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Adam Teva V'Din has asked the Haifa District Court to cancel a plan to expand Israel Oil Refineries' complex in Haifa Bay. Israel Oil Refineries, known as 'Bazan' is owned by Israel's most powerful corporations.

Senior litigator Leehee Goldenberg says that planning approval was granted to Bazan without due consideration for the health impacts that additional petro-chemical factories would have on 500,000 are residents.

"The approved plans lack transparency and do not specify... how the expansion will impact on toxic air emissions. The public knows nothing about the potential health impacts of the future factories."

Adam Teva V'Din and partners to the petition, activists Megama Yeruka and Coalition for Health & Environment, want stringent limits on petro-chemical industries in the Bay area.

Although the government has introduced an Air Pollution Abatement Program tackling toxic emissions from all sources, planning authorities have seen fit to approve more polluting industries in an area already on pollution-overload.

Leehee Goldenberg: "Bazan wants carte blanche to expand without submitting detailed plans. It is anomalous at such a time for Bazan to expand without conforming to planning laws and air quality regulations."…

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Adam Teva V'Din (Israel Union for Environmental Defense)
Nonprofit Organization

Toxic spill near Dead Sea: Latest in chronic pollution of Israel's desert!

The ecological disaster in the Ashalim Stream, west of the Dead Sea, is the last in a long line of negligent behavior of the Rotem Amfert Fertilizer Plant, which is responsible for the devastation of some of the most beautiful oases in the Judean desert and Negev.

Enough is enough! Amit Bracha, Executive Director, shares a behind the scenes look at the company's infamous track record of environmental v...iolations and calls on the State to take concrete steps to ensure that industrial needs don't come at the expense of Israel's sensitive desert region. Watch now!

You can also help protect Israel's sensitive desert region from serial polluters and prevent the next ecological disaster! Read more:

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Last weekend, over 26.4 million gallons (40 Olympic pools worth) of toxic acid waste surged through the Judean desert and into the Ashalim Stream when the wall of a reservoir at the Rotem Amfert Fertilizer Plant collapsed.

The toxic torrent wreaked havoc in the highly sensitive region: wildlife and fauna are already suffering the consequences and hikers are prohibited from entering the toxic nature reserve.
This is not the first environmental disaster the company is responsi...ble for. For years, Rotem Amfert has been the culprit of chronic environmental negligence in the Dead Sea region: in Ein Zin, Ein Akrabim, Ein Bokek and now in the Ashalim Stream.

While the Ministry of Environmental Protection has opened a criminal investigation against the company, experience has taught us that an investigation is not enough! Three years ago, a criminal investigation was opened against the Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Company (EAPC) which is responsible for a massive crude oil spill in the Evrona nature reserve. Three years on, the company still has not been held accountable for the disaster. That's why we are demanding to:

* Halt all activity of the plant’s reservoirs until the investigation is complete
* Expand the criminal probe to include a comprehensive investigation of all of Rotem Amfert's environmental violations over the last few decades.
* Prevent the expansion of the polluting plant and its phosphate mining operations in Sde Brir

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Ministry says the spill caused 'serious damage' to wild and plant life along 20 kilometers of the riverbed, and said it would demand that Rotem Fertilizers begin clean-up efforts immediately.

On Tuesday the Knesset celebrated Environment Day! The Adam Teva V'Din team was out in full force to address some of Israel’s most critical environmental pressures with decision makers including:
* Creating a sustainable water economy in the face of drought due to climate change
* Reducing air pollution from private cars
* Upholding safeguards to preserve Israel’s remaining pristine, undeveloped beaches
* Protecting the health of Haifa Bay residents from industrial pollution


We are proud of our progress to improve environmental policies, but we can't do it alone. Your support is more important than ever in the fight for a clean, safe and healthy environment in Israel! Read more about pressing environmental issues on Israel's national agenda:

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Israel pulls research on Haifa Bay pollution: Haifa, home to half a million people, has been recognized as a pollution hotspot for decades. However, due to insufficient data on air quality in Haifa, the State has now ended a study regarding the health impacts of the industrial pollution in the Bay. On the one hand there is insufficient data, yet on the other hand industrial development plans which will increase pollution emissions in the Bay are in the works. Even if the stud...y disappears, the problem of air pollution in Haifa will not! In order to protect the health of Haifa residents, Adam Teva V'Din is calling to improve air quality monitoring and freeze all plans which threaten to increase pollution in the area.

