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Nick Miceli
· June 24, 2017
No very excited by your site. It is actually disappointing.
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If you haven’t yet dabbled in AR or VR and don’t get the appeal, imagine studying underwater ecosystems and taking the whole class scuba diving with just a smartphone and a $6 headset

The benefits of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) include increased engagement and shared experience among students.
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The demand for computer science (CS) in schools has many teachers wondering which components of CS they should implement first

Help your students become computational thinkers by building their competency in decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction and algorithm design.

Empower your classroom with digital citizenship. Check out ideas shared by teachers from across the country with Teachers Guild and ISTE. Add your own today:

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“I came to class knowing I needed to share the experiences I’d had with technology. I knew I had to incorporate those same types of interactions in some way,” she says. “But there were so many things our kids didn’t have access to.”

Rafranz Davis, the four-time White House guest and author of the book "The Missing Voices in Edtech: Bringing Diversity into Edtech," is focused on making a difference within her community.

How do we make internet access available outside of school so students can use their devices to study, do research and complete homework?

Rowan-Salisbury Schools in North Carolina got community businesses and organizations to help provide internet to students when school was out.

Start planning your learning today — the #ISTE18 program is LIVE!

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Is your classroom full of creators?

Our classrooms are full of students who are eager to share what they know. Why not let your students build their own field trips using augmented and virtual reality. Start with these five apps.

“The more you get involved, the more help you get,”

Find out how ISTE Professional Learning Networks can help you improve your teaching and boost your career.

In search of professional development opportunities? Check out these Twitter chats:

Twitter chats for educators offer free professional learning on your favorite topics and the chance to connect with peers around the world. Here are some that were recommended by the ISTE community.

Don't feel isolated in your practice — get engaged with ISTE PLNs!


One of the biggest things mentors of new teachers can do to help our mentees is to show them that they are more than their struggles.

New teachers are frequently defined in terms of their struggles, and those are real. But we should also focus on their strengths.

“When kids create their own project based on what they’ve learned, you see more retention of that knowledge,”

Educators should look for tools that allow learners to get creative in demonstrating their learning, rather than regurgitating information. Start with these four apps.

If you’re ready to start using Twitter to build a PLN, here are six tips to get you started:

Twitter offers great opportunities for educators to share, collaborate and find great ideas!

Help educate policymakers about the critical role of technology in transforming education — join ISTE, Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) and SETDA at the EdTech Advocacy and Policy Summit 2018!

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No matter which approach you're taking, it’s up to savvy teachers to connect the appropriate tools with the right students

Learn the crucial nuances that distinguish the terms personalized, differentiated and individualized.