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"Urban Repost" made with iPolysix has a video too now! Made of my friend René!

The first urban time lapse photography music video by badtidude presenting Hamburg and Stockholm, which are the hometowns of badtidude and zymondee. For this...

Look at this video and listen - it is only iPolysix!
My friend René did this video to the song. Great job I think! Do you like it?

The synergetic combination of a special instrumental song completely created in the iPolySix by zymondee synced to some beautiful timelapsed landscape scenes...

What is your alias/artist name on Polyshare/soundcloud?

And here are the whole collection of featured tracks! All volumes!

Here are 6 new exciting tracks from Polyshare! The quality of tracks uploaded on Polyshare is totally getting high. It’s amazing!

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Hey all!

Tired of listening linear from the beginning of all new published tracks in the app?

Did you know that you can listen to all the material directly in soundcloud too? I guess it is a hidden place but I figured that out though Soundcloud itself.


Here is the link to the first page - and to listen to other pages.. just swap the last two digits.

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Hey! Just started this group so that we can start sharing experience outside Polyshare and Soundcloud too! Welcome!