LIKE and SHARE if you also believe in the importance of standing up for the environmental rights of half a million residents in Haifa. >>Read more:,7340,L-4980680,00.html

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After no clear link was found between the studies and Haifa's high morbidity rates, the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Environmental Protection call for a halt to the current research and a focus instead on biological monitoring, a methodology that was able to find a connection.

Happy First Day of Summer! Longer days mean more hours of sun and more potential for solar energy! Currently only 2.6% of Israel's electricity comes from renewable energy, and with a goal of 17% renewables by 2030, we still have a long way to go. That's why Adam Teva V'Din is promoting smart energy policies in order to expand roof-top solar production, increase energy efficiency and ensure that Israel is on the path towards a cleaner energy future! LIKE & SHARE if you also want to see Israel on the innovative front for renewable energy!

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23,000 new homes will be built on contaminated site only after full remediation.

After an intense eight year public struggle together with our community partners, the National Planning Council accepted Adam Teva V'Din's position that plans to build 23,000 new homes on a toxic former Israel Military Industries (IMI) site in Taas Hasharon, central Israel, will only be approved following full remediation. Read more >>

Israel's most pressing social, economi...c and environmental challenge remains the country's rapidly growing housing needs. However, accelerated planning, fast-track committees and quick-fix reforms raise serious environmental, health and social concerns for future homeowners.

Our legal and planning team continues to ensure that housing solutions don’t come at the cost of Israeli families’ health and the environment.

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Adam Teva V'Din (Israel Union for Environmental Defense)
Nonprofit Organization

Yesterday we celebrated the International Day of Women and Girls in Science – what a wonderful opportunity to celebrate two inspiring women who use science to make Israel a cleaner and safer place for us all!

Sarit Caspi-Oron (right), head of Adam Teva V’Din’s Chemicals and Health program, holds a Masters in environmental science. Sarit works hard to make sure that we eat chemical-free fruit and veggies and drink safe, clean water. She protects our kids from eating from utens...ils which can harm their health and safeguards the Dead Sea from disappearing.

Hagit Shammai (left), environmental scientist in our Solid Waste and Recycling program, holds a Masters in botany with a focus on environmental agriculture. Hagit creates sustainable management solutions for electronic waste and works to find ways to transform our trash into agricultural fertilizer and even energy.

If you are as inspired by these two remarkable ladies as we are, give them a shout out! #InternationalDayofWomenandGirlsinScience

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Signs of life return to the Kishon! For the first time in 20 years daffodils are blooming on the banks of the Kishon. What a wonderful sight!

Over a decade ago, Adam Teva V’Din got the ball rolling to clean up the polluted Kishon River. After a long series of legal actions, the court forced Haifa Chemicals, a manufacturer of phosphate fertilizer, to cease polluting the Kishon with toxic byproducts of fertilizer production.

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Photo credit: Kishon River Authority

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Step in the right direction: Israel harnessing sunshine with world's tallest solar tower.

Adam Teva V’Din’s Leehee Goldenberg, Adv., speaks to The New York Times about Israel’s potential to be a sunshine superpower.

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Green start to 2017! New law: Israeli shoppers will have to pay 10 agorot (almost $0.04) for plastic shopping bags.

Israelis use enough plastics bags in a year to circle the earth a whopping 25 times! That’s a lot of plastic bags!

From January 1, 2017, Israeli shoppers will need to think twice before shoving an extra handful of plastic bags into their cart as each bag will cost 10 agorot. The goal is to encourage Israelis to reduce the use of environmentally damaging plastic... bags and move towards making reusable shopping bags a permanent feature of their trip to the supermarket.

All collected fees will go toward the ‘Cleanliness Maintenance Fund’ which invests in recycling and public cleanliness initiatives.

While we applaud the move to wean ourselves off plastic bags and change environmentally harmful consumer habits, we call on the Ministry to set reduction goals in order for the new law to live up to its purpose.

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