Madison facilitates our BAEs Anonymous meeting. Check our the rest of the video on YouTube
Lawri talks about her BAEby Daddy on BAEs Anonymous

We know y'all are all excited for Black Panther and Images is too! Before you see the movie, be sure to check out our take on the trailer!

Our take on the Black Panther trailer!

Come out for some pre-Spring Break laughs with a free improv comedy show by Images of Identities!

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Love making people laugh? Looking to join a new community? Want to get out of your comfort zone? Come show us your stuff at our auditions!
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Did you miss our October show? Don't worry, we gotchu covered! Check out our hilarious skits below:

FREE IMPROV COMEDY SHOW!! Come out for the Images of Identities October show!

Thu 9:00 PM EDTNorth Quad Space 2435
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Take a break from studying and come out for our LAST show of the semester! It's your last chance to see our queen Arabia Little in action before she graduates and you're not gonna wanna miss out!

Wed 9:00 PM EDT
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When you have 3 finals, 4 essays, and a group project due by the end of the semester...

We have one more show of the year on Wednesday, April 19th at 9pm in North Quad Space 2435 and you're not gonna wanna miss out!

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Kick off your St. Patrick's Day weekend with Images of Identities free improv comedy show as we give y'all a Pot O' Laughs!

Thu 9:00 PM EDTNorth Quad Space 2435
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We hope you've enjoyed getting to #MeetIOI!
And now that you know our cast, their Images and their Identities, be sure to mark your calendar for our next show on Thursday, March 16th at 9pm!

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Our last cast member for #MeetIOI is our fearless leader and queen, Arabia Little!
Arabia is a senior studying Communications.
This is her fourth year in Images; she joined as a freshman. At first Improv wasn't her strong suit but over the years, she's learned to appreciate it. Images gives her the opportunity to express herself and also to bring comedy to others, and that is what she lives for!

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Happy Friday! Our next cast member of #MeetIOI is Madison (Maddie) Jones!
Maddie is a junior studying American Culture and Communications with a minor in Digital Studies. She would like to get paid for showing up and being herself but if that doesn't work out, she wants to do PR for the U.S. Olympic Committee. Maddie loves crying, bubble baths, throwback R&B, Hamilton, long car rides (even though she has motion sickness), and mac & cheese. She is addicted to chapstick and her Snapchat story is always too long. Follow her on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter @Maddie_Jones515 and she'll like your selfies.
Maddie joined Images three years ago as a freshman because she's always loved making people laugh and had wanted to give improv a try in college!
Fun Fact: her left foot is a half size larger than her right foot!

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Next up for #MeetIOI: Alexandrea (Drea) Somers!
Drea is a sophomore and her major is a surprise for you… and her. Her hobbies include fluffing her hair, laughing, tutoring, and music.
She has been faking it with Images since September 2016. She joined Images because this is the closet she’ll ever get to Broadway.They tried to make her audition on her birthday, but she got out of that. And she’s still here, surprisingly.

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Our next cast member of #MeetIOI is Joi Renee Hill!
Joi is a sophomore studying Screen Arts & Culture and hopes to be a screenwriter. She's from Grand Rapids but wants to move to California after graduation. She enjoys listening to music.
Joi joined Images in January because she enjoys making people laugh, being around people who make her laugh, and she also enjoys acting.
Fun fact: she is the youngest of seven so she always gets what she wants!

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Next up for #MeetIOI is Daniel "DK" Kumapayi!
Daniel is a freshman majoring in Double Bass performance. His hobbies include watching anime, working out, and any music related activities. He was originally born in Nigeri, but his family now resides in Grand Rapids.
Daniel has been in Images for about a month. Being in IOI is an exciting experience for him because he originally wanted to be a comedian. He also believes that laughter is the best medicine and he's thankful that he is able to use his talent to give people a break from their day.
Fun fact: he can keep snapping his pinky and can jump over one leg while holding the other!

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On the second day of #MeetIOI, Images gave to me... Rhea Morgan!
Rhea is a freshman studying anthropology and economics. Her hobbies include reading, cardio (lol), and theater. She loves Drake, Schoolboy Q, and Foxygen. She loves to travel and has been to India.
Rhea has only been in Images for about a month. She joined because she loves theater, and especially comedy. She also wanted to get involved, meet new people, and collaborate with some funny people!
Fun fact: She's from Florida but can't tan

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