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Michael Burgwin
· January 12, 2018
Does a good job of keeping this emotionally charged issue of cyclical global cooling in the level-headed zone. Less conspiracy talk than other sites on similar missions. Excellent at attracting people... who are doing the good work to become self-reliant food producers who are integrating preparedness into their lives and lifestyles. See More
Richard Mannarino
· January 3, 2018
Actual educational FACTS told here. Nothing is opinion or fake or whatever. True opposite of mainstream media outlets!
Jason Thomas
· 14 hours ago
Provides candid info on the Grand Solar Minimum that has started. He is committed but no dramatic in his presentation. Provide solutions while others seem to be just the usual fear porn. Very educa...tional and factual in his presentations. See More
David Mauriello
· June 22, 2017
Science is what we study. Climate is what we know. Farming is what we do.
I love it when a plan comes together!
Daniel Brastaviceanu
· November 24, 2017
Real-life Super Heroe!

Blown Away by the #GrandSolarMinimum 1/19/2018 [VIDEO] #windstorm, colds, #flu, #hail, #ColloidalSilver :: #GlobalCooling

view on The changes brought on by the Grand Solar Minimum continue to accelerate, destroying… by iceagefarmer
Ice Age Farmer shared a link.
20 hrs
The January 2018 cold snap caused much of the eastern two-thirds of the nation to shiver with the coldest temperatures since the early 1990s.A couple
One of Shakespeare's persistent themes in Hamlet is that when people set out to fool others, it will eventually catch up with them. Repeatedly he emphasises that "purposes mistook fall on their inventors' heads", that such people end up "hoist...

Now the blaze is getting in on the #MiniIceAge action:

A savage 'ice tsunami' in Alaska buried alive a whole herd of musk oxen leaving all but one 'wholly submerged', researchers have found. With blizzards raging at between 60 to 100mph (128 - 160km/h), the pack of more than 50 were buried alive,...
A strong earthquake registered by the CSN Chile as M6.3 hit northern Chile at 01:06 UTC on January 21, 2018 (22:06 local time, January 20). The agency is reporting a depth of 105.3 km (65.4 miles). USGS is reporting M6.3 at a depth of 110.8 km (68.8 ...
Strong M6.3 earthquake hits near Putre, Chile - roads cut off by landslides - no tsunami warnings.

Crop losses, food shortages, rising food prises. These are happening NOW -- whether or not you see it in the media -- and WILL result in problems.

Tipped off by a subscriber, Christian locates an industry magazine in UK that confirms fruit & vegetable shortages… by iceagefarmer

2m snow this week in the alps

A number of ski areas in the Alps have reported up to 1.3m (over four feet) of snowfall in the past 72 hours and forecasters are expecting up to 1.3m (over four feet) of snowfall in the next 72 hours. All the snow is good news for resort bases, but less good for skiers and…

#Norway concerned heavy #snow damaging forests :: #gsmCold #GrandSolarMinimum #GlobalCooling

Forest owners in Norway say they are concerned about damage to trees and subsequent loss of earnings caused by heavy snow .
Oymyakon, Russia — already considered the world's coldest permanently inhabited town — sank to a mind-numbing 88 degrees below zero on Tuesday.

#Texas blows 5% past record energy use overnight, just to stay warm ... #GlobalCooling #GrandSolarMinimum

Bitter temperatures across Texas brought a new winter record for electricity usage, ERCOT, the state's independent electric grid operator announced...
A new cold snap converted the beach of Lake Michigan in Chicago into an ice sculpture park as trees and grasses in the area got

Mmm... Crickets entering EU market! #entomophogy

Insect-based snacks could soon swarm the European market after new regulations came into force this month – bringing creepy crawly menus one step closer to reality.
A preliminary-magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck Friday morning in the Gulf of California, just west of Mexico's Sinaloa state.
Over the last few days, and especially on Saturday, extremely cold temperatures have been recorded in the stratosphere. As a reminder, the stratosphere is a layer of the atmosphere located between 10 and 50 km above sea level. During the day of...
Ice jams have caused severe problems along some rivers in north eastern USA and eastern Canada since 12 January, 2018. States of emergency have been declared and around 200 people have evacuated their homes and north eastern USA and a further 100...