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HD IP vs. Analog Camera
House of Worship - Live Video Broadcast Set up
Leyard 40' Wide LED Wall

How to deploy 3D imaging technology into your inspection application - Vision Systems Design

In a free webcast on June 15, Craig Borsack, President at G2 Technologies, will talk about how 3D imaging technology can be used in industrial inspection applications to accomplish various tasks. He will discuss when it is appropriate to use 3D vision and the challenges 3D can solve, while also prov...

'One Nation Under CCTV': The U.K. Tackles Facial Recognition Technology - Lawfare

The United Kingdom may be on the cusp of new Facial Recognition Software regulations, but for now, the technology is developing faster than the government’s ability to ensure its responsible use.

10 ways 3D imaging technology is being deployed today - Vision Systems Design

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: In this slideshow on 3D imaging—which is one of the four topics covered in our Next Generation Vision Systems special focus—we look at 10 recent applications of 3D imaging technology, ranging from a system that uses a 3D image processing system for web inspection to a 3D r...

BBC - Capital - How much should your boss know about you?

Giving away our data is going to become part of having a job and our everyday experience of work in the very near future but where do we draw the line?

Why AI, Analytics, Cloud and Cybersecurity Open New Opportunities for Integrators - Security Sales & Integration

March Networks President and CEO Peter Strom examines key security technologies and trends that systems integrators should be tracking currently.

Cloud computing: the next frontier for image processing and machine vision software

Image processing and machine vision applications may benefit from cloud computing because many are both data and compute intensive.

Virtual-reality applications give science a new dimension

Virtual- and augmented-reality tools allow researchers to view and share data as never before. But so far, they remain largely the tools of early adopters.

London as you've never seen it before in the world's first gigapixel time-lapse | London Evening Standard

We all know London’s skyline is spectacular but you don’t always remember to look up when you're busy moving around the city. However, this incredible new time-lapse of London will remind you just how amazing it looks from above.

Understanding Machine Vision and Its Applications | Analytics Insight

Today, the world is dominated by artificial intelligence (AI) where human minds are challenged by this technology. Machine vision is the ability of a computer to see with one or more digital cameras and performing analog to digital conversion (ADC) and digital signal processing (DSP).

ITS International - Sony releases USB3 industrial vision module

Sony Europe Imaging Sensing Solutions has launched its industrial vision global shutter complementary metal oxide semiconductor (GS CMOS) module to use the USB3.0 transmission standard. Called XCU-CG160, the solution has a 1.6MP resolution and is said to transmit data at 100 frames per second.

Apple’s working on a powerful, wireless headset for both AR, VR - CNET

The headset, which would straddle the two technologies and tap into Apple’s own chips, is slated for 2020.

Rise of the machines: China looks to become global leader in robotics — RT Business News

China looks to become global leader in industrial robotics

Lenses Are Being Reinvented, and Cameras Will Never Be the Same - MIT Technology Review

“Metalenses” created with photolithography could change the nature of imaging and optical processing.

Optics for High Accuracy Machine Vision | 2018-04-30 | Quality Magazine

High accuracy machine vision applications are dependent on the production of reproducible, high quality images, whether for inspection or measurement purposes. This means that the images must have sufficient resolution and proper definition of the areas of interest for the inspection or measurement....

Virtual Reality Is Already Changing How We Work and Communicate

VR will allow you to connect on a genuinely human level, regardless of where you are in the world.