun things like I’m about share with you in this post. If you’ve done any sort of blanket e

New SEO content daily, right in your faceeeeeeee!!!

When it comes to analyzing lots of domains or even backlinks there’s only so much filtering that can be done before having to manually check things like an

That SEO blog train 🚂 is still rolling folks, get you some!!

Believe it or not you can build a private blog network that is a complete useless piece of shit. You spend countless hours between domain prospecting to ac

Yet another day of #SEO shenanigans, feast your eyes on the "Outreach Spam Hall of Fame"

If you've run a semi popular site with a visible email or contact form then you've likely seen your fair share of spam. For years now my contact form has b