If you couldn't make it to the show last night, here's a clip from the end of my set!
New studio session videos coming soon
Little freestyle at the end of the show

me and my baby brother collaborated to drop a little blurb about my momma


wondering how well received a more focused and serious track will be

Just woke up and felt like jotting down some lingering thoughts and turning them into art.

Its been quite a while since I released something new so heres a smooth lil track for the apple of your eye

Thirsty Thursday tunes!

One Last Turn Up Anthem

The fact that @ZacEfron has tricked us all into forgetting high school musical jump started his career is amazing. #RoundOfApplause

My big concern post graduation is finding friends who aren't basic. Who wanna grind and be leaders in our community. #NoBasicFriends

Equality is not achieved by oppressing your oppressors. That's what these so call new age activists don't get. That's why they're failing.

Been seeing so many pics of @NICKIMINAJ looking 'natural' and she is drop dead gorgeous. Why has she been hiding that from us for so long?!

Always have to remind myself that 2 wrongs don't make a right cuz sometimes I really wanna reciprocate the ignorance people send my way.


Still not really believing what I'm hearing. Used to hang with this girl quite a bit when she was a freshie. This life is too short man. RIP

Tell me jaden Smith is the real karate kid one more time. See what happens

Iceberg Simpson!