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Bashar Emon
· December 21, 2017
Fabulous place, amazing people!! A lot of tools!! Absolute heaven for DIY people. Replaced the cracked screen of my iphone 6 in just about one hour. If you have doubts whether you can pull it off, don...'t worry. The volunteers will help you with everything you need. Overall, a great initiative indeed!!! See More
Michael Heldebrandt
· November 6, 2017
Posting this from my LG G5 with a busted power button!!

Thanks Madeleine for the help! That "volume button + plugging it in" trick actually worked! I'll probably hafta do that every time...but it's ...better than paying for a new phone or an insurance claim! See More
Stephanie Thibideau
· April 25, 2017
You guys literally saved my phone!!! It had said "battery needs service" for several months and I was on the verge of getting an iPhone 7 that I didn't even want when I saw you guys and, on a whim, as...ked about my battery. Best decision ever! One week later, not only is it fixed, but you taught me how to fix it myself! Thank you thank you thank you!!! See More
Brian Dunn
· December 13, 2016
I had an excellent time making an ornament from recycled materials at their crafting workshop! I'm glad to have the Illini Gadget Garage in the community to help with the repair of old devices which i...s good for the environment and my wallet! See More
Makkar Sudhir
· February 21, 2017
Collaborated with Amanda today to install Android OS on Touchpad device. She was very insightful, cooperative and helpful. I sincerely thank Amanda for her time with my ask today.
Steve Hall
· June 17, 2016
My iPhone was charging inconsistently. IGG showed me how to clean out the charging port, and I even did it myself. Amazing how much crud was in my charging port. Leaving the IGG fully charged and r...eady to go! See More
OMGameboy! Poor thing ended up in storage with the batteries left in... which left a corrosive mess. With corrosion of alkaline batteries, you need to use acid to clean the terminals. So with a Q-tip and some vinegar (or lemon juice), I was able to scrub a fair amount off of the terminals, but the device still didn't turn on. Now we're working on a deeper clean, taking the device apart to give the terminals a really good scrub on both sides to bring this 8-bit wonder back to life. :D
Bloated Batteries
We're looking for ideas from YOU! Interested in learning how to solder? Want to know which devices are the easiest to repair? Looking to find ways to help your computer run faster? In the comments section below, let us know what YOU would like to learn about technology.

Need your tech repaired? Fill out our online diagnostic form and we'll email you back with possible solutions and next steps you can take in getting your device back to working order!

Help us help you! Fill out the below information so we can better assist in troubleshooting.

This Sunday, Feb. 18, is National Battery Day. It's a great time to remember you can responsibly recycle your single use and rechargeable batteries at the Illini Gadget Garage. Please be sure to tape the terminals or bag items, as instructed in the image below, before dropping them off. And if you'd like to support this convenient service, please consider making a small donation to the Sustainable Electronics Initiative support fund, which is used to fund this and other Illini Gadget Garage activities. You can make a donation online at Thank you!

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'The survey also touched on the "right to repair" movement, which seeks to require OEMs to make available the information, tools and parts necessary for individuals and independent shops to fix electronics. It asked whether a manufacturer's proprietary source code, design and repair documents, and diagnostic software should be required by law to be publicly available: More than 45 percent said "yes," 21 percent said "no," and more than 33 percent weren't sure.'

How would you respond?…/polling-public-data-secur…/

Two recent surveys explored consumer expectations when it comes to the management of recovered electronics. One survey, commissioned by a new group called the Security Innovation Center (SIC), looked at the public’s concerns about data security and privacy around used …Continue Reading→
Illini Gadget Garage updated their cover photo.
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Just let us repair our stuff

Nathan Proctor says manufacturers of everything from phones to farm tractors often strive to make it very difficult for ordinary consumers to repair their products, resulting in wasteful replacement of things that could live much longer useful lives.

Whoa! That was quick. The Rumor is True, iPhone X Has Been X’ed via HOBI International

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4 Malicious Extensions Found in Chrome Web Store via PCMag

It appears Google has removed all four malicious extensions from the Chrome Web store, but researchers warn that the malware may still be present on impacted machines.

Thanks to Urbana Public Television for coming in and taking the time to learn more about the Illini Gadget Garage!

Natalie Kenny Marquez talks to Bryan Heaton about the upcoming season of Market at the Square. She also visits with Urbana Police Lt. Jason Norton and takes ...

New tool helps spot apps that collect data they don't need but can sell to advertisers

Many apps — especially free ones — collect data on a user and then sell them to advertisers. A new tool can help monitor that misuse of personal data and beef up privacy protection.

We're pleased to used Call2Recycle services for batteries collected from our community. Call2Recycle Recycled Nearly 14M Pounds of Used Batteries in 2017

Call2Recycle seeks to promote battery recycling awareness and activism through its partnerships with industry stewards and collection partners.

This semester we will be focusing on pop-ups in and around the community to bring collaborative repair to you. Keep an eye on our social media pages, like Facebook and Twitter, to find out where we’ll be next. Due to limited staff and funding we have decided to scale back a bit and will not be holding open hours at our main location, but we are still here to assist you! We will be setting up appointments for those who cannot make it to pop-ups, or who need additional time to continue repairs started during pop-up events. Feel free to contact us via email or Facebook if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with us. Also, if you like what we do, you can help support us by visiting…/donate/donation-form/ .

Donation Form If you or your organization are interested in donating funds to help cover the operating costs for the Illini Gadget Garage (e.g. paying staff members, purchasing consumables and equipment, paying utilities, supporting battery and other special recycling programs, supporting workshops....

Developments in the iPhone throttling controversy. Lawsuit seeks to suspend iPhone battery recycling

Attorneys have asked a federal judge to temporarily halt Apple’s iPhone battery recycling program, claiming the company could be destroying critical evidence in a lawsuit. The filing is part of Harvey v. Apple Inc., one of dozens of lawsuits filed …Continue Reading→

Groups aim to advance fair repair and unlocking laws

Industry advocates will be pushing government leaders at the state and federal level this year to approve legislation and regulations protecting consumer device repair and reuse. (formerly known as the Digital Right to Repair Coalition) announced “right to repair” …Continue Reading�...

Reduce consumption & use repair to keep items in service, & out of the waste stream, for longer. The Hellish E-Waste Graveyards Where Computers Are Mined for Metal

Ever wonder where all those old devices end up?

Dell and actress Nikki Reed want to turn your old laptop into gold jewelry

One person's trash is a computer company's gold mine.

See you all next year!

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