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Video of winner John McHugh singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"; he won a pair of "Beats by Dre" headphones! Watch for more contests and prizes this semester!
Vegetarian Station 12/01
We made them Mindful! Now it's YOUR turn to choose the delicious Make It Mindful soup-er star you'd like to see on café menus. Vote today! #MakeItMindful #EllieKrieger #Vote

#SundayFunDay Make yummy breakfast cookies with just 3 ingredients. #SundayFunDay

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Commercial fruit roll ups are out, fresh fruit roll ups are in #TBT

Truffles, anyone? Americans buy nearly 58 million pounds of chocolate for Valentine's Day. More fun facts at

Reduce salt & sodium! Try our Mindful menu items for healthier sodium intake. #WellnessWednesday

Sabotage Phantom Energy. Tip 2: Limit use of portable heaters. Add a layer and cozy slippers instead. #BetterTomorrowTuesday #EnergySaver

#MindfulMonday Be an aromatic lover – show your heart some love! More flavor, less salt.

You may have heard that new Dietary Guidelines for Americans were released. What does this mean? It means that health professionals now have an up-to-date resource from which to gather important info on nutrition and health. And it means that, according to current science, there are some guidelines....

#SundayFunDay Say “I love with you” with healthy desserts. Check out these easy, fun recipes. #SundayFunDay

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We #love our Student Employees! We all hope they enjoy Valentine's Day! We #love our Student Employees! We all hope they enjoy Valentine's Day! #MeetOurStudents

Classic Makeover – Red Velvet Pancakes! Give them a try #TBT

Get the recipe here: This Valentine's Day whip up a special breakfast for your sweetheart! We'll show you how to make a batch of perfec...

February is Heart Health Month. Do you know CPR? #WellnessWednesday

One week after 17-year-old Reid completed his Red Cross CPR training, he needed to use it. In November 2011, Reid saved the life of Jim Hammer after he colla...

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It's National Chopsticks Day! Learn more about these humble utensils from the History Channel.

From their humble beginnings as cooking utensils to paper-wrapped bamboo sets at the sushi counter, there’s more to chopsticks than meets the eye.

#MindfulMonday It’s Heart Health Month. Is your diet Heart Strong? Get your heart-healthy fats!

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the top 5 pizza delivery days of the year. What are the other four?

#SundayFunDay It’s Super Bowl Time! Celebrate with a fruit pizza.

Music: "Vivacity" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 This week J...