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On behalf of our President/CEO Dr. Steve Edwards, our Staff and Board but mostly the youth of our Global Society, we'd like to wish everyone a happy, safe and most joyous Holiday Season...
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Jerry Rudoff
· February 13, 2015
Gives youth the opportunity to learn how to develop a youth-led program and promote civic engagement by being responsible and accountable for their own actions. This program is youth-led, by youth for youth..
Annah Takaendesa
December 11, 2011
Keep up the good work and stay blessed
Youth Crime Watch of Liberia added 5 new photos.

Our Girls in Charge (GIC) program serves a platform for young female leaders in Liberia to learn new skills, create impact driven initiatives and network with ...women leaders in every sector of the society. The program seeks to equip the next generation of female leaders in Liberia by empowering young women with the requisite tools to take on leadership responsibilities in their respective institutions and communities.

Girls in Charge is designed at inspiring young female leaders to lead and champion positive change for the forward match of a better Liberia.

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